Kids Try Cheese from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Cheese from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– That’s disgusting (upbeat music) – Hello, my name is Noah. – Hi, I’m Serena. – Hello, I’m Frankie. – [Woman] Frankie, how old are you? – Six. – [Woman] Are you an adventurous eater? – Some might say that. – [Woman] Okay. This is
your very first Kids Try. Do you think you got what it takes? – Do I have to answer that question? (laughter) – [Woman] Do you wanna try something? – Yeah. – [Woman] Oh wait, you gotta stay there! We’re gonna bring the food to you. – [Woman] Open! – I can see there’s like, pepperjack. – [Woman] Yeah, what kind
of cheeses do you know of? – Pepperjack, mozzarella, American, blue cheese, stinky cheese. – [Woman] This cheese comes from a small island called Cyprus. – Hmmm, I’ve never heard of that island. – [Woman] Believe it or not,
I’ve actually been there. – I don’t believe that. (laughter) – I’ll probably give it a generous score. – [Woman] Okay. – Of one. Like one star. – Wow, what’s this? Bread and…
what are the green things? – It looks really green. This is silly. – It’s green cheese. – Not bad. – Mmm. Good. – I don’t know what it tastes
like, it tastes like cheese, but it tastes like
something, like a fruit. – [Woman] It’s called Sage Derby. – That’s a silly name. – [Woman] This is a cheese that comes from the United Kingdom. – Oh, the UK. – Hello there, my name is Sally, and I’m going to be trying some food. (laughter) – What is this? Are
these hard boiled eggs? Oh my gosh, gross! Yuck. It tasted like I
was eating a hairball. – I don’t know, it tastes
like regular cheese to me. – [Woman] Maybe you’ve had it
before, this is mozzarella. – Oh yeah, I definitely had that. – [Woman] It’s a specific
type of mozzarella though. – A cow? – [Woman] No. – Goat? – [Woman] No. – Oh it has to be a goat. – [Woman] Buffalo! – Buffalo! Buffalo’s
usually made in Italy. – [Woman] This is Italian. – Mozzarella. (laughter) – What is it? – [Woman] This is a type of cheese. – So what’s this? – [Woman] That’s the cheese. – Oh. – That’s disgusting. K, that’s better. – I need water. I don’t want any more cheese. – [Woman] Okay. – Thank you for watching. – [Woman] Do you have
any questions for me? – What do you do at your house? – [Woman] What do I do at my house? Watch a lot of TV. Go on Instagram.


  1. Say hello to some of our new Hiho Kids! Zarina, Frankie, Audrey, Isabelle, and Noah!
    Get ready to see some new faces in the new year 😀 But don't worry all your favorites aren't going anywhere!

  2. As a girl from Derby in the United Kingdom,I’m proud to see our cheese on this show! And that the kids enjoyed it!😁 But it’s pronounced D ‘ar’ by not ‘D’er’ by!! 🙈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

  3. Frankie looks like my friend in first grade but when it was the last day of 1st grade,he said he’d move to another country..they literally look like twins! Also..when I’d ask him “what your nameeee?” He’d say “chicken leg” XD well..but his name wasn’t Frankie! His name was Thiago and rn I’m on 3rd grade,and I still miss him…:(

  4. Do people in America actually think British people are posh. 90 percent of them are like 'I'm gonna shank u bled

  5. Syrians/Arabs make Halloumi as well I didn't know Cyprus made it too but makes sense considering its history.

  6. The brown haired girl bugs me so much, so rude. no cheese should ever be called gross. Especially mozzarella, which she said she knew. Obviously she doesn't.

  7. If another bloddy American kid take the mic of the English accent I'm going to body slam them and throw them into a pool

  8. I am British and a cheese lover.
    I also lived 5 years in Derby (pronounced Darby not Durby)
    and I never ate Sage Derby – why the hell would you pick that?

  9. They are trying cheese AND NON OF THEM ARE SWISS??? We swiss people have more than 450 different swiss cheese on our own…and you try mozzerella with these children…

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