[Japanese Food] Trying ONIGIRI + UMEBOSHI for the First Time!!

[Japanese Food] Trying ONIGIRI + UMEBOSHI for the First Time!!

Hey guys! This is my new friend Anisha! She has a channel called Rickshawali I will link it down below so go check her out, she’s really funny and awesome!! And she’s here in Japan, for the first time We had lots of fun in Harajuku earlier And she hasn’t really tried much Japanese food, right? No How long have you been here? About 9 days 9 days, okay Have you seen an onigiri before? Is that the rice thing? Yep it’s a rice ball I guess the English would be rice ball, even though it’s not a ball Why is it called a ball? It’s not a ball, it’s a rice triangle Well that’s interesting Now, do you know how to open this? I will just do it, I will just do it NO STOP IT NO There’s a certain way to do it So if you look at the package, there’s a number 1 up at the top here This? It’s written in Japanese how am I supposed to read that Right there right there, the number 1 Haha I’m like “I can’t read Japanese!” Just ignore the letters So pull the #1 down like this Oh wow!! And make sure you do it nicely so it goes all the way to the back Omg this is so cool! Pull it all the way back? Okay Yeah you’re doing good! That’s so convenient! And then you’ve got two corners left So take the #2 on this side and just pull it off Oh god that’s literally like magic Niiiice That’s awesome wow! And the other side Okay There you go! Hey that’s cool! So the point of the package is so that it keeps the seaweed separate from the rice So that the seaweed doesn’t get mushy NO WAY. So now you’ve got a fresh dry piece of seaweed on the rice So now you can kind of like curve it around and cover it up Wow that is so smart So you can get all different kinds of fillings in onigiri This is the most typical one, it’s called “tsuna mayo” tsuna mayo Yeah so its tuna and mayonnaise In there!? Yeah Ooo…. I’ve never had tuna and mayonnaise Really!? Because I’m hungry… We’re so hungry right now Very hungry, we haven’t eaten the entire day Since breakfast Is this like the best thing you’ve ever had? SO GOOD. No… Well… I have to say, I’m not a seaweed person Right Cuz it has a little fishy taste It tastes very simple, I can’t taste it If you get to the middle, there’ll be more tuna It’s not very flavourful Yeah, that’s why I like the tuna one because it’s really subtle Like if you’re new to onigiri, and you’re kinda worried and don’t want a super fishy one I’d say go for the tuna mayo It’s a flavour that Americans would be used to I’m from India where we have crazy spices, everything is spicy it has amazing, not amazing, but like crazy explosions of flavours So this is like really subtle to you? So this is like, whoa where is the flavour I’m half, well not half but I grew up in Germany and I’m living in India now So I have the understanding of flavours like this But from an Indian point of view this is like, where is the flavour?? It has no flavour in it But it’s actually nice I feel with Japanese food there’s a combination There’s really subtle stuff like onigiri, and then sometimes you’ll get really salty stuff Which actually we’re gonna try next So maybe you’ll wanna save some of your onigiri Oh is it? You’re gonna want something to eat with this I think What is that? I just read Family Mart All of these things I bought from Family Mart Family Mart is the name of the convenience store What… Oh my goodness Do you know what it is? Let me put this down for a sec Can you tell what it is by looking at it? Oh hell She’s worried This looks like a brain of something It totally does I’m not that mean You’re not giving me a brain Sharla? No brain, I promise You’re feeding me like a guest? It’s actually fruit It’s a fruit!? Can you tell what it is? There’s water in it too It’s pickled It’s a pickled plum A pickled plum? Ok you know those weird Indian candies that you gave us today? They reminded me of this Oh really? I’m curious to see if you’ll like the flavour I have a question, people go into the store and buy one plum? Yeah and the eat it! It’s common to get this, and some rice and eat it with the rice Because this is really salty and really flavourful and you’re gonna want something bland to go with it Ok so you don’t eat it alone like a snack on the road I don’t, I definitely don’t. I like it with rice But I’m sure there are people that do Ok all right You don’t want this all over your pants You’re gonna smell bad It doesn’t get out of my pants? Oh god Do I take it with my hands? Yeah why not There should be a pit in the middle It’s very mushy, it’s like I’m doing surgery right now It’s the heart of the patient It totally looks like a heart It looks like a heart! So do I put the entire thing in? No just take a little bit, I feel like the flavour is gonna be really strong Just take a little bite out of it See what you think No? Does it remind you of those candies though? A little Hajmola, in India we have something very famous called Hajmola It’s a digestive pill, you should try it (No you shouldn’t try it!!) It’s actually nice! It’s weird… like the first bite you take is so sour And then it turns into a very interesting… like nice The aftertaste becomes very soothing, not soothing but Like now I feel like eating it again Refreshing kind of? Yeah! I really like it It’s very strange I wanna eat it, I’m taking very little bites because it’s sour I like sour things Yeah if you like sour stuff you’ll definitely like it I like it, I really do The first one was crazy After that it was fine, I really like it This is one of the things that foreigners don’t like Like one of the Japanese foods that foreigners are like, why do they eat thisss So here’s the thing, I’m not really American Like I know Indian food So you’re used to really flavourful stuff And we use a sweet and sour taste This is like a sweet and sour, so Yeah I like this Enjoy your rice ball Check out Anisha’s channel!! Link below!! Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more!


