1. I believe it depends on the quality of cheese, is it from a non-gmo, grass-fed, organic, and unpasteurized? Then I'm going to eat it. Is it from anti-biotic, hormone filled, non-organic and pasteurized which is 95% of American restaurants, then no…

  2. You should see the mess in the Canadian military. So called sald bar is packed with cheese cuts, the salads are dress with dairy based dressing and the fridge is packed with most expensive yogurts. A good use of taxpayers money right?

  3. The thing about this is, that somehow they see the melted cheese, made from highly pasteurized milk, which come from cows which never see sunlight and raw cheese from milk which comes from grass fed cows as the same evil thing.

    I agree the first one is pretty bad for your health, but quality matters you know! and when you take care of the animals, they will take care of you! As long as you don't ruin it while processing of course!

    And I wanted to note, that what he says about only rich people in Europe being able to eat a lot of cheese, that is BS. guess what!?, good quality cheese is widely available for very decent prices al over Europe!! I pay around 6 euro per kilo of old Dutch raw farmers cheese!

  4. It’s definitely bad for the cow who got raped to have the baby be murdered and then her get hooked up her whole life to a machine until they squeeze out the last drop and then stab her in the throat for a hamburger, and that’s all that really matters.

  5. Radiation is bad for you.
    Injecting heroin is bad for you.
    Drinking mercury is bad for you.
    Eating rusty razor blades are bad for you.
    Cheese is delicious and gives me energy because it has calories.

  6. Ahhhh the 'summer of cheese' was a grand time! But opposite of the 'Summer of Love' because of the constant constipation and break-outs ☺️😜😅

  7. Dr. Greger. I miss you man!! I use to get your vids DAILY on my phone but I don't know what happened??? Now I can only see them when I bump into them randomly on youtube! HELP ME!!! I really.miss your teaching!!! ( by the way, I've seen over a THOUSAND of your vids and want MORE!!)

  8. I know a self promoted nutritional "expert" that won't give her son a tofu because of phytoestrogen but will chug milk and cheese into him because it is "health" food :

  9. Really disappointed in this Click Bait video. The title is totally misleading. This is not about "Why or why not cheese is bad for you," but rather (allegedly) "shady tactics used by the dairy industry, and the government". The doctor and his agenda are as unethical as the forces they impugn.

  10. Dairy is not good for you. But modern day doctors and US government don’t don’t want us to be completely healed. Dairy creates mucus in your body and mucus holds bacteria. The bacteria is what causes cancer aids etc.

  11. The dairy industry is in panic mode as so many are ditching it. The vegan movement is gaining so much momentum that they have to produce bogus studies to con the public.

  12. Pointing out biases in research is very useful (although that was rather obnoxiously done), but you didn't actually address the title of the video, which is what I clicked on it for

  13. Oh come on! There's a huge difference between processed cheese from MacDonalds / Taco Bell compared to high quality European cheeses, especially raw which is loaded with probiotics, Vitamin A, Calcium and K2-MK4 which cannot be found in any plant food. Also B-vitamins (specifically B-12)

  14. I've never heard so much ignorance from a doctor and at the same time being so biased.

    1. If OR, RR, and HR are less than 2.0, then there's no evidence at all that something it's bad.

    2. In Europe cheese is cheap.

    3. It doesn't matter who funds the studies, it just matters the way that study has being done, and what results you get.


  16. There's a big difference between natural cheese and processed plastic . And there's different types of cheeses . Cottage , edam , gouda are packed with good micro nutrients . And also there are bad cheeses with not much micro nutrients . Don't throw everything in to one bag . Now all your subscribers think all cheeses are bad because of the video you put out .

  17. The over consumption of lower grades of crap cheese IS bad for you. The heavily propagandized dairy industry, subsidized by governments is corrupt. However, a little wedge of high quality, hand crafted aged artisan cheese is not that big a deal. Just not cheese with every meal, melted, stuffed, fried or otherwise. If your cheese is not dipped in wax, it's probably crap.

