Iron Man 2 & Please Give – Movie Reviews

Iron Man 2 & Please Give – Movie Reviews

marvel at the flick inouye what the flick now brought to you finex flicks i like
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membership house up for fun all right here we go out to movies iron
man two i’d believe for some people looking for that we knew that one second but first let’s start with a look at a
controversy in please give us a movie that’s out of course andrzej cuter matt
actually from rotten tomatoes this weekend emigrates from for a cause of
movies on it so bad lessons are with you what
is please give all of our and and i’m curious about this mother after having
seen that should give you a little head to
store the controversy will be if you don’t know what it’s about to drift off yeah while we’re gonna visit regardless
of the city of it’s from nicole la jolla center i’m
sure a mispronouncing her name which you also did a movie conference with money fall so with
katherine keener another film that i enjoyed very much to
go preview of i’d felt about please give it’s a story of a katherine keener and oliver platt there a married couple in
their they sell all the furniture that they’ve by from the kids of the
elderly new yorkers who dot they buy it from the kids who have no
clue what it costs are what it’s worth they
buy a cheap they know what it’s worth they sell it
for a lot here if you can see my kids and waiting for it saved charlie resign him confirms that this interest on it and probably jump he really is also we back to the children of dead people angiogram erica today your culture i had apartment has
absolutely no down side agreements with their or not covered stranded pwd gain weight for britain in accord with its name from
her make a wish all right now i’m coming to mail them
this although my radio due to previous already is kind of high on it is so bad
calm down actually like the movie i tried very hard bucket uh… but i’d feel like i don’t was moved
three days away as soon as i was so in a lot of ways i was corn by the movies almost slightly
confused so let’s start with mapping the case against the movie and i will go to
bed make the case for yeah preoccupied did not like this where it all you know and let me start by saying that the same
either is eighty-something low eighties right certified fresh so i’m in the minority something in
history what right over my head attn i didn’t like it quite nine found
that really was uninterested in katherine
keener character didn’t by that she was really feeling that
guilty you ship it seems to me the story about her feet she feels very guilty about what she
does about issue wonder if you know she start to
think issue feeling guilty about taking
advantage of people they’re tired of grief adjusted but the whole conceit i’d just
didn’t well you know i let me go further than
it’s is as your is given up more on your side i don’t know what the movie was about
like it was a theme of the movies let me ask that that way again and i get the
plot but was a frequent i think the theme was about sort of conflict about
sort of who you maj in yourself to be and who you really are conflict for an
internal conflict over them so much guilt as it was she was conflicted about who
she was you know you saw on the trailer there are left out in the description
’cause it could have gone on and on also conflicted about her relationship but
with her daughter who has i thought wonderfully you know for a change they
as seemed like a real teenager full of temples and slightly overweight but still wants to buy the two hundred
dollar jeans that her husband also overweight but
loves his wife very charming except wants to have sex with them and if he
can do it and then rebecca only who wouldn’t do
that and then rebecca hall play midi pizza sister really the other
lead in the movie they live next door katherine keener empowered replied i
thought that apartment and they’re waiting for rebecca automatically to
grandmother tada they could rider part and you saw on
that uh… what our suggestion here try to
give up money to what you perceive to be a homeless guys just a black eye with
appeared waiting for a table restaurant grozny’s always given money away to sort
of make up for the conflict she feels about taking advantage no but i’m not
sure that was driving anyway what did you get out and why do you like it i thought those were incredibly real
people and katherine keener is exceptionally gifted actress one of the
top ten actresses working today i think she’s which is the leader i think when she’s a
supporting player her characters well she still terrific
butter characters frequently become until there’s nothing here b catherine funeral when she leaves and she certainly shares
to leave here with that rebecca hall and she’s excl and i thought there was
sort of the internal struggle of sort of wondering sort of uh… who you are being conflicted about
your own priorities because they were moments when she was
admittedly like no kept katie just cat we put a pillow
overhead kichi dino so we can begin to expand our apartment so we can knock
down the wall and have a better bedroom and then i thought legitimately wants to give money away to sort of get at peace with herself in this is
small movie those are small conflicts but those are the kind of conflict that
i had a nice guys i of are just couldn’t feel the i couldn’t
identify referral it you know the probably that is the guilt
that she seems to have a conflict you know at first of all on a certain level ii dot maybe this is lack of sympathy on my part but you know nobody’s holding a gun to the bereaved head you know to sell their furniture picking
up more than one occasion you see people that they’re buying
furniture from tuesday ice when i get rid of the wall okay so
what’s wrong with major money like etc yeah yeah here’s what i will complain
about the the furniture business there which is that who’s buying this crap at the fact that
it’s fashionable and anchored drives worries that the other problem is the
thing is not what i can i can tell diverse between dishonestly because i
mean this was the others but i have a sam i have a great is that i felt like almost every female character was some
iteration of because right it’s it’s her as a mom or throws a
daughter having problems with her mom or it’s her as that younger girl dealing
