1. Fluoride in toothpaste is poison https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=colgate+toothpaste+usa+warning&oq=usa+toothpaste+wa&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0.13765j0j4&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=OJIbASupM8k68M:

  2. Also, if you get chronic dry lips, it helps to switch toothpaste too. SLS is a pretty irritating surfactant to begin with. There are others that are better suited for sensitive skin.

  3. This was a bit of a pointless video really. Canker sores aren't that big of an issue, and SLS is mostly replaced by SLES (less irritating) in many products anyway. I think titanium oxide seems like a bigger concern in toothpaste. I'd rather see some more information on actually carcinogenic additives (of which there seem to be plenty) or intermittent fasting or so.

    Out of all the pressing and currently heavily discussed matters in food and nutrition right now, why pick something relatively insignificant like SLS?

  4. By the way, I used to brush my teeth with a more natural toothpaste for some time. but my teeth got really dirty and yellow, even though I brushed twice a day. So I switched to normal toothpaste and they got back to normal.

  5. SLS doesn't cause cancer, but my bacon does? What will these ridiculous vegans come up with next?

    Where I'm from, we don't like you people. I live in a post-un-incorporated Hamlet in Pennsylvania called Indiana, past Washington and California on the highway.

    We bathe in pure coal tar and feed our autistic sons nothing but chicken tendies. Our town has no doctors, probably because everyone is dying of cancer or has severe Autism.

    But at least I'm not dumb enough to think that eating rabbit food is healthy! And we stay away from cancer-causing SLS: which China snuck into our mouthwash to prevent us from standing during the national anthem.

    Having reoccurring heart disease and diabetes would also prevent us from standing during the national anthem, but it's 100% genetic so there's nothing we could do about it.

    See you city slickers on the other side. Ted Cruz couldn't be the Zodiac Killer, because no one that intelligent would follow porn on Twitter.

  6. Good to know! I've found pineapple can cause sores in my mouth as well. I advise avoiding pineapple toothpaste containing SLS at all costs!

  7. N = 1: since I stopped using toothpaste containing SLS I never get such sores. Unless I use such toothpaste again.

    Sensodyne works for me.

  8. Dear Dr. Greger,

    Can't you somehow debunk Dr. Eric Berg, who claims that a ketogenic diet is the only possible diet to stay healthy and lean long term and that a vegan diet makes you more prone to kidney stones?
    And unfortunately it all seems scientifically and medically backed up.
    I think it is sad and horrible that he makes people think that they need to eat 4 eggs and a certain amount of animal every day to stay healthy.
    Do you know his channel? It is pretty big and popular and in my opinion bad for animals and environment.
    And I would really like to know whether he is right with his claims about ketones being the best and cleanest fuel for the body.
    Kind regards

  9. Be carefull with brushing your teeth with baking soda. It can cause tooth enamel loss. It is to harsh for your teeth. It fucked up my teeth. I really regret using it. Wish I never used it. Please be carefull with it folks!

  10. Any sort of mouth sore or inflammation is a sign of Vitamin C deficiency. After all vitamin C is critical for wound healing and skin repair and can kill any virus it comes in contact with as well as neutralise any bacteria. Why would anyone take antibiotics and mass up their gut bacteria when they can use vitamin C.

  11. I never heard of the SLS-cancer connection, but when I used to work at a health food store, people would come in for SLS-free toothpaste because their mouths would break out in sores when using it. Some had horrific experiences with it and it took them a loooong time to figure out what it was. You go to the dr and they are like…"well its NOT the toothpaste, let's look elsewhere."

  12. Lol, the timing of this video is uncanny. My bf was having problems with this until he switched to a natural toothpaste a few weeks ago, and now we know why the sores stopped 🙂

  13. I used to get canker sores all the time (a few times a month; sometimes 2-3 at a time!). I was told that I probably lacked some vitamins and minerals (everything was fine in my blood work). I did some research, and I came across SLS. After I switched toothpaste, I maybe get a canker sore once a year. It is such a relief! Thank you for this video, Dr. Greger.

  14. I could see a difference in a few of my patients with recurrent canker sores when they stopped using toothpaste with SLS. Great video!

  15. I'm just here for the idiot mommy-blog readers that suggest using baking soda. No thanks, I'd rather not subject my teeth to abrasive, high pH detergents because some idiot whose only qualifications are highschool chemistry says it makes your teeth white on their blog.

