Kids Try Guessing Their Mother’s Cooking

Kids Try Guessing Their Mother’s Cooking

– My mom did not make this.
– No way! – I think my mom would make
better mac and cheese then this. So…
– (chuckles) If you’re wrong, that would be so bad. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’ve got
a brand new challenge for ya. – Yay. I love challenges.
– Okay, okay. – (FBE) We’ve asked both
of your parents to bring in a few food items today.
And today, we’re going to see if you can guess
your mother’s cooking. – Easy money.
– Nice! – Easy buckets.
– Easy! I know I’m gonna win.
– I know I’m gonna win. – You know you’re gonna lose,
and I know I’m gonna win. – What? I don’t recognize
my own mother’s cooking? – You probably do,
but I know my mom better than you know your mom.
– I know my mother’s cooking. – My mom doesn’t cook.
– It’s very true actually, because Daddy makes
better cookies than Mommy. It’s enough taking
care of the kids. – Thank you.
– Maybe that’s why I don’t cook. – Thank you. True.
They’re fed. – (FBE) Here’s how this is gonna work.
We’ve got three dishes for you today for each of you to try.
For each one of them, one is going to be made
by your mom, one is going to be made
by the other’s mom, and the other one is going
to be made by us at FBE as a decoy.
So, you’ll get to try all three before deciding
which one is made by your mother. And because we want this to be
as pure of a taste test as possible, we’ll need you both
to put on some blindfolds. – Yay!
– (groans) – Yeah, that–
I needed that to happen, because that makes a difference.
– ♪ Hello darkness, my old friend ♪ – Oh, no. (chuckles)
Now, I don’t feel as confident. – (all) NOOOO!
– My taste buds, be good for this! – I’m scared!
– I did– – I don’t know how her mother cooks.
– How am I supposed to pick up the fork?
– I just hope they don’t prefer your cooking. They’ll be coming to your house.
– (laughs) – (FBE) And finally, it must be said
before we get started, we recognize that any parent can be
the primary cook of the household. So, don’t worry.
Following this episode, we will be doing
Guess Your Father’s Cooking, coming soon.
– Oh! – A great episode.
– That’d be a great episode. – Barbecue.
– Carson’s dad is… – Give me some steak.
Dad, your tri-tip… fantastic. – (FBE) First up, we’ve got
mac and cheese. – Yay!
– Ew. I only like
my dad’s mac and cheese. – Did you make Kraft
Mac and Cheese, mom? Is there anything on the table?
– I don’t know if I get a full– – This is my mom’s. Easy.
– Yeah, this is not my mom’s. – Yeah, no, that’s
definitely my mom’s. – ‘Cause my mom doesn’t make
mac and cheese. – Why don’t I make mac and cheese? – Why wouldn’t you
make mac and cheese? ‘Cause you know
I don’t like mac and cheese. – My mom made it one time,
and I remember it distinctively. – Ugh! Blah, ack!
– Blah. – This is gross.
– (coughs) – Thank you! No thank you.
– It’s dry. – It tastes like crust.
My mom did not make this. – No way! Uh-uh.
– Maybe mine… – Her mac and cheese
is definitely better than this. – I don’t think it’s my mom’s,
because my mom wouldn’t use this kind of cheese,
’cause she knows what kind of cheese I would like.
– That’s the response I would expect to get from Tida,
’cause I usually– it is in a box. – (FBE) Here is option B. – It’s more smooth.
I can tell. – Definitely not my mom’s.
Could be FBE’s, I think. – I think my mom would make
better mac and cheese than this. – So…
– (chuckles) If you’re wrong, that would be so bad.
– (laughs) – That’s a backhanded compliment.
Nicely done. – Kinda soupy.
The cheese is kind of soupy. – (FBE) Tida, you okay?
– You know we’re right here, right? – (laughs)
– Yeah. – Okay.
– I feel like it’s from Panera. It’s very soupy.
– Soupy, yeah. – It’s juicy.
– (FBE) So, do either of you suspect that this was
made by your mom? – No!
– Never! – Yes. I’d expect her
to make it very soupy. – Wow.
– Sorry, Mom! I’m sorry!
– (FBE) Finally, we’re gonna have you try option C.
– Is this the plate? Oh. That was the table. (laughs) – That’s my mom’s.
That’s definitely my mom’s. – Not mine. It’s not my favorite,
but that’s okay. No offense to Mrs. Jaxon.
– I’m not offended. – Okay.
– I don’t wanna eat this. – Mmm.
