– This looks so good. – Oh my God. – Is it alive? ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Fat Tuesday is coming up,
so we thought we’d celebrate with some Mardi Gras foods.
– What’s Fat Tuesday? – Never heard of that. – Why can’t it be
fat Thursday? There’s already taco Tuesday.
Don’t ruin taco Tuesday. – (FBE) So Mardi Gras
is the French phrase for “Fat Tuesday,”
which is the last night of eating rich fatty foods
before the ritual fasting for Lent. – Oh, yeah.
Lent is coming up. – (FBE) People will celebrate
the festival like a carnival and wear lots of colorful beads,
so here are some Mardi Gras beads to celebrate the occasion.
– This is amazing. This is the best.
Thank you. – (FBE) The foods we’re presenting
you with today were made from a local, authentic New Orleans
restaurant here in Los Angeles, California.
– I love New Orleans, even though I’ve never been there. – I mean, every food from
a carnival is usually fatty that I’ve had,
so I’m not sure what I’m expecting. – I’m excited.
I’ve only tasted food from other countries.
I’m excited to taste something that’s from the US, finally. – (FBE) Here is your first
New Orleans dish. – This looks disgusting. – Noodles?
Rice? It doesn’t look very appetizing. – Doesn’t look that fatty to me. – That’s really good.
Oh, kinda spicy. – The flavor I’m getting
is like rice with chili. – It’s a little spicy.
There’s just something in there, which is all those flavors combined
that just makes me like, “No.” – The texture seems really squishy.
I’m getting some vegetables and maybe some spice in there, too. – (FBE) This is called
Cajun jambalaya. – Oh, okay.
I’ve heard of this. – (FBE) No Mardi Gras party
is complete without a big bowl of Jambalaya.
Ingredients can include paprika, cayenne, thyme,
onion, and garlic powder, chicken and shrimp with
Creole seasoning, and the andouille sausage
adds extra flavor to this very spiced meal.
– I honestly don’t like this, but it sounds very original. – Doesn’t look like there’s
any shrimp in it. I see the onion and the rice. – I don’t like it.
I do not like it one bit. – (FBE) All right, here is
your next Fat Tuesday snack. – Oh boy, what’s next?
Oh my God. – Is it alive? – All I know is it seems
like I don’t wanna eat it, because I still see its face. – There’s little arms! – Ew!
It just touched me and it felt so weird. – Okay, let’s try this.
Definitely shrimp. I think it’s good.
Sometimes, I don’t really like fishy foods for some reason,
but I actually really like this. – Um, it tastes like shrimp,
but it seems very bland. – That’s really good.
It tastes like shrimp. How difficult it is,
one out of ten, a seven. – It kind of had a sour-y
kind of aftertaste. I didn’t really like it. – It was just disgusting. – (FBE) So, this is called
boiled crawfish. So, crawfish is as integral
to the Mardi Gras tradition as the beads you are wearing.
It’s typically accompanied with corn on the cob
or a sauce of your choice. – Thanks, but no thanks.
Sorry. – This is good.
I like it. – (FBE) Okay.
– Thumbs up, Sydney approval. – (FBE) Here’s your next one.
– Okay, this looks good. I have an idea what it is.
I think it’s a beignet. – Is this a beignet?
I only know the beignets from Disneyland. – I’ve had this at Disneyland
before, but it’s shaped like a Mickey Mouse. – It smells very sweet
and I’m pretty sure this is a pastry. It’s very sweet.
That tastes really good. – The texture isn’t good to me.
I don’t know why, but the sugar’s good. – Mm hm.
It basically just tastes like a doughnut.
It’s delicious. – It tastes like a sugar-free
doughnut, even though there is sugar with it
and it’s weird, because it’s empty on the inside, too. – (FBE) So, this is called
a beignet. – I knew it. – (FBE) This is basically a fritter,
which is made from dough that’s dropped into hot oil
and deep fried until golden and delicious.
It’s then sprinkled with powdered sugar.
– I think it’s pretty good. It wasn’t that sweet,
but I could definitely see how people would eat this. – (FBE) Okay, here’s your next one.
– Is that beef in it? – Smells like there’s beans inside.
– (FBE) Okay. – I’m not a big fan of beans. – It better not be like
the jambalaya. Okay, they’re good.
I like it. It just tastes like rice
and pinto beans. – That’s really good.
I feel like I’ve definitely tried it before.
It’s rice, there’s beans, and then there’s meat
and stuff. – It’s beans.
It’s not that bad. – It tastes kind of like
a burrito, but unwrapped, so it’s like you eat the fillings. – It’s sort of like the other one,
except there’s beans in here. I personally liked the first one
better than this one. – (FBE) These are red beans
and rice, an authentic Louisiana meal that has been
in the New Orleans culture for around 200 years.
Red beans and rice with ham hocks was known
to be a personal favorite of fellow New Orleanean
and famous trumpet musician, Louie Armstrong.
– Louie Armstrong. I don’t necessarily know
who it is, but I’ve heard of him. – Stamp of approval. – (FBE) Here’s your last one.
– Ooh, it’s all festive and colorful. – This looks so good.
I love it. – Tastes like apple cake.
Like apple pie, but with frosting. – That tastes nice.
It tastes like cinnamon. It’s very sweet and I just
overall really enjoy it. – This is really, really good.
It has the cinnamon– kind of apple cinnamon
filling inside. Look how beautiful that is. – It tastes like cinnamon oatmeal,
but not in a good way. – (FBE) This is king cake,
brought to New Orleans by France in 1870,
the king cake is known to be traditionally served
throughout the carnival season, which lasts from Epiphany eve
to Fat Tuesday. The official colors of Mardi Gras
represent the three kings. Purple for justice,
green for faith, and gold for power,
just like your beads. – Oh.
Okay, that’s why there’s those three colors everywhere. – (FBE) Here is a picture of what
an entire king cake looks like. – Wow.
It looks like a huge bagel. – I love the little decorations.
That seems really cute. – It’s pretty cool,
the decorations, but what the decorations
stand for as well. That’s probably even cooler. – (FBE) So, tell me what you thought
of the Mardi Gras food today. – They’re really good,
except for the crawfish. – They weren’t that weird
or strange, like most other Kids Vs Foods are.
They have good taste. – All of them were really good.
I could kinda understand why it’s called Fat Tuesday,
’cause it makes you feel really full inside
and I really like them. – Thanks for watching Kids Vs. Food
on the React Channel. – Don’t miss out, Subscribe. – If you enjoy Mardi Gras,
give us a thumbs up. – Bye bye. – Hey guys, Alyssa here,
a producer from the React Channel. Thanks so much for checking out
this Mardi Gras episode. Let us know in the comments
what foods you want us to try next.
See you next time.