  16. I use baking soda mixed with calcium lactate powder now, occasionally open a capsule of activated charcoal and leave that in my mouth for 15 minutes to remove stains. Had an incident linked to a toothpaste where the entire inside of my mouth peeled after brushing with a new toothpaste. So disgusting. Figured it must have been SLS.

  17. An irritant can cause inflammation, which can lead to cancer.  I stopped using fluoride containing pastes and now only use baking soda, mostly for cost and I HATE  the taste of mint.

  18. Homemade toothpaste or powder is the best! Bentonite clay, baking soda, sea salt and coconut oil are my favourite ingredients + some essential oils according to taste 🙂

  19. I used to have canker sores on a regular basis to the point I got a prescription to smear on at first notice of one to clear it up (it worked amazingly well) However, since converting to a plant-based diet a couple of years ago I've had only one. Also, plaque buildup has gone from needing a cleaning every 4 months to almost none. You don't believe it until you live it. I haven't switched toothpaste yet, but will as any unnecessary irritation is just unneccesary. Happy Friday everybody!

  20. I started working at a smoothie bar nearly two months ago. About 3 weeks ago, the skin on my hands became red, itchy, and extremely dry. This is sometimes normal for me since I have sensitive skin and eczema. This week, I had open wounds and blood- my hands hurt all throughout my day and made getting to sleep very difficult. I could barely use my right hand from the pain at points. I changed my lotion and hand soap but it did nothing for me. Finally, I decided to investigate everything at work.
    The second ingredient in the dish soap used at my work is SLS and nearly 30% of the dish sanitizer used is ammonium chloride. I am astonished that the employees are not required nor even suggested or trained to use gloves while washing dishes or fishing them out of the sanitizer.
    i feel ashamed to have not come to this realization sooner, but I'm shocked that I was never made aware of this danger.
    SLS is also commonly used in shampoos 😮 It's insane what we use on a daily basis. I'm happy to finally be making the change to less harsh toiletries, cleaners, and cosmetics.

  21. So it is just an irritant then, because it may slough of the topmost layer of skin? It otherwise seems pretty safe then according to this video


  23. Reminds me of the problems I was having with that new Sensodyne 'Repair and Protect' (Ha!) toothpaste when it first came out a few years ago. When I first started using it, I had canker sores all around the inside of my mouth, my tongue and back of my throat felt sore, and I could swear my sense of taste diminished. I stopped using it at first, only because it stung my mouth not because I thought it was the cause of the problems. When the problems went away I started using the toothpaste and again and lo and behold! The problems came right back, even faster. Needless to say, I threw that toothpaste away. I wonder if the SLS concentration was higher than I was used to, because I was using Pronamel without a problem previously.

  24. Good info about research into this much feared chemical, but I especially appreciate the Doc's portmanteau, "shampoo-pooh," to mean "downgrade in importance"–it's entering my lexicon! TFP.

  25. Make sure to look for toothpastes that are SLS free but DO have fluoride! SLS gives me perioral dermatitis, but i get Jason or Kiss My Face brand which is SLS free, but also contains fluoride.

  26. Would love to see some info on flouride, I'm so back and forth on it and the cost to remove it from tap water or buying bottled water without it is prohibitive. Not to mention cooking and washing with it.

  27. I suffered with mouth ulcers my whole life – the norm for me was to just live with them – at any given time, I would have 3 – 4. Then one day, about two years ago, my dad found a remote website forum and told me to avoid SLS toothpaste. I was sceptical since NOTHING had helped up to that point and to this day, I only get them when I bite my lip! If anybody suffers with mouth ulcers, believe me, it's worth a try – I use sensodyne now (read the labels) and my life has completely changed. I wish this video had come out earlier!

  28. Home made SIMPLE toothpaste: Mix Coconut Oil and Bicarbonate Soda. 5:1 You don't want too much soda as it's abrassive… That's it! Shiny white fucking teeth all day… For mouthwash – Coconut oil.

  29. This is intriguing as irritants over time can lead to cancerous cells as the inflammatory response damages some cells. As the cells reproduce, newer cells, if still in the presence of various irritants can potentially mutate. If the cell cycle is disrupted, cancer can indeed be the result.

  30. I found that using toothpaste without SLS, there's less foaming, so I can brush longer. The foaming stuff creates so much foam it makes me gag, or stop repeatedly to spit out the foam. SLS free toothpaste is also less drying of the mouth. It's not necessary to have SLS in there!

