Just how Cheesy is Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Cheez-It?

Just how Cheesy is Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Cheez-It?

Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Lately I’ve taken to doing a little thing with my my finger there for added emphasis. This is running on empty food review I am your host the report of the week. And here we are This is it This is the collaboration of the century that nobody really asks for no one really wanted, but we’re getting it anyway Two unlikely candidates have teamed up we have Pizza Hut and cheez-it and They teamed together Now whether they are forces for good or evil no one really knows at this point But either way they just said look we’re gonna do it We’re gonna we’re gonna collaborate and we’re going to make these stuffed cheese it pizza And they did they they they actually did it believe it or not. It’s out They just released it I heard of this but I just wasn’t really sure at first I honestly couldn’t believe I thought people were just joking and they were messing around and no, then I realized people were dead serious if they actually went ahead and released this thing and I got so many requests over the Last day or two to try this out and I’m gonna give it a shot So here’s the info about it first and foremost, so we just know What kind of? Thing that’s the best way to describe it. Honestly, I would not go as far as to call it a pizza What kind of thing we’re dealing with here? So the stuffed cheese at Pizza. What is it? Exactly? Uh, you know, it’s I even have a hard time calling it a pizza and myself They describe it as having four jumbo squares That are like they’re giant cheez-it crackers with like a cheddar cheese crust kind of like a cheese and cracker right that hence the Name and then it’s filled with cheese. But but you can also get it filled with cheese and pepperoni and Then it also comes with marinara dipping sauce a price but this is six dollars and forty nine each That begs the question though Number one. What does it taste like right to find that out and number two? I think a lot of people were trying to figure out like I mean, how big is it exactly, right? it is it because they call it like a Jumbo cheese it So I was thinking at first that it’s gonna be like the size of a medium a medium Pizza and it’s gonna be like this pillow sized Cheese at cracker and I was thinking like I don’t really know what they’re trying to go for here it was it was reminding me a little bit of the p’zone which was actually pretty good and it’s just going to be a really interesting one to try out a Public opinion of this one has really mixed the some people were saying this thing is a disgrace This this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It’s an abomination. It’s a waste of money It’s just look it might even outright kill. You other people were saying this is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tried and There was one guy I was actually in the news a little bit. So I don’t know if you saw it He actually bought this sack full of them he must have ordered dozens of them and He filled them out and he actually made a little bit of like a mattress out of it He sleeps on at every single night. I mean some people are that much Of a fan of this item like they go crazy over it. So People are mixed some people love it. Some people hate it and I have to be completely honest I kind of looked at this item initially and I thought to myself this is uh This is a little ridiculous If you ask me, I thought it was I thought its outright silly, but you know what? I want to be pleasantly surprised here and I want to be taken back and then you know I want to look at it and say hey I had my doubts about it I might have thought it was quite silly and gimmicky, but it actually tasted good. So we’ll see Either way though. I got both of them. I got the standard cheese Stuffed cheez-it Pizza and then I also got the cheese and pepperoni once I’m gonna try them both out We’ll just see which one’s better or if they’re both good or if they’re both bad or best of the worst or worst of the worst or anything in between They both come in the same box. You can see right here stuffed cheese if Pizza only at Pizza Hut and you can see they did mark right there as cheese. Some people were wondering they were saying well obviously it comes with the cheddar cheese on the crust, but what type of cheese is stuffed inside of it and No one knows I actually went over to Pizza Hut when I got these and I went and I asked the person who was working I said, you know, excuse me. Do you know what type of cheese is in this thing? And They didn’t know either they were they were It just has as puzzled as I was they said I think it’s the cheese that’s on the pizza So there you have it but in truth, no one really knows at this point So that’s what it comes down to there’s the marinara sauce that you can dip it in and sure it looks just like the advertisement I Always I always have an issue with the prepackaged stuff, but it is what it is comes in the commemorative wrapping And there it is You know, they they give you the impression that I think they’re a little bigger than this That’s my that’s my honest opinion, when you look at the ad there is nothing For scale, you know It’s like they’re gonna go ahead and put this next to me here and they’re gonna