Kids Meet Guys with Felonies | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

Kids Meet Guys with Felonies | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

– I have a joke. What’s
a horses favorite drink? Lemon neigh ed.
(all laugh) – You made that one up yourself. – [Felon] Hey, how are you
guys doing? What’s your name? – Helena, hi, I’m Jeff. – Ethan. – Ethan, how’s it going, bud? – How do you guys know each other? – We’re sisters
– sisters – Who’s older? – I’m 11 – And I’m nine. – Hey you guys every get in trouble? – Yes
– Yes – A lot of times. – I steal Shopkins, I steal Hotwheels. – One time our Mom jaywalked. – Aww man. Good thing the
police didn’t see you, huh? – Ughhhhh – One time my Mom and
Dad said no climbing, and I needed a glass of
water, so I pulled on the towel and almost sliced
off my whole big toe. – Whoa! – Have you ever got in
trouble, like serious trouble? – I, it’s been kinda of
a longer stay grounded where you can’t leave a certain
area, say it’s a square. – Oh, wait, oh, I got it. – (giggles) You’ve been to jail before! – Yes, I’ve been to jail. – What did you go to jail for? – As a firearm violation. – What did you get in trouble for? – I got in trouble for growing Marijuana. How would you feel if you went
to jail, what would you do? – Try and break out, just
keep on punching the walls. – Ha ha ha, been there, did that. – Just imagine, everything
that you do, you play sports, you go to school, you
home with your family, so just imagine all that time, by yourself in a confined area. – What did the jail look like? – Ooh, well, it kinda looked
this, only four walls. – Jail is behind bars with
policemen holding weapons, yay. (two tone beat) – What was in your cell? – You have a toilet next to the seat. – A terrible, ugly bed that was built into the side of the wall. – Or you can have a phone or something? – No, you can’t have a phone,
they take all your phone, they won’t let you have anything inside. – Where would you go for the bathroom? – Right next to where I sleep. – Does it get stinky in there? – Yes, it does, doesn’t
sound fun, does it? (laughs) – It doesn’t. – No.
(laughs) – What do you eat in jail?
– Uh – What do you eat in jail? – I’ve always wondered that. – You’ve always wondered?
Not too many good things. – Processed cheese, very bland. – Some type of porridge looking dish. – Yeah, we had nick names
for some of the stuff, these little sausage
patties that we’d get, we’d call them “Scooby Snacks”. – So, in prison, Cup
of Noodles, Top Ramen, you could make some nice
gourmet meals with that. Oh man, I can make you a
crazy Top Ramen burrito. – I like PB&C, peanut butter and crackers. – Oh, ho ho. Ha ha. – Yeah, he eats that for breakfast. – Was it like you could
make friends in jail? – Uh, I wouldn’t want to say “friends”. – I had to make friends with
people that could protect me, it’s a very strange different
kind of relationship. Everybody is trying to be
better than another person. – I had to get you before you get me. – Oh. – You understand? – Yeah. – Have you ever tried
to escape from prison? – No. I knew I wasn’t gonna escape. – Maybe if you were
smart enough, you could. – Smart enough, yeah. – First of all, think about
the fact that you’d be on the run and you’d have
all this pressure on you that one day they’re gonna find you and you’re going to go back
to prison for a long time. – Yeah, you sound like you
got a lot of experience … – But then you could try to escape again (laughing off screen) (laughing) – So then you can go home, prison, home, prison, home, prison, home (laughing) – That doesn’t sound
like a very fun cycle. – Did you feel bad about what you did or did you want to do it again? – I do feel bad, I feel very bad. – And you learned a lesson by the cops? – The police taught me
a lesson, yes they did. – What are things that you can’t do now because you’re in jail? – Well, since I’m a convicted
felon, I can’t vote. – Ah. – You lose that right,
once you get a felon. – Well, I don’t really
think that’s fair … – You don’t think that’s fair? – I mean honestly, it’s just a mistake, you went to jail for two years and then for the rest of your life, you’ll never be able to vote again. – Every body should give
everyone a second chance. – I agree with that and I wish
I could get a second chance in a lot of places, but a lot
of places don’t allow that. – Do you think I’m a bad guy? – No.
– No. – Even though I’ve been in prison? – Yeah. – Even though I have a felony? – Yeah. – High five, hee hee. (clap)
(clap) – Do you think I’m a bad
guy, because I went to jail? – No.
– No. – No. – No? – Every body has good in them. – Your parents did a good
job on you, you know? Ha ha. – What about you little guy,
do you think I’m a bad guy? – Maybe if you were smart enough, you could escape the prison. (scoffs) – You said that already. (laughing) – Yeah. – Hey, it’s Marina from Hiho, thanks for watching
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  1. “Sometimes….. my mom j-walks…”
    I can’t 😂😂😂

  2. First you hear like a super sweer sentence when asked if they’re a bad guy “Everybody has good in them” and then you get “Maybe if you were smart enough you could escape” xD

  3. The only negative thing I would say about this video is that we’re kinda teaching or letting our kids trust anyone and unfortunately you can’t just trust anyone …

  4. Beside this amazing video and channel:
    I just want to show my admiration to Marina's eyes!!! This is the first time I see a beautiful color like this!! God bless you all <3

  5. Up next: "Kids Meet a Child Molestor." If we're going to be introducing impressionable children to dangerous people who can promote unhealthy and immoral lifestyles, might as well introduce them to the people who will prey on these children once they leave the interview confused, and upset.

  6. I clicked off so fast when I heard him say he got a felony for growing marijuana😑😑😑😑
    Edit: I clicked off and found “Kids meet a weed farmer”😂 That’s more like it, lol

  7. Kids are so ignorant to life, we all were. We all (in the U.S.) were fed so many lies too. Parents teach your children the truth BEFORE they end up a in hated group.

  8. At 1:11 I thought he was gonna ask her " how would you feel to be sent into jail for growing a natural plant!!?"

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