Is the Ninja Foodi the Best Way to Make Roast Chicken at Home? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Is the Ninja Foodi the Best Way to Make Roast Chicken at Home? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– We are testing the Ninja Foodi. So the internet loves pressure cookers, and the internet also loves air fryers. But what if, you get all of that in one? That means, that you
could have one gadget, for two different functionalities, and not have two bulky things sitting in your cabinet. Obviously, if you have a
small kitchen like I do, that’s the amazing thing. So, how this gadget
works, is that it has two different lids, one is your standard pressure cooking lid, and one
it comes with a convection fan that will circulate your air. This could really be
the best and fastest way to do a roast chicken at home. So we’re using a standard recipe from the manual that this came with, and it’s your standard roast chicken with some aromatics, and
we’re just gonna go for it. Okay, so this recipe
calls for lemon juice, a little bit of honey, salt, black pepper. We’re making the marinade
in a separate bowl and adding it to the base, just like that. And of course, some
water, for some moisture. So this is a 4 1/2 to five pound chicken that will go straight into the basket. How cute and snug. And we’ll just add this straight in here. What’s interesting is that
you’re not actually seasoning the chicken, the recipe says
to just add it to the bowl then you add the chicken on top. Which, honestly, concerns me a little bit, because we don’t want bland chicken. But, we’re going with
what the manual says, and it’s essentially just
cooking in the aromatic air, so we’ll see. The pressure lid goes
on, so what’s interesting is that this air frying
lid actually stays on and this doesn’t come off. We are pressure cooking
on high, at 22 minutes. And we’ll start. So after it cooks for 22 minutes on pressure, we’ll take
the pressure lid off, Then we’ll use the air frying lid, and cook it for an
additional 10-12 minutes, until it gets crispy. And that’s it. See you in 22 minutes. It’s done! Time to reveal the chicken! Chicken looks good, it
looks pretty cooked actually because it’s pulling away from
the bone in certain areas, and now we want that
really, really beautiful crispy skin, and the air
frying method will do that. I’m gonna brush a little bit of oil and the oil, obviously,
will crisp up the skin, some pepper, and a
generous amount of salt, because we did not season
the chicken beforehand. Now for air frying. Obviously, the lid is already attached. Just closing it up. Air crisp, we’ll do it at 400
degrees for eight minutes. After you check it at
eight minutes, you might wanna go longer, depending
on the size of your chicken. And we press ‘Start’. This is actually more annoying, because you have to come
back after 20 minutes, open it, do another thing,
close it, then keep checking it. I mean, it is super
convenient that you can cook this chicken in less
than an hour essentially, if it does work out well. But it’s also, like if you put a roast chicken in the
oven, just put it in, and that’s it too. So, that’s also convenient. You guys, it’s been six minutes,
we’re getting really close, and I actually hear the skin
crackling and crisping up. It’s kind of like popcorn. So lets talk about price real quick. The Ninja Foodi, $200 on the market, lets say you’re gonna get an
Instant Pot and an air fryer, that will cost probably
about $200 as well. So $200 for dual functionality, $200 for two separate gadgets. If the Ninja Foodi is just as good with both functionalities,
then it’s just worth it to get one, right, because
you’re trying to save space. But if it sucks, then just
get the two separate gadgets. Alright! Look at our beautiful roast chicken. Alright, so we’re gonna take this guy out, You see that? You hear it? You hear that? Right off the bat, crispy
skin, definitely on top, sides are not as crispy, but
it’s still nicely cooked. First start with the leg. Now, I think that definitely
super juicy and moist, You can tell, it just comes right off. The skin is crispy
enough, pretty damn good, pretty damn good, but I’m
gonna go for the breast. It seems super moist,
which is definitely a plus, because sometimes when
you’re roasting chicken, it can cook unevenly. Oops. I mean it is really good. I mean, I think that the recipe-wise I would tweak it, a little
bit, maybe brine the chicken, do a little bit of different
methods with the air frying, but I think, all in all,
really freakin’ moist chicken, crispy skin, I’m impressed. I’m happy with that. Dude, this is really awesome,
so it’s crispy, moist inside, and it’s convenient, all in one. All you have to do is change the lid. I’m happy with this. Today’s video was brought to you by our sponsor, American Express. With the Pay It Plan It feature, giving you choices for how to
make payments, big or small. Since this Ninja Foodi
is totally worth it, but it’s on the higher end of
price points, I can plan it, choosing the payment
plan that works for me.