say see it’s about the size it’s like You know two and a half times bigger than my tie knot they’re not gonna use that for comparison instead They make this thing look gigantic Like it could even be, you know a half mile in diameter But obviously that’s not the case. So let’s just take one out close-up Right there the Cheese it the stuffed cheese at Pizza if you really want to call it that There it is. And this is just the cheese only one you can see right there and with that Well, you know what’s in it. I know what’s in it. We all know what’s in it I’m gonna try it out and I’ll let you know what it tastes like Says it’s a stuffed cheese a piece of the cheese only one I’ll try it out and I’ll let you know what it tastes like it’s going in I tried to make that as dramatic as possible So it’s do not microwave so hopefully you can confirm that I am NOT microwaving it Take one more bite Hey, you know what? I’ll be completely honest It is not as bad as I thought it would be like I saw this initially and I thought to myself this is gonna be so bland that’s gonna be so, you know just Uneventful, but it’s a little better than that It’s definitely here’s what it comes down to in regards to the mystery cheese blends inside now You definitely see this is all that it is really it’s just cheese and more cheese So if you like all things cheesy, I think we’ll probably be a fan of this the cheese inside is to me and again I am not completely sure because no one verified this but most similarly if you get their stuffed crust pizza It’s like that creamy Cheese blend that’s in the crust there So that’s my that’s my best guess in regards to like from from Pizza Hut one thing directly That I can compare it to to me It tastes exactly like that when you get in the stuffed crust pizza, that’s what it tastes like to me But again, I can’t give any exact figures because I’m not no one told me what’s in it otherwise ask for the You know, you can definitely taste that cheddar cheese on the outside there So, you know you kind of get have a little bit of a two fold and blend there But it’s very cheesy. And to be honest. It’s it’s not as bad as you think it is. It’s all right it’s not as try as I thought it would be either but It is very gimmicky I’m not gonna go ahead and say that it’s the best thing that I’ve ever had from Pizza Hut I would say it’s about average, you know, it’s it doesn’t blow me away. That’s for sure The marinara sauce is a must though. You have to get it with the marinara sauce for sure So that’s that’s first things first right there When I say it’s worth 6 dollars and 49 cents each. No, I wouldn’t but For what it is I’m not blown away by it. But at the same time I’m not necessarily terribly disappointed It has a little more flavor than I thought it would have them though the original one – Cheese Only one I would give it a I’ll give it a six out of ten now a little a little bit above the average but nothing crazy right now Just try out the pepperoni one real quick. This is has pepperoni in it and nothing more here. Just cheese and pepperoni If you are interested by the way, I have a new podcast out Today you can check it out at youtube.com/vorwpodcast You should also support the show help keep it going by supporting on patreon patreon.com/thereportoftheweek You can see the tiny little bits of pepperoni in there it’s more like cubed pepperoni it’s kind of odd, but I Mean, not as flavorful as I thought it would be To be honest, that’s a little more underwhelming than cheese only one That’s uh, that’s my honest assessment there of the two I think that cheese only one is actually a little bit better than the pepperoni one because I think the pepperoni and cheese Stuffed Cheez-it Kind of it sets itself up to the standard that you expect it to be a little more flavorful You think well, it has a little bit more diversity in toppings therefore It’s gonna be a little better than the other one, but in reality, it’s actually a little bit more on the bland side I was hoping for a little more flavor from that pepperoni, which was clearly lacking so I’m actually Over the two I would actually say that the cheese only one probably the better of the two But Saturno has some quality issues with the pepperoni. I’m not really tasting it like I thought I would so I would rate the Pepperoni stuffed cheez-it, I would only give that five point two out of ten Whereas a cheese one again, I would grade it around the six out of ten range again They’re both a little overpriced marinara sauce is a definite must for both of them but to be quite honest I mean I don’t really think I don’t think they’re as bad as some people say that they are definitely not as good either I would say it’s a pretty standard middle-of-the-road thing But it’s gimmicky. You want to try it if you want to go take them and make sunglasses Out of them and post it on Instagram and go for it It’s very gimmicky people are talking about it, but it is not the worst thing in the world by far and with that That’s all I have for you. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host the report of the week. Thank you for watching Take care, and I’ll see you again in a couple days with another review and on a final note real quick Yes, it most certainly does taste like a cheez-it. It’s cheesy and it does have that cheez-it flavor


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