with the death of an obnoxious boulder relative right i felt like they were all day poorly shaded versions of herself at some point at her
life and the others here at is i thought that the two male
characters you know at this will sound a little
wierd because you’re going to the stupid enough to knock her characters i felt
like the two male characters had no depth at all act my thought that in out okay so is is the husband supposed to be kind of
a of you know you’re never given any realistic notification motivations for you know the possible affair except for that ability is hots at the letter solo let’s seriously like
effort if you’re going to talk about real characters i felt he was not a real
character really at all because you get items that i felt like there was nothing
to drive him into that and then the boyfriend that rebecca hall
gets i thought was really in the courtyard by marriott i felt like
there was nothing there yugoslavia’s that’s the guy that you don’t like
absurd he comes in when his early ones on the
second date is talking about howell you know opens rebecca as that as that technician runs the mammogram
ashamed but the speaker’s options to please
don’t go back yeah i thought that that is such the way that you know woman may think ’em and they
think about that job right i think i thought he was just trying to do himself
to her i didn’t i didn’t like his character but he was indicted findings
on the court aren’t so here’s what i am in between you guys but i am so you know
my irish parade ng after having listened to your mini debate on it because look demanded to know that i
will be characters are great i’ve thought katherine keener was fantastic and it led me to believe yes he’s deftly maybe the reinforces shizzle tops and
actresses and in the business as use different than she is in other roles ann
and i really liked her and that i thought all the plants character was
totally interested if you had a boyfriend was nothing but all reply i
thought was fantastic that the power the movie is that it
there’s no mystery like there’s no a gamble we need to drive you a little bit
so you don’t get i wanna see board because i was aboard but there was a
little slow because it was there was nothing like what what’s going to happen
around the corner so often of the echo that was really missing but at the same time at really enjoy the
complex i enjoy the characters and and it’s all right for me like i
came out of this you know how much i hated greenberg right in nothing happens
that movie in this movie elving much happens but the difference is they built
characters that were interesting encompass a registry rice’s greenberg one were out uh… and built nothing ok torturing also my rating in and is a seven point
five pretty hot but doesn’t like this morning greenberg
probably made insulated by greenberg reading cuz you two were supposed to that this will be like greenberg for
uh… i liked oliver platt very much and i thought that was a totally crowding is
a good guys ellie guy who was jordan directions that he did certainly wasn’t comfortable with
himself opm uh… and i i lie i love the fact that admission by both a medicaid net
eventually rebecca hall that their nightly or
grandmother who raised has been both especially after the
tragedy in their lives with a bitch uh… and they their frankness about
that i thought you know and you and i disagree on this art object or not often
but sometimes and sometimes you’re with things up i don’t need anything that happened as
long as those characters develop than i care about the story which you obviously
think that idle need to have some map around the corner and i sorta like it we don’t really get the impression that
okay tomorrow tuesday and these people who we just met are going to have it so yeah i love you know i get a b_-plus which did my now revamp
a rating system which i jack as i gave it a at a point okay yeah i i was much lower act you
know i can handle a slice a library where nothing happens i’m not sure i want to watch it about upper middle class white people in the
village feeling guilty about what they do like that’s not interested you know i had a moment of the right
side you know me well across town precious is going to have that’s the
more interesting stories this is guy hai argues that all have an out-of-state
ideas he sees his let’s just letting the as and i think it what what may be able
to do this was the acting ability by the characters everybody act i thought the calf was
fantastic i thought you know the movies decently shot by just distorted matter
to me the conference didn’t matter to me if it’s going to slice life about that
kind of angst they can at least funny writing to find
that funny and so i give a three alright marisol planted not it
definitely better than precious but that isn’t precious which editors sector alright sabha a final averages about six
point two i think that if you were enormously this
comes as you walk away with about a six-point i’ve got a way that i will
admit that i’m definitely in the minority like i said it’s eighty one
percent of the threat of air style technically for what it’s worth fed up to the main attraction irony actors earlier this year is likewise firearm this is really going to release the
crack a air-popped iran man to put that pastor it starring babu unimpeded jonathan right
now i sorry robert downey junior italy matt unethical question of hey what’s
this about well you may remember robert downey junior plays tony stark the type
of character also known as iron man built himself irons suit after being
injured and having this kind of sci-fi a mechanical hearts he
builds a spirit that makes it really awesome man hans beter he’s a super here’s the
classic kinda guy he’s got the metal suited kick
amazing about az and but you know that trailer explain thought was there lovely people was activists says good book first on it looked like a man also herbicide i
came in very skeptical about this path i’d like the first time in but i didn’t love ’em like everybody
else hosted is a good movie every time w dot ok n so i think the skeptical at a local of
damaging on the way that america will probably doesn’t and and so he’s doing a smooth talking
robert downey junior thing the beginnings drive me crazy they do a sentencing that’s ridiculous
okay it’s just uh… preposterous but then
shockingly enough slowly by slowly it won me over as i call right now that