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  2. That chicken was cooked thoroughly in the Ninja appliance and looking so delicious too, but is not for the single person living in at a college, but great for families.

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  4. That is like the built in vcr/dvd combo with the TV. It's all good until one of them breaks, you know they're never gonna go out at the same time! So then you have the old wood sitting there on the counter because for as much as it cost you don't wanna throw away the functioning half of it. So then you go buy a separate 1 which (would be the 1 that died.)
    Then you're thinking you should I got the 2 separate ones….. And now you're unsure what to do as the decision to make to buy a new combo unit or buy a new single unit????
    That's too much brain power on most days!
    And don't forget you want an extended warranty!!!! LOL

  5. I don't like that the air fryer lid is permanently affixed in such a way that it takes up a lot of vertical space while not being used. I would definitely consider this if both lids were removable or at least made in such a way as to make more efficient use of space.

  6. We have a Ninja Foodi, it is not NEARLY as large as it appears in this video, ( but it is NOT small either), must be the angle the video is shot at or the tiny size of the lady involved. Have only used it once so far, but it was great !!!

  7. LOVE my Ninja Foodi since I don’t have to get my whole kitchen hot when use my oven and there is sooooo many recipes that save me time for a busy family and HEALTHY! 🙋🏻‍♀️✌🏻

  8. Major problem with a dual function appliance, if you have 1 part malfunction then you stuck with an overpriced 1 item device. I'll still keep my nuwave oven and instant pot.

  9. Does anyone have info on whether the aromatics/honey-lemon flavours translated at all from the 'steam' into the chicken? I don't think she mentioned that at the end. I think this show generally gets more hate than it deserves, but I feel like this is one of those times when all the questions asked at the beginning weren't answered :/

  10. Does anyone get bothered with Esther’s left eye when she is highly stressing non certain words or the product….

  11. Anyone realize the weird edit cut? She puts the chicken in… then explains they didn't season the actual chicken, but when she's explaining… The chicken is out of the fryer. Continuity is clearly not a factor….

  12. I bought a Phillips air fryer for 180$ 3 years ago, so I think this gadget is great. Hope this channel provide a clean up clips, so the viewer could have a better understanding indirectly

  13. This looks so heavy I would never use it. I never use my beautiful Kitchen Aide Mixer because it is too heavy tragedy to the counter for something I can make with a hand mixer. I’ve had it two or three years. Used it once due to its just too heavy. Therefore I think the same here. It sounds great but, too darn heavy.

  14. Looks good but she’s right about a brine. Throw some brown sugar, garlic/garlic powder, onion/onion powder, and mixed with oil on the skin. Tastes like Boston Market skin.

  15. I'd like to know what happens to the added liquid during the air frying process. Do you end up with drippings to baste the final product or to use for gravy or stock?

  16. This is not an objective or thorough test at all. The roasting of a modern chicken can be achieved by any hot oven, e.g. a halo oven. This is advertising dressed up as a neutral review. The device has been done nothing but apply heat to a month old broiler. Even a microwave with a grill function can achieve this, a "tender, juicy" chicken breast. Surprising? Hardly, when the bird has been pumped up with water after it has been killed. This video is blatant hype.

  17. Your always-fun tests of kitchen gadgets should also include how easy is it to clean afterwards. For some of us, a machine that is difficult to clean, especially one you can't take apart to clean thoroughly, can be a deal breaker.

  18. Should have seasoned during the initial pressure cooking. That chicken is cooked well but totally unseasoned (in spite of the seasoning during the air fry stage).

  19. Do you have to remove the seasoning at the bottom of the device when you change from pressure cooking to air frying?

  20. From 30 odd years of experience, avoid kitchen gadgets like this, you will soon tire of them and get fed up of the additional cleaning, just buy great quality pots and pans(such as tri-clad/Le crusset) and save the money for holidays and stuff.

  21. On page 24 of the owners guide the helpful tips number three when switching from pressure cooking to using the crispinn lid it is recommended to empty the pot of any remaining liquid for the best crisping results. Nobody is saying this on YouTube.

  22. Why on Earth would ANYBODY need this to roast a chicken? You literally only need an oven, a chicken, some salt, a heavy bottomed pan, and butchers twine.

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