– Neither do I. – Gotta give ’em all a chance.
– Yummy. – Are you right here?
– This is my mom’s. – Are you right here?
Dude, seriously? I’m sorry, your guys’s mom,
but I do not really like it. – What?!
– I’m sorry. – How can you not like this?
It’s delicious. – (FBE) Tida, between option A,
option B, and option C, which one do you think
was made by your mom? – The second.
– (FBE) Option B. All right. And the twins, which one
do you think that your mom made? – (twins) C!
– A is my mom, the first one, with the penne.
– C is my mom for sure. – B, I think is FBE’s
for the decoy. – (FBE) All right. Moms,
did they get it right? – They got it right.
– They got it right. (ding)
– (FBE) All right. – See? I knew I wouldn’t
have insulted any of you guys. – No.
– Aww. – Except for FBE.
Step up your cooking game. – I think I did well
with mine if they ate it. And that was mine, but–
– Yay! – Yes!
– Mine did fabulous, ’cause she picked the one
that probably tasted the best and thought it was mine,
which I appreciate. But no.
(buzzer) She did not pick
the one that I made. – (FBE) For round number two,
we have chocolate chip cookies. – Easy.
– Okay. I don’t know. My mom doesn’t make cookies.
– Cookies! – COOKIES!
– It’s hard and almost made my tooth fall out.
– It’s very chocolatey. – I like it.
It’s super hard, and it’s bread crumb-y.
It’s kind of like a big chunk of bread crumbs
that taste really good. – That’s a giant cookie.
Oh my god. – It’s an Uncle Buck cookie.
– Oh! Not even close. – I don’t even know.
– I’m confident about very few things in my life.
Well, this not true. But my mom’s cooking is one of them.
– Aww. – I love you, Mom.
– I love you too. – (FBE) Do any of you suspect
that this is your mother’s cookie? – No! She’d do
way better than this. – She would make it softer.
– No, this must be my mom’s. – (laughs)
– (FBE) You think it’s your mom’s? What makes you say that, Tida?
– This morning, I was in the kitchen getting a cup of milk,
and I heard the oven beeping. And every time, it–
she didn’t get it right way. It must be burnt
or must be hard! I’m sorry.
– (laughs) Good detective work, though.
You’re right. The timer did go off,
and I did ignore it. I’m a bad cook! (laughs)
I don’t pay attention to things. – (FBE) All right.
Here is your second cookie. – Oh, it’s smaller.
That’s solid. That’s a good cookie.
– Not my cookie. Not my mom’s.
– My mom knows enough about cooking
to make a good cookie. So, hopefully this is hers.
If not, then whoever made it, good job.
– It’s tiny! – This is tiny.
I don’t know why I’m squishing it. – Oh, it’s soft!
– You want some? Oh, I think you already
got some of it. – Blah.
– (moms laughs) – I think you already got some of it.
– Yeah. – (FBE) All right, guys.
What do you think? – It’s so soft.
I didn’t try it yet. – Wait. I’ve had this before.
– So have I! It’s one that’s in the pantry!
– (FBE) Tida, you’re playing with it pretty well.
Is it a good Play-Doh surface? – (laughs)
– Kind of. – You’re playing with the food?
– Yeah. It’s my only chance to.
My mom wouldn’t let me. – (FBE) All right.
Here is option C. – Ah! Tastes like home.
(claps) Fantastic as always. – Eh, it’s all right.
It’s not my favorite. – I will kill you.
– Ew. This is her mom’s cooking. – Mine?
– Yes! – Manners.
– (chuckles) – I realize it has
a fruitier flavor. It’s weird. – Fruity?
– No, compared to the last one. But I know–
– It’s filled with dark chocolate. It’s healthy.
– Yeah, that is not my mom. – Is this a KFC cookie?
– That’s what I was thinking! – It’s hard,
and KFC cookies are hard. – (FBE) Which of those do you think
your mother made between A, B, and C? – The squishy one.
– B. The squishy one. – A!
– A is FBE’s, B is your mom’s, and C is mine.
– Couldn’t agree more. – (FBE) Do you guys wanna reveal
which ones are your cookies? – Yes!
– Oh, C was mine. (buzzer)
– And B was mine. – Yes! I was right!
That was a pantry cookie! – Mine was Pillsbury Doughboy.
– 100%. – Absolutely.
(ding) – I would hug you,
but I can’t see you. So… – I love you. Air hug. – (FBE) For the last round,
we actually have three different dishes.
So, we asked your mom to prepare the dish
that she considers her favorite. And so, we’re going
