hi guys I’m back with another video
today is a mail prep video I got a lot of great response on my last meal prep
video and it will hold me accountable to still film them for you guys so I think
I’m gonna try to do them once a month hopefully more if I have time but today
I’m gonna be showing you when I was craving casseroles if you guys like Mel
prep videos please give this video a thumbs up and let’s go ahead and get
right into it I practiced intermitted fasting so I wanted to show you the
coffee that I usually drink on the days that I fast till noon I’m obsessed with
iced coffee Starbucks to be exact so I’ve been taking advantage of getting
the store-bought Starbucks to save a little bit of cash I’ve been recently
loving the sugar-free hosik caramel I love the sugar-free syrups because you
can dictate how much sweetness you want and my love of cashew milk is
never-ending this is the unsweetened vanilla I’m not sure if they have any
other flavors but you can put up to a cup of this and it’d still be only 25
calories let me know in the comments down below if you have ever tried
intermittent fasting and if you found it difficult also let me know if you guys
would want to see a more in depth video of what is intermittent fasting
I haven’t had enchiladas and forever and the way that I usually made them is with
corn tortillas so I wanted to omit the corn tortillas but add back something in
so it still has that still hardiness to it and the secret is cauliflower rice in
place so it actually soaks into the sauce and it fluffs up and it reminds
you of rice I’m starting with just some olive oil you can definitely start this
with butter as well and I’m cutting up half of an onion to saute in the olive
oil you’re going to want to cook these until it’s just translucent and then add
in your meat of choice I just have some ground beef here next just add your
seasonings of choice now you can really go crazy with this I’m just going with
some garlic powder salt pepper and any other seasonings that I have I did add
some taco seasoning and I feel like that did amp up the flavor of this dish
so I would highly recommend adding that I’m just chopping a zucchini now this is
actually not needed in the recipe it’s just something I had on hand that I
wanted to use up in this dish to help with the bulkiness of it which actually
it didn’t even need it because the cauliflower rice definitely added enough
substance to this meal and it actually was enough for me and my sister to have
dinner multiple days you’re going to want to saute the cauliflower rice and
the zucchini until they’re soft and start to soak up all the oils from the
olive oil and the juices from the meat I season through out so when you’re adding
a lot of bulk like cauliflower or veggies you do want to re season your
food or everything will taste bland next I’m just adding some enchilada sauce now
you do have to be careful with the enchilada sauce because they do have
carbs in the sauce but for me I’m not too big on counting carbs to the point
of omitting sauces and things like that so I added two cans to this but keep in
mind this was enough for both my sister and myself so it definitely will be more
if you’re cooking for a family I’m adding a cup of cheese into the actual
mixture and two dollops or two tablespoons of sour cream once you’ve combined all the ingredients
you’re going to want to put it in a non-stick dish
I actually didn’t spray mine and didn’t see any issues with not spraying but if
you want you could definitely spray it with some nonstick cooking spray level
it out and then add a little bit more cheese because everything is better with
cheese and do you hear that sizzle but it was
honestly so amazing the first night I ended up eating it as
is and the second night I kind of got creative
I put salsa on it and I put a little bit of extra cheese so that’s something to
think about to transform your casseroles and make them kind of taste different
everyday as different toppings on top of that I was craving tuna house where I
haven’t had that since like high school I don’t know why I had tuna in the
pantry I didn’t want to buy any more like meat or anything so I was like
let’s figure out how to cook the tuna in my cupboard I’m just sauteing the other
half of the onion and a little bit of butter and then I’m seasoning it next you’re going to want to add your
cream of mushroom you could honestly make your own mushroom cream sauce but
this is super easy and I’m adding half a cup of cashew milk
fun fact the Kashi milk is actually the cashew milk that you saw at the
beginning of video and it is unsweetened vanilla and the vanilla actually doesn’t
lend any flavor to this dish so a pro tip if you only have unsweetened vanilla
cashew milk it will work perfectly in savory dishes without the adverse effect
of tasting sweet I’m just adding some wishes our sauce you’re gonna want to
season with some salt and pepper and any other seasonings that you like or have
on hand and add in your veggies now for the cauliflower I like to break it up a
little bit this just helps with making it bright sized pieces and creates a
better distribution of the sauce now if you’re hardcore keto then I would
definitely suggest omitting the peas from this recipe since I do do
intermittent fasting it does allow me to have a little bit more flexibility with
the type of veggies that I can add into my dishes
lucky for me I was able to have about half a serving of green peas per serving
of this tuna helper I’m just adding some cheese now I was a little modest in this
clip and did end up adding another half a cup of cheese into this mixture I’m
just pouring this in a nonstick casserole dish spreading it around and
then adding what else more cheese because you can never have too much
cheese on the ketogenic diet next you’re going to want to put foil over this and
bake into in the oven for about 20 to 30 minutes after 30 minutes take off the
foil and cook for another 10 to 15 minutes or until you get the desired
thickness on top what’s one of the comfort Mills bye
remember having as a child oh and you guys this was so amazing as well with
the previous casserole you can definitely change up how the flavors of
this is I ended up adding more cheese to this with each time I warmed it up and I
also added hot sauce to it at one occasion which is so good and any type
of toppings that you like the endless possibilities of casseroles
is you can definitely make it your own and it can transform the dish and feel
like you’re eating a completely different milk each time you’re
reheating it thank you guys so much for watching this as always if you like meal
prep videos I truly do love making them there are a lot of work so if you are
interested in seeing more of the meal preps that I do please let me know by
giving this video a thumbs up and leaving me comments down below of the
next meals that you want me to make also don’t forget if you are not seeing my
videos I post probably two to three times every week you can hit that Bell
button down there I thought I’d thought out there just in case you’ve been
wondering where my face is I’ve been here I’ve been here waiting for you but
that’s gonna be all I would see you guys in the next one bye you


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