Kids Try More Mexican Snacks | Kids Vs. Food

Kids Try More Mexican Snacks | Kids Vs. Food

– Oh no, bro.
This looks like it’s hot. – I’m scared to eat it. – Amazing. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you will
be joining us for round two of trying some Mexican snacks.
– Okay. I did the first one
and it wasn’t bad. – Most of them are pretty good,
so let’s see how these are. – I don’t think I’ve tried
them before at all. – I’m expecting a lot
of chili and pineapple and mango. – I’ve tried a Mexican chili
snack before. – I’ve been really craving
some Mexican food and this is my day! – I’ll probably like Mexican
snacks. It sounds like they’ll
be yummy. – I’m happy, ’cause I mean
it’s food and food tastes good. – (FBE) Here is your first.
– Hm, they kind of look like little brownies. – I see salt on it. – These look like rocks
with dirt, I guess. – I’m scared to eat it. – Really sour. – It’s really salty.
The flavor is kinda bitter and it gives you that
really salty taste. – The outside was all soft
and stuff, but the middle is hard, so you couldn’t
chew and then swallow it and it was really sour. – Very salty.
I kind of like it. – (FBE) So, these are saladitos.
They are dried, salted plums. They can be sweetened with sugar
or coated with chili and lime. – I feel like I would like them
with sugar better. – It’s not even sweet
and I don’t even like plums. – Started it off really low.
I’m hoping it can go to high. – (FBE) Here’s your next.
– Kinda look like fries. – They just look like
baby churros or some sort of cereal. – It’s hollow.
I kinda like them, but I also kinda don’t. – It’s kinda good.
It’s just very bland once you bite into it. – It’s pretty good.
It’s sort of salty and then it tastes like
a Cheeto that didn’t get its cheese. – They’re pretty good.
I wouldn’t go for it again. – I definitely like this one.
This one is amazing. – (FBE) So, please excuse
my pronunciation. I’m struggling, but trying.
This is Sabritas Churrumais con Limoncito.
It is a corn chip flavored with chili and lime.
– Chili? That’s surprising, ’cause
I don’t really like chili or lime. – People who think of that
I feel like are crazy doing a bunch of different stuff,
but I mean, at the end of all those creations,
they can sometimes be good. – (FBE) Here is another.
– Oh, it’s one of those spicy pops. – Oh no, bro.
This looks like it’s hot. – I think I have tried
this before. Tajin covered lollipop. – It’s a little spicy.
I definitely don’t like things that are spicy. – Tastes like sand. – Oh, this is kinda hard. Tastes sour.
Not sure what those brown things are. – I’m not a really spice girl. – ♪ I wanna really, really,
really wanna zigazig-ah ♪ – I’m more of a sweet stuff.
I like sweets, but it’s just not
my kind of flavor that I would like. – (FBE) So, this is a Vero
Mango lollipop. It is chili on the outside
and has a sweet mango center. – Oh yeah, I actually taste
a little sweet flavor. – I sadly did not get
the center. That sucks, but I definitely
did get the chili. – I don’t really like mango
and just all of that stuff just made it bad. – (FBE) Here you go.
Here’s another. – Ooh, this looks like
a little ice cream cup. Has a little spoon. – Aw, this is so cute.
It’s a tiny, little spoon. – Ooh, chocolate. – That is really good.
It’s so sweet. It tastes like chocolate. – It is very yummy chocolate
strawberry pudding. – It’s pretty good.
Tastes like chocolate Nutella or chocolate yogurt. – I’m taking a guess that
it’s Nutella and then strawberry maybe? – (FBE) So, this is Duvalin.
This one is a strawberry and hazelnut flavored cream,
although it does come in many flavors.
– I like it. It’s really good.
I think I might have this again for a dessert. – This is my top favorite,
’cause it’s so yummy. – (FBE) Here’s another.
– Well, this looks a little strange. – Is that cheese? – This kinda looks like
chicken in broth. – Doesn’t smell good. – I’m scared to eat it. I don’t like this. – Wait, I know what this is.
Dulce de leche cake. – It started off good
and then it just got worse, to the texture and then
it was getting a lot more sweeter.
All the flavors didn’t mix well. – It’s very slimy, I guess.
I don’t really like the texture. It feels kinda weird
in my mouth. – (FBE) So, this is chongos.
It’s a dessert made of curdled milk.
– I like it. I just took another bite
and I got more of the milk and it’s really good. – It’s kinda good,
but I would rather have the dulce de leche cake. – It’s a strange idea.
Tastes better than what curdled milk that
I’ve accidentally drank in my time. – (FBE) Overall,
what’d you think about trying these Mexican snacks?
– I think most of them were a little weird.
Chili lollipop? I mean, come on.
Who likes eating chili lollipops? – I liked it, because I got
to try new things and know what I like
and what I don’t like. – The majority of them
were pretty good and I might try some
of them again. I just look for them
in the supermarket. – I loved it!
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