  1. Umeboshi!! When I was young and rather mentally challenged, my friends and I thought it would be fun to try and fit as many umeboshi as we could in our mouths. Results were not great…

  2. 日本人でもコンビニおにぎり・弁当でしか梅干しは食わないし 好きな奴は稀だ 日本人は常に梅干し食べるて情報は流すなよ

  3. Ohhh and a little MonsterCat music at the end there! This channel always keeps getting better! Can you remind me of the name of that song? I've been trying to find it for years but I forgot what it's called!

  4. @Sharla in Japan
    The song you used on the outtro is my favorite electronic song of all time.
    Tristam and Bracken – Flight. That's one for sure I know when I hear it.
    It just never gets old nomatter how often I play it. 😀

  5. シャーラさんは日本のことをとても理解してくれているから
    こういう他の国の人に日本を紹介していても安心して見てられる^ ^

  6. My japanese teacher in highschool gave me some home made Umeboshi for cooking, and not knowing what it was i ate a huge chunk and immediately regretted my decision. It was good on rice tho

  7. 確かにHAJIMORAはサワー感なかった!でも梅干し気に入ってもらってよかったね!😍😍😍💕💕

  8. where ever people belongs to but the some kinda gestures are similar like the way sharla smiles , same the girls here in India smile , so what it matters is not outlook but Inlook which is very subtle no one can see

  9. ベタな梅干し以外にも、かつおやハチミツと和えた梅干しなんかもあって、酸っぱさは控えめだったりします。

  10. i had the chicken teriyaki onigiri at a local japanese place here in the uk after seeing your videos mentioning it i was so excited to get one. Not sure if it was because it was chicken but it was a very odd taste, kinda like fishy chicken but again subtle flavoring. Do you find its best to stay with the fish onigiri

  11. うわっ!お二人ともすごく綺麗です!

  12. Umeboshi… its like when you go to sprinkle some salt onto your food and the lid accidentally falls off and you end up with the entire bottle of salt in your food. It's a great stroke inducing pickle… should be called the suicide plum.

  13. sister Sharla I am from India and ya we call elder sisters as Didi so can I call you Sharla Didi.
    well I love japanese animes so much but hardly have any idea about the real Japan.
    But ya I know the people of Japan are very loving, caring , hardworking and yes very sweet too so Namaste to Japan from India.
    And ya Sharla didi you too come to India if you have time .

  14. My first Onigiri I had recently had Umeboshi paste(I believe it was a reddish very salty taste). My fiancé laughed at my reaction.

  15. this is y that lady did not like rice ball because she is northindian .they eat only wheat they didnot like rice. southindians especially tamils cultivate and eat rice 3 times a day .i am a southindian「tamil」 i eat rice ball its delicious to me. tamils of s.india normally eat rice with pickle.but our pickles most made with lemon orange mango

  16. Great hosts! It's helpful to know Umeboshi, is called the King of alkaline foods; which offers strong health benefits, by neutralizing acidic blood PH. Made concentrated; called PlumBalls.

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