♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’ll be eating this.
– Cheese? – Cheeeese! – I’m a big fan of cheese. – I already know it’s not going
to be any one of these. It’s probably going
to be some random cheeses from random places. – (FBE) We’re going to have you try
cheese from different countries and tell us what you think of them. – All I know is that some places
have really stinky cheese. – I like cheese, like,
if it’s on something. – I know that I have had cheddar cheese and that’s all I remember. – I’m pretty scared.
Let’s do this. – (FBE) Here is your first cheese.
– (gasping) Oh my god! I love this cheese! – Brie! YES! You melt it in the oven
and then put some pesto on it and dishes, like, dip it in with crackers. It’s so good! (crunching) – Whoops. Mm! That’s good. I’m getting string cheese flavor. (crunching) – It’s good, actually. I feel like it’s like
a vegetable would taste. – That one was actually really good! It tastes like butter. – Probably kind of a little creamy. – (FBE) That was Brie cheese, which has the nickname “Queen of Cheese” because it is
the most popular French cheese. – I see why.
Can I finish this? – It’s pretty good. – Honestly, this is probably
the best cheeses I have ever tasted. – (FBE) Here is your next cheese. – (sniffing) I think this is Gouda. – Oh, it smells like bacon. – It smells like, uh, salami. (crunching) – I don’t like it. The aftertaste, it stays in my mouth
and it’s just like, ew. (crunching) – Almost tastes like beef. – I’m not a fan of that one. It leaves a stinky taste in your mouth. – Oh my gosh.
That cheese is so good! It tastes like ham! – The texture is really soft
and really smooth. – (FBE) So that was smoked Gouda,
and Gouda originated in the Netherlands. – I’ve had that before. But it tastes really good. – This cheese is good cheese. – (FBE) Here is your next one. – (in disgust) Oh! Oh, that smells horrible! – Ew! Oh, that smells like soap. – (gagging) That smelled like rotten eggs or fish. Please don’t tell me it tastes like that. (crunching) – (in disgust) Oh! It tastes like milk with meat. – I’ve never seen this cheese before. It tastes exactly like Swiss cheese. – It tastes a little bit
like cheddar cheese. I like the way it tastes.
I don’t like the way it smells. – (FBE) That was Limburger,
a German cheese which is known for its smell,
caused by bacteria living in the rinds. – Now I know why it tasted bad. – That makes sense because
there’s bacteria everywhere, especially in pickles and yogurt. – German people, if you’re watching this,
I don’t like your cheese. No offense. – (FBE) Here is another cheese.
– (giggling) It’s moldy. I think that’s blue cheese. – Oh, this is blue cheese, isn’t it? – Why does it look like mold? I know you guys
wouldn’t feed me mold… right? (crunching) – Oh my gosh! I don’t like it. It just got mushy and that felt weird. (crunching) (cracker clattering)
– It tasted like dishwasher. – If you get spoiled cheese
and then mix that with cottage cheese, that’s what you get. – Right when you bite into it,
you can taste sweet, and then you start tasting saltiness. – (FBE) That was
Roquefort blue cheese from France. It is described as tangy,
crumbly, and moist. The blueish parts
of the cheese are actually mold. – I knew it.
I knew it! I knew it! I just ate mold! (gagging) I thought you guys wouldn’t feed me mold! I was wrong. – Mold? In your cheese? That’s bad. – I have nothing against French people,
but you guys eat snails and mold. Just going to leave it there. – (FBE) Here is your last cheese.
– It looks creamy. – I just smelled it. It smells horrible. – Okay, that smells like fart. – Aah, it’s– don’t let it
taste, like, stinky. – It smells so bad. Mm-mm, mm-mm.
Oh no, that’s horrible. (crunching) – It has a smooth tang to it. – Getting regular cheese flavor. – It tastes, like, cheddary. – It tastes kind of sweet. I could have this in a quesadilla. – (FBE) So that one is called
Stinking Bishop cheese. It often tops stinkiest cheese list and was even once voted
Britian’s stinkiest cheese. – Yay. Stinkiest cheese.
That’s– that’s– I can see why. – I don’t get how people would want
to eat the stinkiest cheese. – Just like the Limburger,
it smells bad but it tastes good. – (FBE) Which one of these cheeses
would you recommend people eat? – Brie. Brie is the best cheese ever. – Brie. – The brie cheese. – Gouda. – Brie. – Stinking Bishop. – I would honestly recommend
the Brie cheese. – Only eat the Brie cheese. I’ve got crumbs all over me. – Thanks for watching us eat cheese
on the React channel. – Don’t forget to subscribe.
We have new shows every week. – Bye, everybody! – Hey, guys, I’m Katie,
a React channel producer. Thank you so much for watching. If you have a cheese
you want to see the kids try, let us know in the comments.

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