was cool and that was fun and that was a good seeing them i like mickey rourke
i’m definitely had issues with it head issues of the beginning at issues with
the end and i kept yelling to make your case on
my head ensuring december motivated but i don’t
have that u_f_o_ exactly unlike your psalm small i mean you couldn’t for this role gargoyle six yeah but having said that condemn it
l by then it was a fun fun movie doubt that i hear that it’s not gonna
start as well as i well spent over this country the actually theaters on credit
for the use of the greatest it’s going to be huge this we’ve got some about
seventy one percent right now that’s pretty original and
that was about a ninety two developed people off guard much better
than i think people expected this one it does somewhat i actually as at the more i think about it does to
bring stuff you know starts out with a really good you know about what you
expect there’s a filegate introduced mickey workplaces russian and ivan drago or if they go who this his father new tony stark’s father and claims that his father actually
created the arca reactor that is what’s keeping tony alive he tries to kill tony star survives his project and then you
get this second activity this middle of the movie that’s much more character driven and there’s
very little action when you get the big climactic scene at
the yet and and the middle of the movie him all the story stuff that happens
that is it really specifically relevant to iron man but it
is relevant as to marvels other projects most specifically the avengers coming up
as it is to anything else were introduced to charger answered character who is the
black widow which will that they will mean something to the kind of perfect who is a founding member of the avengers
s nick fury played by sam jackson gets a
much larger part to stop and talks about the event was just on the stand
frequencies for the first what he actually gets a substantial part artful
right we get we do get a little bit deeper
relationship with with his with to without pepper his secretary played by going to cultural and then the
more than a second well right who is now the c_e_o_ right she gets appointed ceo
because so he’s busy you you learn that tonys technologies killing him and he needs something to
new year’s eve more overnight more delicate and tedious morgues its
advantages he needs i think that that’s what i guess ab not and we also get his business rival
character in just a hammer played by sam rockwell that’s out a lot
of like a lot of stuff there’s a lot that happens that second
and it really throws the pacing up that being said none of those scenes that i find bore at
the place is a little weird but i enjoyed it every senior now i think that you could probably cut
about ten or fifteen minutes out of the movie and be a lot tighter but nonetheless i really liked that part
of the seven point five alright ben well i mean i disagree with a lot of
what with that said there some of which agreed with other the
patient was excellent throughout so did i i think unidentified
yet on advanced catholic fabric that i i don’t know that you’re wrong about that
opening said scene is unrealistic prefer comic book movie now that said i’m not going to allow
some things just cuz its comparably half of your shipping so great that overcame
the fact that yeah at what happened i just want to point out since since you know you disagree bases of political
show tropical image the sacrament of the regular o_j_ well you know that
they’re trying to take tony suitcases no we keep myself you know what the hell
yes i don’t know what i would have had a bad bet on the net that would’ve been a fair their mentioned so by a has started that sort of worked in
general but there are moments then that i thought she would betray their own set
of rules which i hate every day i get that you know when constructs his new system where he
figures out a way to sort of save himself a dozen our contractors and as
an actor even though that you don’t have to try
to get that but i don’t get why toward the end of
the movie he suddenly knows exactly where blood altruism can fly there
instantly in an effort to save her that breaks their own rules it’s a
fairly realistic movie he’s a real person there’s actually no way for him
to know that that bothered me couple other things bother me at the
scene it’s getting a lot of credit john fab road riding into the race in monaco
and driving through the traci yeah i mean i thought the action sequences were
fairly good at st well said but the character stuff to agree with
you and i thought was outstanding and why this movie succeeded in the first
place a why i thought it’s the best by far the best comic book movie of all
time the first one not even close i can put any of that man’s in the same league
white ob and is that i’m and i liked the first a
check at all but one of them and that was the first step and that mandela of the batman returns
is the only one that’s like him that would be in the ballpark com but is because of his character grip uh… and that made it so terrific and
represented you adhere my fear which you had all these people you add well you
know when you add to that rockwell advocate roaring his character driven i
think that’s great but i think that some of those scenes were unnecessary there’s
a scene where ones tony kinda starts to figure out
that maybe he’s been a jerk to pepper all along there’s a scene where he goes back to
unity where he goes back to her office what’s now her office formally his
office looks like the three or four minutes
scene where it’s more of okay well we are you
know that tony does it really wasn’t apparantly talk over each other and we really need that halsey i think i think i was a great great
great i think it was a fun thing but i think it was somewhat unnecessary i
think that it you know it it i don’t think anything we’re going to
get accomplished its here’s what we’ve left out of this whole thing valley is
fair to compare this movie to please give or two babies or tennis so please choice i don’t even
think it’s fair to comparative batman i’m not even sure it’s fair to compare
it to any other action movie what i’ve decided to essentially put it in the
league with his sequels which is so often below say nothing of
action movie sequels and while i don’t think the action
scenes were all that great this was a great character driven movie i thought john