  18. The fucking GOAT of nutritional investigation. Thanks for saving me from a ton of health issues down the road and making me feel better within days of cutting animal products Dr G

  19. not surprised, but how do we let more people be aware of this?? people have the right to wake up and understand the food that they are putting into their mouth. i'm so worried about our future…

  20. Dutch, one of the biggest cheese consumers = tallest people on earth…….. Keep with the grass vegans, if your kids are also the will way more shorter. Cheese, whole Eggs and Meat 🧀🍖🍳, my parents lived on he country side of Brazil in a really poor place when growing they couldn't afford to eat animal protein that was luxury they eated most fruits and cereals like rice….when they had me they were living in the city I way more better situation so I was able to get much more protein and a lot of them came from diary. results: mom: 4'11(148cm) dad:5'3(160cm) me: 5'7(170cm)…. Thanks mozzarella cheese 🧀🧀🧀

  21. I feel GREAT when I eat grass-fed organic butter, moderate amounts of organic aged quality cheese with enzymes. I am completely inflamed by carbs like fruit, potatoes, rice any kind, and bread – eeeeks. Pain from carbs!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. But it – the video – still doesn't answer it's own question – is cheese bad for us! The information in the video is good, but I really dislike these videos with a interesting title that then doesn't answer the question it asks. Sorry for being negative, on balance I find the videos very informative, eye-opening and helpful, but this does come up not so rarely on this channel.

  23. I think for dairy it has a lot to do with genetics with how your body reacts. I'm half Japanese and can barely digest dairy at all and feel drained all day if I eat a slice, but everyone was eating and drinking dairy for every meal when I went to italy was fine

  24. you are not addressing the arguments in the articles themselves, you just flat-out disregard the articles because their authors have an interest in promoting dairy. isn't your philosophy about looking at the facts and drawing conclusions for yourself? facts, statistics, logic, common sense? well you didn't look at any facts but did draw a conclusion.
    i'm not defending dairy and i like how you pointed out how sneaky these people are when hiding their ties to dairy. they clearly wouldn't threaten their own livelihoods, so these articles should be read with great attention to detail. but isn't it superficial to stop reading an article after first confirming that the authors benefit from painting a positive picture of their article's subject matter?
    wouldn't the videos of a person leading a plant and mushroom based, whole food diet be suspicious if they dealt with the health benefits of vegetables, fruit, beans, legumes etc. and the detrimental effects of meat and dairy? with your logic they would, but this suspicion would be unjustified and the videos would turn out to be very instructional.
    so please tell me — or someone else who is reading this — what in particular these articles misinterpreted.
    thank you.

  25. So…. is cheese good for you or not? Answer the fooking question!!! If you don’t want to answer the fooking question change the title to: is the government giving your money to the dairy industry?

  26. American Dairy and European dairy are not the same! I don't advocate eating dairy, but if you do, only chose european dairy from A2 cows that were pastured year round, and where the product was produced using traditional methods. To add, cheeses in Europe were traditionally not heated but eaten fresh with breads or fruit.

  27. Cheese was our cultures original source of storable fat and protein. Like the Indians had pimmican, a pulverized fatty jerky product stored in leather; we have cheese, a curdled milk product stored in a fat soaked cheesecloth (or a pot of sea water). I’ll continue to eat what my ancestors did THANK YOU VERY MUCH baby-Gregor.

  28. Im lactose intolerant but I thought with lactase pills I could eat pizza like once a month because…Pizza. But since the start of puberty I have really bad acne and its 100% caused by dairy. After I stopped eating dairy my skin cleared up so much. I thought it was caused by the milksugar that my body can't digest so it flushes it out trough the pores but even when I take these pills that have the enzymes my body is lacking, to digest the dairy, I get breakouts. So its caused by the hormones in the milk (was proven by studies that where not fundet by the dairy industrie lmao). Conclusion: Don't drink cows milk. Its made for baby cows and not for the human body

  29. This video did nothing to prove whether or not cheese is bad for you, just that big companies will do studies trying to promote their products.

  30. The way I see it and The way I am going to live my life is…….. Anything is healthy in Moderation, as long as you dont sit on your lazy a** all day doing nothing & Actually get up and exercise, go for a walk, go to the gym, etc. For 45 Minutes to an Hour each day….. I aint depriving myself of anything to make my life miserable just to live a few weeks longer

  31. Cheese collect the bits of protein and calcium of milk and leave out a lot of the lactose and sugar so it’s very good even tho I don’t like it alot

  32. So rich people can eat cheese, candy and they won't be unhealthy? Why would being rich Prevent the negative affects of cheese and candy?

  33. The US government is one of the most corrupt in the world. No government agency is to be trusted as they are all controlled by big business. Whether its the FDA, the FAA, the USDA, the EPA, etc, etc. The sooner you learn not to trust US products and the recommendations of US agencies, the sooner you'll live longer.

  34. Don't know why I'm watching this video. I'm African and eat only 100% organic food 99% of the time. I don't even eat cheese, lol.

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