Kathmandu Food Tour I HUGE Thakali Thali + BEST Noodle in Nepal + Sekuwa BBQ + Tibetan Street Food

Kathmandu Food Tour I HUGE Thakali Thali + BEST Noodle in Nepal + Sekuwa BBQ + Tibetan Street Food

Welcome to the capital of Nepal Kathmandu Although people come here for adventure tourism and sight seeing We have come to explore the local street food here. With us is our host Mr. Kamal. who is a filmmaker and a food enthusiast And who will introduce us to the local tastes and flavours This is Durbar square. Means this is the main Durbar After the unification of Nepal, the first King began sitting here. There have been many kings. It is also called the Hanuman Dhoka There is a Hanuman idol ahead All these fell down in the earthquake There was a huge destruction. We an’t even think about the earthquake It is still there in our memories We have been jolted. And we are still in trauma. I was at home in Kathmandu Even today when we remember the catastrophe we get goosebumps Everyone feels the same.
-Yes it was very painful times. It is totally a protein packed meal Thank You It has potatoes, boiled channa and boiled and fried eggs It has been fried a bit Yes fried with a little turmeric and masala Yeah it has a little cumin and coriander means…
-It is raw Absolutely. It is what is known as a fundamental meal Very lightly flavoured Turmeric, red chili powder and salt. Just that And very nutritious too. In this market No big vehicles can enter So the labourers who are there They have to eat this only That is why it is healthy It is a very healthy combination If one eats it in the morning, he can work the whole day It sustains till the lunch hour It maintains the calories very nice This is reminding me of Bihar yes in Bihar they eat eat Ghugni chura Ya they eat it a lot It is called the Ghugni Chuda This is chura(flattened rice) and chana So we have arrived at Thakali Bhanchhaghar They serve the best and authentic Thakali food in Kathmandu What is the meaning of this Thakali food There is an area named Thak Khola in the Mustang region This food has originated from that area So they have created a Thali That has rice, lentils and meat A mildly spiced meat gravy And gundruk Specifically dehydrated spinach cooked with soyabean and tomatoes This is what the food is about Basically Thakali is the food from the Mustang But it is mostly famous in Kathmandu and now in has spread to the whole of Nepal How many items are there in the Thali? 7-8 items Can you tell what all are there? Green vegetables(spinach) This recipe is the… crunchy potatoes Aloo lacha It takes five hours to make this It takes five hours to make it from five kg potatoes It is made with a lot of efforts Our main attraction is this What is its name? Aloo Bhujuri Many people come to eat this We are having Dal Rice Thali plus mutton and chicken There is a slogan in Nepal Dal Rice power twenty four hours This is too bland That is why it is eaten with some curry Then Only you will get the taste And along with it there is ghee Ghee is very important Without it the food is not delicious very nice These are cooked with very little spices Turmeric, red chilli powder and salt. That’s it very delicious flavours woa The taste is just like home cooked mutton Mutton curry Very nice flavours of garlic What ever we tried mutton fry to chicken fry Potato julienne Radish Pickle Radish chutney Potato Fry This dehydrated spinach or gundruk Everything has very basic flavours That is why they have served pickles and chutneys with it So that the flavours are balanced There is quite an authentic flavours And very nutritious as well Just like there is green vegetables in here chutney and pickles The flavours are balanced hence its a balanced diet Thank you Anubhav we have arrived at the Boudh area It is included in the world heritage site The food here is Tibetan food Today we will eat Tibetan Noodles and Laphing So here we get Tibetan food only What is this? Stupa.
-Yes Boudh Stupa This is world famous This is Kathmandu’s main tourist destination This structure is called the Boudha Stupa Come let’s explore the Tibetan street food here. Yes especially let us try the noodles Namaste First they make the dough with all purpose flour, eggs and water.
-That’s it Very simple dough Is it ready? Now it is ready.
-Yes Now we will dry it.
-Yes over there For sometime This is very…I think very hot It looks dangerous.
-Fiery And little salt if needed. I saw the process how is it made First the dough is made using eggs Then it is rolled into thick sheets Then the noodles were made out of it It is lightly dried so that it gets separated then it is boiled In the plate they took salt, pepper, garlic Soya sauce and then noodles and the thing is that the noodles are quite thick Will you eat with this? This I can only see and not do I can’t eat with chopsticks The noodles are so thick.
-Right. These are home made so again this is much better that the dried ones you buy from market The texture is you know very elastic Like I have never eaten such a spicy oil It is super spicy and that too I have just added a few drops of it But it has so much heat You can add extra as well Wow it is very good. Best noodles I have ever had It should be the best noodles Freshest Really good. The texture is so smooth and silky It has a nice flavour of garlic in it Then chilli oil adds to the heat Very good Thank You sister. It was very nice. Here comes the Pouche It is more like a bun This is a Chinese dish The Chinese people eat it for breakfast I liked it The bao is fluffy with slight sourness Well cooked minced meat with onions and salt And chilli Very simple Ponche It is a breakfast dish The oldest Laphing center and the first one Namaste I have tried it earlier at Delhi’s Manju ka Tila Its texture is gelatinous Totally silky texture Very smooth Like very smooth It is breaking off Ya you are right. It is fun to eat with that only Very nice. I liked the dried version This one has a very nice flavour of the garlic This has a very nice flavour of garlic The soup one has a lot of garlic This one is nice as well It was a unique flavour for me We are having Ashabhaley right now Shahbhaley is something that you have with meat. And that is stir fried for a moment Then it is filled in a dough And that is fried That is ShahBhaley and this is Ashabhaley This is quite different. This is not deep fried It is pan fried. With very little oil So this is quite different and it is not very popular in Nepal This is one very unique dish It will almost be of half a kg It is slow cooked.
-Very slow cooked Woa. This is… Its name is Ashabhaley Where the dough made with all purpose flour and baking powder is stuffed with minced meat And garlic and salt. That’s it And then slow cooked over the pan for almost like 45-50 mins It is so juicy and full of fat You can see how the juices are coming out of it Is it okay? It is just meat right, that’s it This doesn’t have salt I has salt.
-Is it. I found it bland The meat is used with the fat itself That is why the juice or the fat is overflowing Its crust is quite crunchy Because it is slow cooked the moisture is out Yes absolutely. The whole thing has been cooked thoroughly due to slow cooking Quite a meaty texture The most predominant flavour is that of garlic And very meaty Let me make you taste Nepali barbeque called Sekuwa The name of this place is Yangtaru Sekuwa Center It is in Saraswati Nagar Here you will get different kinds of Sekuwa And very nice ones So the Sekuwa is the popular delicacy of Nepal The name Sekuwa is derived from Sekna or Grilling The mutton is barbecued or grilled or the chicken is grilled and eaten The Nepali Barbecue is called Sekuwa So here, at first the pieces of chicken, mutton and pork are marinated How long is it marinated?
-8-10 hours And what all spices are used? They use very basic masala and they don’t put a lot of masala Because the taste of the meat itself is quite important right! They put in very less… They put ginger garlic and all those… basic masalas cumin, coriander, fenugreek and maximum they add red chilli powder It means that they add very little spices into the marination After 8-10 hours of marination It is grilled over that woodfire I really liked this system of yours All the oil drips down and gets collected over there This technique is quite widely used in the Eastern part of Nepal There is a very specific community called the Limbu Limbu community So he is also a Limbu So their community have introduced this dish This style of barbeque.
-No this style of oven This oven technique is from Eastern Nepal That part of region. Ya that wood fire oven is from that part of the region I saw that it is a totally different style. Most of the barbeque happens on the skewers or on in the Tandoor Here there are mesh plates And on top of them there are the mutton, chicken and other things It is put together and then barbecued It gives it a nice smoky flavour This is the chilli that you have eaten, Thakali chilli.
-The small ones It is super spicy. The small ones And there are Szechuan pepper as well Szechuan pepper is quite widely used in Nepal I has medicinal properties It was there in the noodles that we had eaten there here too it is there It is quite widely used It was there in the Laphing as well So this is a basic barbeque In which there is ginger, garlic basic spices I has become a full meal in itself There is puffed rice With it carrots, onions, channa and peanuts is mixed to make a zesty chaat And with this there is the Sekuwa What is this? This is totally amazing The taste of chicken is quite strong It is not that the masala is dominating very nice And they just cook it for 10 to 15 mins and still it is so soft Totally melt in mouth.
-Because of the oven is of extreme heat right. So That’s why…
-The meat doesn’t take much time to cook quite amazing flavours Very basic flavours very little spices…Here its called Masala and not Masala Masla Very less spices have been used There is one more meaning of Masla This masla is not that one. Here the spices used are less basic spices The taste of the chicken is intact And the chutney is made from the small Dalli Chilies Its quite a spicy chutney And it goes very well with the chicken Are you enjoying it? Is it Umda?