  31. I make mine own paste. I make a year's supply. You can reduce the scale to fit your mix.

    I take 2.5lbs of xylitol and add it in a large bowl for mixing, and also add one full cup of food grade diatomaceous earth (ONLY FOOD GRADE!!!!!!!! – AND DO NOT BREATH IT IF IT GETS IN THE AIR!!). I mix it up and add liquefied coconut oil just enough to make it into a dry-ish paste. Then I add essential peppermint oil a little at a time fully mixing and then tasting the mix so it's altoid strong.

    I then pack it all up into mason jars, and I use a half teaspoon when I brush. I also like to work a bit around my mouth right after eating because the xylitol kills off the bacteria that is reproducing like crazy thanks to the food I just ate – preventing my mouth ph from dropping into cavity producing territory.

    I always had very sensitive teeth, and they would ache periodically on their own throughout the day, but two weeks after using this paste – the aching vanished. My dentist raves about my hygiene, and I've been doing this for around 5 years.

    Thanks to Dr Gregor, I will probably add amla to the mix next time as well. And in my opinion, xylitol is not fit for human consumption, but it's good for killing bacteria and spitting out!

  32. Just pull some sesame oil everyday right after you get up and as you sit on your toilet or shower for 5-10 mins. Spit it out, brush teeth and gums with soft brush, rinse and you are good to go!

  33. Hmm, now I will need to do some digging because I seemed to remember SLS being dangerous for some other reason. In either case, it seems like a good thing to avoid it anyway.

  34. This was incredibly helpful to me. I was waking up every morning with sloughing cheek tissue in my mouth, which would continue to peel off for hours. I tried changing toothpastes, but still had the problem. Apparently, most toothpaste brands have sls. Even the alcohol free mouthwash I was using has sls. After watching this video I went and bought an sls free toothpaste and stopped using the mouthwash. Amazing! No cheek sloughing. Thank you so much!

  35. In my studies over the years ..I keep coming back to the fact  that SLS was developed  as an engine degreaser .. So do U  Need an engine degreaser in UR tooth Paste or  shampoo ??   Papa JOHN

  36. I use sls toothpaste whole my life since I was a little kid I actually used to swallow it and i never never never ever got that sort of reaction the things that are being said about sls are bullshit the only thing that sls does is stripping your natural protective layer and natural oils so if you are familiar with dry skin or exceem that layer is needed but if you have normal skin theres no.problem using a sls product cause that layer can build up alot of bad bacteria and sls can remove that bacteria, cause the natural oils return back in to your skin in no time but i dont recommend sls if you have dry skin or a rash.
    Try using a sls free body wash if you have some rash or dry skin and when all your rash and dry parts are gone try taking some vitamins so.the blood flow through your body produces normal amounts of natural oils again and then its safe for you to use sls again.
    The best always is to choose voor a natural sls by that I mean a natural product with already alot of natural oils in it like rituals or olay or shea moisture etc.
    The common sls dove body wash can be irritating because it doesnt contain any good oils.
    If you have any further questions I can help you.

    Ps. I have experienced rash and I still do untill this moment the fay I began using sls free products my rash is less irritating and when i use the sls it just gets more dryer but I know when this rash is gone and i have normal skin again its no problem to use sls body wash but dont forget to follow with some skin oils after the shower or a good natural lotion or body cream.

  37. Aren't irritants also carcinogens in the long run ? They can't tell you this doesn't cause cancer. This brings to mind the theory that if you quit smoking you'll be fine in a decade and have the same risk of everything as a non smoker. Every single smoker I know who quit decades prior died of either lung cancer, COPD, or emphysema . So , once again bullshit they feed us to give smokers a hope they can one day be well . Question everything !

  38. I just bought a new anti-gingivitis toothpaste from Colgate a few days ago and a day after using it I developed a huge, painful canker sore behind my right molar. I haven't had a canker sore in years. The culprit is definitely the SLS- returning this garbage asap!

  39. Just dealing with perioral dermatitis and realizing that this thing is in everything i use: Toothpaste, Shampoo, Body and hand soap, clothes detergent and finally but not last dish washing soap.
    Just went to a dermathologist and gonna be sls free this week and hope to see improvements. Will edit comment if so.

  40. I've had canker sore appear pretty much each time I had any minor cuts in my mouth & plenty more on top of that. So pretty much several canker sores a month. Few months ago I came across a comment saying to avoid SLS in toothpaste & I haven't had a canker sore since!

    Thank you for confirming & spearing this wonderful information.

  41. Very interesting – I noticed certain toothpastes cause the inside of my mouth to essentially peel. now I know which to avoid for sure

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