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  2. Almost none if this looks like what it looks like in Louisiana I promise you come down here and try it for yourself and you'll like it

  3. How bout u try just Louisiana food b/c that's what u just did😂i eat red beans and jambalaya at least once a week not just during Mardi gras and king cake is a seasonal thing that u can get year round at certain places

  4. ONLY WEST COAST KIDS COULD FIND ISSUES WITH BEANS AND RICE LOL! Kids down here in GA would just be like "just taste like rice and beans..had this for dinner last night at Popeyes lol"

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  6. Y’all. The little boy at the head of the crawfish instead of the tail. Dear God help him 😂. I can’t help it . I’m from Louisiana.

  7. Kids react to Jojo ( Actress, Singer, and Songwriter)
    One of her songs are “ Leave Get out “ (2004)
    She was in “ Aquamarine “ ( 2006)

  8. I find it kind of offensive for them to call it "Mardi Gras food". This is simply food from New Orleans, Louisiana. I am from New Orleans myself. (I just like complaining about stuff c;) Otherwise, I find it fun to watch people try our food.

  9. LOUISIANA REPPIN! But a lot of the foods in this video are just typical foods we eat. the only mardi gras exclusive was king cake.

  10. I’m sorry, but I’ve never seen Creole food look so sad. It didn’t look juicy enough and the crawfish are supposed to be so spicy you can barely eat it. Plus you forgot ours staple food gumbo.

  11. They must of had the wrong people cook this food because no of those kids liked it
    It didn't have that southern touch to it lol

  12. REACT I love kids try. But this just infuriates me. If you're gonna do an entire episode dedicated to a specific tradition/culture. At least do your research and get your facts right. Mardi Gras is in NO way from New Orleans. A simple Google search will show you that it is from Mobile Alabama. Not Louisiana! As someone from Mobile, this drives us CRAZY. Do your research. It was our tradition first.

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    This is just everyday food southerners eat
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  15. I'm from the Pacific Northwest and at least for my family we'd eat jambalaya. Never had beignets though, even though I have the recipe to make them.

  16. As a local southeastern louisianan and having lived around new Orleans for most of my life, I am getting a kick out of this. The one thing that just irked me was they were eating the crawfish wrong. Also they said the food came from a "New Orleans authentic restaurant" In Los Angeles. Which makes me doubt some of the food was cooked right. Eh whatever, I came for the reactions and got a good laugh out of it 🙂

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