sabra i thought the pacing was great i thought he gave all the stars i mean
counting you know i just have rockwell and scarlet joanne sanitizing middleton
who has never looked better castro great you know what i think that’s it for two
minute for two hours and on their you know and paul true and i said she’ll
brought all these giant stars and i thought he gave them all exactly the
right amount to do nobody felt extraneous to me and then after all that
led by road a junior who like do think is outstanding it was funny it was exceptionally funny and had a
great script and he kept it moving and then it’s so jimmy is just about the
best actions equal in years nam so i give it another b_-plus alienate alright op on a him some of the stuff like driving backwards
at sick at the race type eight at eight o’clock but but i’ve thought it was a
single long i thought to build great actors by and action scenes were that what you
have an action movies coolness state we talk about the suspect the losers and it was cool well i mean i i was like but i don’t
know what can you know it’s by the two of them now there are two of them as fast as another but there are dead
and that was badass and then addled i don’t think it was pretty restrained at
all as far as the action scenes and and and that’s not the best not with
so little it was humor and i left the time the audience
last that time it was money in that i think added to the coolness more so ones but it so let me just say to allow for a
quick reserve one there was great tennis everything goes really well time bill reilly had a really nice cameo has
put up a company that personnel or we’ll let you know i like that as you
know and i am of course i will i go riley but i thought he you know each
other making fun of sunny tell you why because he doesn’t get to come in and
make fun of himself we don’t get the saying oh you’re cute you’re part of it
it’s okay you get to come to make funny yourself
here they are great deal of conservative hahaha you’ve heard america your bad for
america your unpatriotic but we don’t get to include your movies so that you’re part of the mainstream
media takes up to no bill o’reilly you’re out your bad for america
hollywood doesn’t accept you american as an exception six but there are a abap bi that’s advils and i just say
alright al but i i i does it but that rose intrigue politics of esme might be
why he was in my day twelve of twelve again economic ended so that was one of
my major couple final majors several terms had to be a really good director
it up action comedy recalled all the way back to swingers very funny larry maher
are made to the media is funny as an actor i mean it all the sun i i will
democrats may have all the sudden developing among the one i think i
didn’t expect it but i think that after this weekend he’s gonna be the guy
sitting on the biggest opening weekend of all time really good good chances yet it’s it’s indian he deserves it he
did a great job and then finally for me the reason i like iron man two better
than i like i mailed one and and wanting to be two meters were
days is that this call him out of expectations
because when i saw a man wait at that point respond about all of the off you
know i know so i can and i was the guy was cargo not also and here i didn’t have very good at high
expectations that he can their really delivered so i i think that’s probably some of the
reality i think the difference with me as i wanted i mean i think you know
propaganda i have been as much as people may argue
otherwise to me is kind of a secondary character out of that universe it’s like making an offer of an or green lantern like you got a really
bad at which would be cool we know now that it’s not like they were back in a
superb might do in spite of alcoholics compatriot commentary effect birthday
dot also i should called to care about uh… libya sister underworld birthdays
relevant i think that we don’t do a lot of name dropping because we can’t
because they don’t know if this is a reference for a first-order para citations for we were playing poker with the job that
will catch up for a couple lycos of collingwood yeah uh… avidly quite satellite once
to the pit and uh… and fab row mentioned that he was making this
diagram project legal labeled rock but i thought
that if they have banned from the day that i would have been a record every
other n_f_l_ religions again if there’s going to be robert at you here’s marvel comic than there are deep
and so many packed worried and general and particular like program junior and comparably reliant uh… further i never thought we’d left
but we have to talk early movie afoot outfit at did tell you that road
in totally totally puts it on the table totally sorry i didn’t get a better
portrait is still with him everyone in his movies has a fresh to me every one of the movies that he’s
director made the third and diameters cylinder and one other
cool they were thorough notebook p_c_s it really sore director andrew edges at the at the twelve o’clock shown
in our place here in l_a_ which by the right to left please give what’s going on in our coverage pieces
just like a million people yes i have somebody alike now iron man rising although i joined at least get if
they’ve got a bizrate is so as it was this great cause and it turns out on but
if anybody federal robert downey junior show up really yet and make comment on
whether we’ll build it before the movie so interest on that that’s really cool
when i bought the ticket to please give conversely amistad first i was the only
person by it and giant three hundred fifty percent
theater until about two minutes before the movie destroyed five silt what israelis pleases i’d buy lease or file rating
insisted on our man is seven point eight you know it despite our slight
disagreements here weekly largely agree it was a very very good movie and uh…
if you’re looking for a good action movie i don’t think it would be
disappointed at all so that is our show for today and get
some more of this week i’m very excited about what produce movie a robin l rise and rise again and we started out as a client’s but i
do not it’s ok that’s all i know that the other one of the factors that
russell crowe it’s a dream come true free are absolutely i did have an outlaw
but this let’s next week but was like he sit on the other church dot com matt
then thanks so much guys we’ll see you then


