1. Yes and breakfast skippers have often eaten a lot the previous night and are not hungry of a morning. In the end this is one of those where you can find out for yourself by experimenting. Bit like riding a bike all day without carbs, you'll soon find out whether you need them or not.

  2. Great video, we need to dispel these notions that we have been led to believe all our lives. The last bit of advice might be the best … if you're hungry, eat, if you're not, then don't.

  3. Nice!….NOW, PLEASE do a vid on whether processed soy products are healthy or not….would be MUCH appreciated!!! Thanx!

  4. Thanks for the information. I have skipped breakfast for 6 months now having dinner by 8pm in the evening. I found something that works for me. I lost 50 pounds. I'm not hungry until about 1pm daily.

  5. Skipping meals can increase alcohol cravings-which could contribute to the first point you raised-that those who skip breakfast in the studies are more prone to drinking alcohol. It could be some of the unhealthy behaviors, even smoking, are because people are trying to numb hunger too. Skipping Meals is more of a disaster for women if done long term. It went ok for me for a while and then Bye Bye good sleep and hormones went to hell. I think Yes it's very individual and probably better for grown men out of everyone.

  6. I find the skipping breakfast really helps me stay in ketosis. Also helps with lowering insulin resistance.

  7. I know it's not related to the topic, but I think it still would be nice.
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    Have a good day. I love this channel, so many helpful tips! 🙂

  8. What about breakfast-skippers, who live healthy and still maintain overweight? I´m tired of being told, that overweight people eat unhealthy and don´t move enough! It seems to be the only available explanation – but it doesn´t ALWAYS match the truth.

  9. Great video. Good content. I find intermittent fasting very easy and have noticed many people struggle with it. I don't do it for weight loss as I am ok in that area. However I can help but cringe at what people do eat for breakfast; with regard to cereals. Deep down I think these products can't be good for you – but is there any scientific evidence supporting this?

  10. Great video, what I am no agree I think breakfast is important.Even you just take some Protein.Make fresh and healthy balance choices. www.4life.com/samralifestyle

  11. I have almost never had breakfast before when i got pregnant everyone was like thats not healthy the babies i did start eating breakfast gained enormous amounts of weight and had a mc after that couldnt lose the weight with the so called normal should be diet 3 meals per day now i am a week through my no breakfast meals eveyone is telling me you look so much better vomiting so much less my skin is back no more head ache

  12. What about effects of your body thinking it is starving and will have to store food received in as fat? Is that a myth as well?
    Also doesn't eating small meals through the day help boost your metabolism?

  13. I skip breakfast because I need some extra time to study for my college exams but I still eat a very healthy lunch and a healthy dinner. ( Lunch: Lettuce wraps filled with meat and cheese paired with fruits and a handful of roasted almonds). Dinner is vegetables with fish or meat. And I also drink water all throughout the day. I have noticed any negative side affects and I am currently 18 and I have been doing this since I was like 14 or 15. Having my meals planned really helps me eat healthy food for those 2 meals.

  14. Breakfast makes me feel lazy and tired. I feel skipping breakfast forces your stomach to burn toxins and food that may be left over from the day before. in other words its uses all the old fuel up and probably starts to burn fat when there's nothing in there. Its like a mini cleansing every day.

  15. I eat at set times in the day as i am diabetic n i have found i keep the same wieght. I do eat healthy n have no refind sugars

  16. Great advice! But since im going to the military in a few weeks and will be physically challenged and do a lot of physical work throughout the day, is it important to eat breakfast during my time in the military even though I'm never hungry in the morning?

  17. Finally, a well done video. Sick of these people just jumping to “studies show those who eat breakfast are healthier”

  18. Bro, ur so wrong, u eat breakfast to boost ur energy throughout the morning, ppl who eat breakfast r healthier cause they have energy to do exercise and improve there motabolism. If u don't eat breakfast u Will crave sugary foods which consists of empty calories making u hungrier. Eat breakfast

  19. Let's put It simple and fuck pseudoscience. I know people that skip or have healthy breakfast and Be lazy, and people Who have unhealthy breakfast being super Active and happy. The answer is: listen to your body. If your body likes food and you know you wont get many other chances to sit quietly and enjoy your First MEAL, then wake up and make yourself an Amazing breakfast. All the rest is useless, Just follow your gut, don't let It Be determined by wannabees…

  20. I Skipped breakfast my whole life i just drink something…i dont make A full egg plate or others things like that cause first
    When i wake up im NOT hungry like really not .

  21. Sometimes I have two breakfast sometimes I dont have breakfast.. I don't believe we are robots, I believe humans are made to keep adapting constantly and that's the whole beauty of it. Sometimes when I feel off I skip a meal or two, it resets my system ofc I drink water/tea/coffee.

  22. I have skipped breakfast for 1.5 years now, almost every doctor wouldnt recommend skipping it, i just want to know HOW BAD can it be. Surprisingly researches mentioned in this video showed that skipping it might not be bad at all. Im so confused

  23. Thank you so much… i am worried .. im a buzy man and i have been skipping breakfast fo nearly 2 years.. thanks for your information

  24. Another big lie I skipped breakfast for 33 years driving a city bus under stress I should I had a stroke years ago. I am 73 years old.

  25. I've been skipping breakfast for … few days now. I stop eating at 8 and start at 12. I eat dinner around 5 and 7. I'm cool with it.

  26. If I don’t eat breakfast I wouldn’t eat anything till 5pm, that’s when I get home. Since I don’t take lunch.

    I’m surprised at how so many people feel energetic about skipping breakfast, I eat a bowl of porridge and green tea every morning, it makes me feel good.

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