♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Today,
we’re going to have you try a few different Japanese veggies.
– Ooh! I hope I like them. – Ew, vegetables! – I love vegetables. They’re crunchy and they make you healthy. – Ooh, I’ve never tried these vegetables. – (FBE) All these veggies
may not have originated in Japan, but they’re all commonly used
in Japanese cuisine. – I like Japanese culture,
so I’ll like Japanese vegetables. – I think it’s really good to try
different things from different places. – I’m not the biggest fan
in the world about vegetables, and then it’s from another country? I am a tiny bit scared. – (FBE) Here is your first vegetable.
Yummy! I love edamame. – Edamame! I always have them
when I go the Japanese restaurant. They are SO good. – Edamames? I already eat these. – You’re supposed to squeeze these open. Squeeze! – Let me just open it. It tastes smooth… a little crunchy. (crunching)
– Am I doing it right? Yeah, these are good. It’s something that’s quick.
You could eat them fast. It’s fun to eat. – Very squishy and soft. A little bit like avocados. – They just taste bland. It doesn’t really taste bad,
nor does it taste good. – (FBE) This is edamame. It’s a soybean
that’s usually eaten as a snack. – Oh, I’ve had this
before at the restaurant really close to my house. It’s really good. I’m like, “Eat it!” – It’s kind of fun opening it. – I liked how it pops out. It pops out so beautifully. – (FBE) Here is your next vegetable.
– Ummmm… What the–? It looks like a branch for a tree. – (FBE) The one on your left
is the raw version, and the one on your right is cooked. – It kind of looks like bone. – It kind of looks like a potato. – Why does this taste like a pumpkin seed? – (exhaling) I’m going to hold my breath. (gagging) Blah. Nah, nah. It’s like sweet,
but then chewy and vegetabley. – They kind of taste like carrots. – It tastes like the smell
of a rotten sock. – It was really salty and a little sweet, but the type of sweet that it was,
ooh, it was pretty bad. – (FBE) That was daikon,
a Japanese radish. It is commonly added into dishes
where it can absorb flavor. This recipe was cooked with sweet pickles. – I HATE pickles. – Ew! No, why can’t it be
with strawberries/blueberries. I don’t want it to absorb pickles! EW! – (FBE) Here is your next one.
– Is that a mushroom plant? That smells disgusting! – It looks like a pinecone
and a mushroom had a baby. – Ooh, it feels like rubber bands. (munching) – Okay, this is good. (gulping) Never mind. It tastes like rubber. Ew! No! – Ugh! It doesn’t have any flavor. This tastes like nothing. – Very cold and slimy. – It doesn’t have any taste.
It’s just slimy. – It feels weird
and I just don’t like mushroom. – (FBE) That was the maitake mushroom. Maitake mushrooms are known
to not have the squeaky texture we are more used to, but rather
a delicate and feathery texture. – This is really weird. It’s better than you expect it to be, but then it’s not the best food
you’ve ever tried. – Out of ten, regular mushrooms
would be a six, and this would be -1,000,000. – (FBE) Here is another veggie. – It smells just like lettuce. – It looks like a pickle! – Mmm! (exclaims in shock) Ew! – Ugh! Ugh! The second you put it in your mouth,
you just want to spit it out! It’s gross! (giggling) – It’s so bitter! – So disgusting. It’s so bitter. – I like it. It’s basically a cucumber,
except it’s a little sour. – This has a weird vegetabley,
slimy, dull, kind of 1% sweet flavor. – That was just so strong. It’s like strong celery. – (FBE) This is called Goya,
which translates to “bitter melon.” This vegetable is commonly used in a dish
called Goya champuru, which is a combination
of fried tofu, egg, and Goya. – Tofu? I like tofu. – (in distress) Help me! It’s so BAD. If you dunk that in soy sauce,
and dunk it in Teriyaki sauce, and then hide it with five pounds of tofu,
probably it would taste good. – (FBE) Last one. We’ve got a picture
of the raw version for you this time. – It looks like a tree. – It looks like these are like legs
and then this is just like a body with a decapitated head. – (FBE) Now you get to try it. (fork scraping plate) – (groaning) I’m
just going to take this part. AAH! It’s so hot! (slurring) Do you not want me
to have a tongue anymore? It’s so hot! – Why would you eat that? – (shrilly) AAH! AAH! Oh my god! Eee! (muffled shrieking) That was so spicy! That’s wasabi. – (hoarsely) It’s spicy. I’m never eating that again. – Call the fire department.
My mouth’s on fire. – That was like hot peppers that are actually burping out fire! – (FBE) That was wasabi,
a Japanese root made into a paste, eaten commonly with sushi. The reason why we have
a picture of the actual root is because it’s very hard to come by.
– Oh my gosh. It’s just like a bunch of needles
poking at your taste buds one after another and, like, bang! – The fish is good,
but the wasabi is not good at all. – I’m going to have to have my sushi
five feet away from the wasabi when I get it. – (FBE) So which of these veggies
do you recommend people try? – I liked the edamame. – Edamabe.
– (FBE) “Edamame.” – Edamabe one. – Edamame– edama–
edamame was my favorite. – Edamame. – Edamame. – Edamame is my favorite! – I liked the edamame the best. – The “edaname.” It’s cool to just see
what else is out there, than just what you have
on a regular basis. Still, some stuff, it’s just gross
and just painful. – Thanks for watching this episode
of Kids Vs. Food on the React channel. – Don’t forget to subscribe.
We have new shows every week. – Bye, everybody! (threateningly) Eat your veggies, kids! – Hey, guys, Alyssa here,
a producer here at the React channel. Thanks so much for watching us
try Japanese veggies today. If you have some ideas,
go ahead and leave them in the comments.


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  2. Spot the difference
    Like if u found it!

  3. the girl with the 2 pigtails was offensive im hmong but just because im not japanese doesn't mean i cant get offended

  4. Edamame…..haven't tried em. I guess I am not a vegetable person. At all…….I don't even like lettuce!!!! Well, I eat it……I mean not a favorite for sure.

  5. next time they should eat banchan, Korean side dishes. You are already did the regular nappa kimchi. Have them try radish and cucumber kimchi, spinach, soybean and mung sprouts, and spicy dried cuttlefish.

  6. The one problem with these videos is that these kids are already in training to be hipster food critics.

  7. wasabi isn't spicy like peppers and chili's but when you swallow it you feel it in your top part of your nose

  8. The new kid Carlin is so cute! I hope he appears on an episode try not to smile or laugh challenge someday.

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  10. Sooo…. I just realized that I don't even know the english(?) name of "ampalaya" but now I know and it's called "goya/bitter melon"

  11. Goya is known as "Pare or whatever" in my country.

    If you use my grandma's seasoning, it's amazing as heck, you can't even taste the bitterness.

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