  1. @MpowerdAPE

    totally worth it imo but the 2nd act of the movie seemed clunky and dragged the movie way down, the 3rd act was ok, but it wasn't enough to float the sinking 2nd act. it comes off as a slight negative, which is worse than the first imo which came in all positive imo

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    Iron Man 2 > Iron Man
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    third movie curse approaching? It better not happen. They still haven't done the Mandarin. You can't have him be the bad movie.

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  9. actually i think it was possible for him to find pepper because he knew she was at the main expo hall or watever the place was and his suit can pinpoint people miles away so i dont think its o far fetched if your invested in the whole comic tech

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  15. Ben, are you kidding me!? If there is a superhero movie that is more character driven than "Batman Begins", I haven't seen it. "Batman Begins" is definitely – especially when it comes to rich character development – the greatest superhero movie of all time. Nothing comes close. Ironman is entertaining and fun to watch, but it doesn't have anywhere near the gravitas of "Batman Begins". As far as I am concerned – and I know I am in the minority – "Batman Begins" even beats out "The Dark Knight".

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  18. Ben was wrong on one thing though, Scarlett Johansson wasn't featured too much in the film. 1. Shes not that hot as a brunette. 2. I'd much rather have a super hot new comer brunette thats just there to be hot. Its just not the type of role i would like her to be in. I wanted a lil more action too. there were way more explosions in the first one. This just didnt have the charm of the first one to me sorry.

  19. the part where Scarlet Johansen was in the white building was horrible. why would she go in with no weapons? and all the guards were unarmed except like 2 wtf? decent movie but they spent too much time setting up all the Avengers sequels. And yes it was wayyyyyy too easy for Rhody to steal the warmachine suit cmon man.

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  22. Favreau's Iron Man franchise is far superior to Nolan's Batman films. I found the Batman films to be pretentious, heavy handed and lacking emotion. Of course, Nolan's version of Batman is infinitely better than Tim Burton's or uggh…Joel Schumacher's so I appreciate that. Still…aside from the excellent, Memento, I'm not a fan of Nolan's films. And he hasn't lost a step with his heavy handed directing style in Inception.

  23. Now i get it. Everyone that went to see the first Iron Man had low hopes because of the director and lead actor. Since their expectations were so low, it was easy for the movie to surpass them. Then, when Iron Man 2 came out, they expected those same surpassed expectations. But because their minds were pre-blown, the movie couldn't match up to them.

    I went in with no knowledge of any of this in either movie, so I could enjoy Iron Man 2 for the epic flick it truely is.

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    But I did go into Marvel's The Avengers Begin To Assemble… oh, excuse me, I mean "Iron Man 2" with high hopes because I.M.1 was surprisingly good, so, of course I was a bit disappointed because T.S./I.M. (whose parts were good) seemed to have too little screen time.

  25. U r ALL dumbasses. U sit on your asses criticizing movies but let's see YOU make a better movie. Do you even know how to make movie?

  26. Great script? There are só many oddball plot devices (hey son, I stuck a thinggy in a miniature of a city thinggy so you can do thinggy, PARROT!).

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