Irish People Taste Test American Breakfasts

Bláithín: Another American taste test, I was like literally they’re gonna have to repeat one we’ve already done I don’t understand how we haven’t tried…something. But I’m excited. George: Our breakfasts are all trying to get rid of a hangover Yeah, really stodgy…stocky…full food Aine: I’ve had pancakes in America and they are gooood! Donal: – I’ve never been to the States Bláithín: They do those really thick pancakes
that Sabrina the Teenage Witch got addicted to John: That’s right, yeah! John: Pancakes!
Bláithín: Yay! …with syrup
John: …and blueberry. Donal: Do I just try and fit it all in my mouth hole? Aine: Well, not that big of a bit. Donal: Aghmm Bláithín: What? There’s something else in here. What are those yellow bits?
John: Peach. There’s something about hot fruit, as well, just kinda freaks me out. – BURP George: Oh my god, yes. Bláithín: Ommm
John: Mmhmm Bláithín: Oh yeah
John: That’s good
Bláithín: Oh god Donal: I’ve got such bad heartburn
Aine: Ha Donal:I’ve literally been two seconds…I’m like Ehhhh Bláithín: I love this little square of butter that came on top ’cause that’s a really American thing You don’t get a slab of butter on the pancakes here Aine: See I love the Americans. See all this food, love it. John: This to me looks like egg
Bláithín: Hash brown Donal # Ooo, I love my hash
Ooo, I love my hash Aine: I’m intrigued now by this! Bláithín: I love hash
John: Is it just called hash? – (Illuminati)
George: Illuminati confirmed! Bláithín: It is actually like I’m getting a boner like… It’s amazing. Aine: No I don’t like this now. Donal: Do you not… Aine: Dry. Donal: Not a fan? Bláithín: But it’s more like a lunch though isn’t it? It’s very heavy. John: It’s really heavy. Hey. Bláithín: Wait a second, are they wedges? John: Ooh, hang on. Bláithín: Waffle and Wedges. George: Waffle and Wedges? Donal: Oooh. Eee. Aine: Apple Cinnamon Waffles Donal: Eee, it burns. George: This is apple. -Oh. George: Oh Wow Look at how un-classy we are. Bláithín: John, don’t trust it John. They’re trying to lull us into a false sense of security. John: I don’t even care -I’m very unsure of the apples. *shared laughter* John: This still looks suspiciously like a potato wedge. Bláithín: *laughs* Aine: Very tasty. Donal: My palate is all over the shop. -Very thick in the belly like. George: Yeeah -It’s like where’s the yogurt like? George: Yeah, it’d really slow you down for the start of the day. -Where’s some muesli like? Aine:Yes! Yes! George: Biscuits and Gravy -ah, I’ve always wondered what, ah, the biscuits were. Donal: This is not a biscuit. This is a scone. Aine: Don’t maul ’em, I’m gonna eat it. Donal: Sorry. John: You can’t dip that in your tea. You mugs are mad. -Looks like my dog got sick. And then he put a little crumpet on top. Bláithín: Oh no. John: Arse, Arse, Arse, Don’t like it. -No no, I wouldn’t be able to have that. No. George: No, gravy in the morning? Get out of here. That’s nuts. Bláithín: I think what John’s trying to say is this meal is arse. John: Tastes like Arse. Aine: This is The best one. Donal: Do ya think? Really? Aine: Yeah. John: Tastes like Trump’s ass. And same color, golden hair, eyuck. Donal: I feel like I true American. Aine: Yep. I feel great. Coming in here makes me love America even more when they give me shit like this. George: No. What happens is, I come in here and I try this food that you have me try and it’s like I’m a P.O.W Prisoner of war camp prisoner And I … I try this food… and then I I have to go back into the real world, And suddenly I’m like I’ve got hangovers. I need…Ants on a Log. Where do I get celery and raisins and peanut butter at 4 in the morning?

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