  1. I live on the border of Nepal and India, m Indian and bcz of Nepal just 2km away from my city…. Our whole food and culture has the influence of Nepal 🙏

  2. Sir….your presentation has such an aura of respectfulness that it’s different to express in words…..God speed to u n ur team for future !!

  3. Who ever comes to Nepal why do they always go to places like these?
    There are way more better places in kathmandu where you get excellent food with good ambiance and you can experience real kathmandu and real culture.sir please do research on your own sir or refer to any other international vlogger who has visited Nepal before.

  4. Hi Anubhav Sir,
    Great tour and lot of simple yet interesting and mouth watering dishes were part of the video.
    But find one thing missing. You had almost 3-4 meals but didn't find any "dessert" anywhere.
    Is it something Nepal doesn't have anything on Desserts to present or was it deliberately missed ?

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    Mai aap ki tour ka bahut bada fan hu

  7. क्या नेपाल में शाकाहारी खाना नहीं मिलता क्योंकि आपने नेपाल के फेमस शाकाहारी खाने के बारे में नहीं बताया

  8. Mai ai video dekh kar aj khush nahi huwa ap kathmandu akar esi khana per video bana dala. Did u know about nepai food ? Plz ek bar google par newari food search karke dekho aur khane jao aur ek bar sochna ai video banakar apne galti toh nahi kiya……

  9. Anyone coming to kathmandu will be hosted by me .. I am a doctor and travelling staying at kathmandu .. I am also travelling luckhnow and benaras in 1st week of january

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