Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum Trailer | Harish Kalyan, Shilpa Manjunath | Sam C.S | Ranjit Jeyakodi

Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum Trailer | Harish Kalyan, Shilpa Manjunath | Sam C.S | Ranjit Jeyakodi

F***ing Scumbag! Don’t you understand what it means
if the call is not answered? Tara is mine She is only for me This is just a passing cloud They are in a relationship just
to click profile pictures Why should I instantly agree
to come when you call? Call me a few times and
I will think about it. Fine. I am calling you a
couple of times now. Let’s go. Oh girl! You shatter me
into a thousand pieces. Why! Why! Why! You killed me from within
and left me with a scar Why! Why! Why! I cannot live without you, Tara. Don’t you understand that? Gautam. Do you realise
what you are doing? Wait. What do you mean by he
could have done anything? I don’t understand. So, were you ready
for it as well? How disgusting! Don’t leave me even if
it is for a few seconds. I cannot bear the
pain of separation My heart is fragile!
Don’t break it into pieces. Tara All those who are in love think
that their love is matured. But every love is silly Oh girl! You shatter me
into a thousand pieces. When you are in love You have to be very careful Get lost I love you King of Spade &
Queen of Hearts


  1. A very good movie.. Harish & Shilpa was totally outstanding, a very different action, this movie makes people to feel something.. really it is something. A good storyline…

  2. Sila per comments la epovum padam ipdi dhan edukranganu complain panranga but innum sila per heroine looks ah kora sollranga,ithula irunthe therla namma ethuku padam pakromunu,entha mari padam odutho atha dhan eduka mudium

  3. Intha padam "three steps above tha heaven" padatha tamil la patha mathiri irukku antha padatha appadiea copy adichurukanga #@director copy cat 😎

  4. Rajini thatthavellam enna soldrathu nayanthara,emi jackson ivangolodalam nadicharu athuku enna soldrathu goundamani style-la solanumna cinemala ithellam sagachamuppa

  5. Those who commenting on heroine….. she is miss Karnataka not aunty have some sense guys…. she s beautiful… support from Karnataka

  6. Wow at an amazing trailer iam Telugu guy I don't know the language but really nyc trailer hero n heroine r fab

  7. This movie is way too under appreciated for its core plot and character arcs. One of the finest romantic movies I've seen in recent years. Never liked Pyaar prema kadhal and its glorified portrayal of a rich heroine and a middle class hero. This movie does it right . About the heroine , I didn't like her in the trailer , but after watching her performance in the movie, I was surprised. Sure she looks a bit matured , but regarding her performance she knocked it out of the park. One of the underrated gems in this year.

  8. Totally copied from "Three meters above the sky" should have made some difference & one song is pretty good. Hope second part will also be there.

  9. average film ..pyaar prema kadhal better ….one time watchable for love portions..sam cs good musical and bgm

  10. Just saw the movie really disappointing heroine selection is really poor she look even worst then my aunty… She look like 40

  11. There is too much of madness in this film. Gautham ah paathu audience ke paithiyam pudichurum. But harish and shilpa nailed it.

  12. I loved this film a lot.. 😍❤
    Sorry team.. I'm also the one who commented badly while i have seen the trailer..
    Really a good film & please don't place only the glamorous scenes in trailer..
    If it doesn't I would have watched the film in theatre.
    Moreover I liked(lived) the Tara character….
    Climax la Harish Kalyan bro. Acting Superb ah irunthuchu
    Waiting for your next project team..
    & with Lot of wishes & love of mine.. wising you all the best 👍

  13. Ada chi… Disgusting… Y this Harish always acts like having sex with the woman… Bullshit.. I hate this boy.. I really liked Pyaar Prema kaadhal but he does all the movies more intimate scenes.. stupid.. y this boy is like this.. nasty guy.. thu…

  14. kumaru ithu vera level kumaru…thara just nailed it her expression and voice… kumaru ithu marriyea padam panunga nalla otalam kumaru…

  15. హీరోయిన్ ఆంటి లాగా వుంది. అంట్టూన్నారు కాదా.. మన హీరో ళ్లు retirement age వుంట్టూ మనవరాలు ఏజులో వున్న వాళ్లతో సినిమా తీయవచ్ఛా అమ్మయిలతో అలా close గాతీస్తారు సినిమా ళ్లు…తమిళనాడు.. తెలుగు.. భాలీవుడ్.. ఇంకా అందరూ హీరోళ్లు సినిమా ళ్లు తీస్తున్నారు.. హీరోయిన్లు మాత్రమే అంట్టూన్నారు.. హీరో కు అంతా గౌరవం. ఇస్తున్నంపుడు.హీరోయిన్లకు ఎందుకు ఇవ్వరు.. ఇది ఎంత వరకు న్యాయం మీరే చెప్పండి..

  16. Whataaa Movie , Harish & Shilpa You both did a wonderful Job ,seriously Shilpas Acting is the reason For the success of this Movie , Best of luck both of you for your up coming projects 🙂 Worth a Watch Guys !

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