to have you guess what that is. – Crab!
– Rice! – Oh, no. I’m afraid.
I’m afraid, ’cause there are a lot of things that
she likes that I don’t. – This is gonna be interesting.
– (FBE) First up, we’ll see what you guys think.
– Is it my mommy’s? – Corn.
– I heard the noises– – Is it street corn?
I need to taste it. – Well…
– My mom loves corn. – It’s so wet!
– (FBE) Do either of you guys think that this could be the food
that your mom made? – She would do better than this.
– Better, better, better, better! – Hoo.
– I’m just gonna take a bite out of it.
– That ain’t mine. – Oh! I know what it is.
– (FBE) Interesting. What is this? – It’s chicken piccata. – Chicken what?!
– Chicken piccata. – What’s that?
– It’s chicken piccata. – That doesn’t– Jaxon!
– (FBE) Here we go. Here is option B.
– My mom doesn’t make mashed potatoes. – (FBE) How confident are you?
– Confident, confident. – My mom doesn’t really know
how to make gravy, and she– there are
no potatoes at home. – My girl knows me.
– It’s smooth. I don’t know what it’s in.
– Mashed potatoes and gravy. Not my mom’s.
– Peppery. – Could be my mom’s.
I don’t know yet, actually. – (FBE) You guys ready for option C? – Pah!
– Oh, no, no, no. It’s dry chicken.
– No, this is a rib. – I’ve had this kind of rib before.
I don’t know where, but I’ve had it before.
– Wait. Yup. My mom’s. I know exactly what this is.
– (FBE) What is it? – Mm. That, my friend,
is overnight French toast. And it’s the greatest gift
I could ever have gotten. – Wait. French toast?
I love French toast, so it’s pretty good.
– Pretty good? It’s amazing. – (FBE) Final guesses
between A, B, and C. Which do you think
belong to your mom? – (twins) C!
– I said C, C, C! – My mom’s is the overnight
French toast, which is the third one. Option C is my mom’s.
– My mom’s is the first one. Then FBE’s is the mashed potatoes.
And then third is Carson’s mom with the French toast. – (FBE) All right, moms,
how’d they do? – Fabulous!
– They nailed it. Nailed it.
– (FBE) Moms, you wanna tell ’em what you made?
– Yup. I made lemon pepper ribs. (ding)
– I knew that my mom has made something like that before.
I know I’ve had that before. – What? My mom made
the corn, didn’t you? – I did.
(buzzer) – (FBE) So, despite all the smack talk
to begin this episode, in the end, the score was 3-3.
Moms, how do you feel about your kids’ performance?
– (claps) Wow, guys. I think next time it’s just
Chipotle burritos all around. – (FBE) With a final score
of 2-1, Payton and Reagan, you have won this challenge.
– Yes! – Barely.
– (FBE) Well, I’m gonna start with you guys.
Moms, how do you both feel about your daughters’ performance
in this challenge? – Mmm, they can come home.
– Tida knows me well. I don’t cook.
She’s gonna grow up to being the cook, not me.
– Eating is good! Eating makes me happy,
so I’m a winner. – Thank you for watching
Guess Your Mother’s Cooking… – On the React Channel.
– Subscribe! – We’ve got new shows for you
almost every day. – What’s your parents’
favorite dish to make? – Let us know in the comments.
– (all) Bye! – Ethan here from the React Channel.
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  2. The best video , I think it’s really great in terms of diversity. Growing up I remember everyone would talk about how their mother makes the best food in the entire city or world.

    Thinking about it, that’s so cute, adorable, and wholesome! Definitely can relate to the reaction of everyone else, so wholesome true, and genuine.

    REACT has the best family friendly content on all of YouTube

  3. This video made me sad, because my mom died 4 years ago, and I miss her delicious meals…I know most of her recipes, but that's just not it…Meals were different and more delicious when she cooked them…

  4. 8:43
    Jaxon: Its chicken piccata
    Carson: Chicken what?!
    Jaxon: Chicken piccata
    Carson: Whats that?
    Jaxon: Its chicken piccata
    Carson: thats isn't- Jaxon


  5. To respond to the question, my mom makes a mean chicken and dumplins // chicken noodle (similar dishes)
    Those younger ones ain't been alive long enough to recognise the moms cooking yet. 🙂 Sweet kids tho

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