Kids Try Brazilian Food | Kids Vs. Food

Kids Try Brazilian Food | Kids Vs. Food

– My mind has been blown.
How? – This looks delicious.
Let’s hope it– oh my gosh. – I love it! ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we have
some really fun Brazilian dishes for you to try.
– Brazilian? Have I tried Brazilian–
I don’t think I’ve tried Brazilian food before. – I know that super famous
soccer players are there. – I’ve never tried
a Brazilian thing. I don’t know much about it,
so I’m curious. – I hope it’s not spicy,
’cause I don’t like spicy foods very much. – I have high expectations
for these. That’s why when they’re bad,
I overreact. – I liked some of the
Brazilian snacks and some of the vegetables. – (FBE) Well, the food we’re
presenting you with today was made from several
local authentic Brazilian restaurants here in Los Angeles.
– Oh. – (FBE) And I’m going to do
my best to pronounce them correctly.
– Let’s hope you do. I feel like it’s probably
not gonna taste as greasy or fast food-y, ’cause that’s
basically all of America, so I’m hoping to try
something new. – (FBE) All right, well let’s
bring out your first one. – Hm, hm, hm. – I don’t know what this is.
Is that a truffle? – Smells like apple pie. – I smell cinnamon.
That’s the first thing that hit me. – Potato.
Look. That’s a potato. – It’s not that good,
but it does taste kinda like chicken. – I’m gonna open this first,
’cause maybe I should open it.
What is that? That is some sort of meat. Okay.
Oh, that’s actually good. Oh my gosh,
that’s actually good. – It smells fruity,
but it looks scary and I don’t feel like
trying it. – Pineapple.
It’s actually really good. – It looks like meat
and it doesn’t look appetizing, but it’s actually pretty good. – (FBE) The chicken that
you just ate is called coxinha. It is a piece of fried dough
filled with chicken meat. The second thing you tried
was a grilled Brazilian pineapple and it’s often served
with fried meat. It’s coated with brown sugar
and cinnamon to add flavor. – I like that.
That was good, actually. Try what you think’s scary,
’cause it actually might be good. – (FBE) Okay, here’s
your next one. – Is this just bread? – It looks like bread
and it feels like very soft bread.
It looks like there’s cheese in there as well. – I’m gonna rip this open.
It’s hollow. – What is this?
That just looks unappetizing. It looks like mashed potatoes.
I don’t wanna eat it. – There’s cheese in this.
Honestly, I love cheese, but there’s something weird
about that cheese I didn’t like. – Wasn’t expecting that.
It’s very chewy. It’s very doughy, too. – What?
It feels like you got a roll and then you got a syringe
and filled it with butter. – (FBE) This is called
pao de queijo. It is a cheesy bread ball
made with cassava flour. Its culinary roots can be
traced back to southeast Brazil. – That’s why I taste
a little bit of cheese. It’s kind of squishy. – It’s basically a cheese
sandwich ball without the crust. – (FBE) Cassava is actually
a root. It’s a plant they grind up
into a paste and use for dough
or baking cakes. – Well, that’s not what
I normally eat, but I don’t really like it. – Bread made we eat here
is made out of rice or wheat and this
is made out of roots. I just don’t like it. – I feel like American bread
rolls are more dry and this one, it’s more
moist and I feel like it has more flavor to it.
I feel like American bread is more bland. – This just looks disgusting
and gutty. You could just–
look, guys, look. Ready?
That’s nasty. – (FBE) Okay,
here’s your next one. – This looks like black beans
and sausage. – There are beans
of some sort. – Ew, I don’t even wanna
try this. I want a dessert.
Ooh, but it smells so good. – I smell that chipotle
kinda thing. – (kid) Chipotle is my life. – I don’t really like beans.
I’m kinda tasting a little bit of chicken. – That’s good. – Okay, it tastes good.
The sausage on it, I like it. I feel like it kinda
goes with the black beans and rice.
It fits nicely together and so I would eat this. – (FBE) This one is called
feijoada, which is a black bean stew.
Feijoada is a nationwide dish and the name stems from
the word “frijol” which means bean.
It’s a stew mixed with beef and pork.
– I’ve had something similar to this,
except there were vegetables and bacon instead
of sausage. – That sausage, that sausage.
I like sausages. – I don’t think I’ve ever
had rice, beans, and meat mixed together.
I think I’ve only had rice and beans,
but it was good. I would eat it again. – (FBE) All right, here’s your
next Brazilian dish. – Oh, looks like fried rice. – What is this?
What are you trying– is that egg?
Is that fish? – Okay, this one’s
actually pretty good. – Couldn’t be yummier.
Tastes like salmon without soy sauce. – There’s definitely tomato.
I think there’s some shrimp. I would like it
if there wasn’t fish. – (FBE) Brazilian moqueca
is a stew made with white fish, onions, garlic,
tomatoes, cilantro, and sometimes coconut milk.
– I’m so on the way for fish. I’m in the zone right now. – It kinda tastes like
you put lots of rice and butter. It tastes very creamy
and then I can kinda get a little bit of fishiness
from it. – The fishes that I’ve tasted,
they taste like fish, but this one kind of
tastes like nectarine. My mind has been blown.
How? How do they make fish
taste like this? – (FBE) All right, last one.
Here we go. – Chocolate. – Honestly, before I eat it,
I really wanna know what’s in it. – It smells like heaven.
I love chocolate, so this smells so good. – This looks delicious.
Let’s hope it– oh my gosh.
It’s like pure fudge. – Tastes like a chocolate donut.
I love it! – Mm girl, ooh.
Mm, that’s good. – It’s just like fudge
chocolatey goodness that everyone deserves. – (FBE) This is called
brigadeiro. This is a chocolate truffle
made with condensed milk, butter, and cocoa powder,
then rolled in chocolate sprinkles. It’s a very popular and common
birthday celebration treat. – I wish I had this
on my birthday. – I just ate all of it.
It’s great. – All of it was just so good. – I feel great.
If you guys ever have a part two, I wanna be
in that part two, ’cause I wanna taste more. – Thanks for watching
Kids Vs Food on the React Channel. – Don’t miss out.
Be sure to Subscribe. – Bye, guys. – ♪ (French accordion music) ♪

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