Interesting Words to describe facial expressions – Free English Lessons

Interesting Words to describe facial expressions – Free English Lessons

Hi I’m Rima and welcome to today’s lesson,
which is all about words to describe facial expressions. Now all of us are blessed with
face, which is our face and our face can come up with many, many, many different types of expressions.So I have a few words which describe facial expressions. Like for example, the
first one, doleful. What do you think this means? Well, it has nothing to do with a doll
and it’s not about being full of yourself either, it’s actually a very simple word
called doleful, which means sad, that’s right, sad. Simple isn’t it? So for sad
expression, you can use the word doleful. So sometimes, when you see someone looking
really sad, really down, really out. You could just ask them something like, why do you have
such a doleful look on your face? You’re looking very doleful today is something the
matter? Can i be of help? And you know what if you use the word doleful in this sense,
you’ll come across as very compassionate very observant and very very sensitive. So
doleful is the simplest way, you know to kind of replace the word sad, because the word
sad is kind of really sad mundane and very very normal common place word. But doleful
is a good word to use over there, so what you think doleful would look like on your
face? Mmmm maybe something like
melodrama that’s my thing. So well that’s a doleful look for you, don’t forget the
look, don’t forget the word and I’m gonna move on to the next one. Now this one is my
favourite in fact it’s my very favourite, it’s called glaring and what do you think
it means? It actually means staring as in looking at one place or one person or at one
point intently, repeatedly, continuously. But it also means looking at somebody intently
but with a little bit of annoyance, a bit of anger, not too much anger , not like rage
or anything, but a little bit of you know feeling of annoyance a little bit feeling
of anger. Now if you’re getting confused then you know what? I’m going to clear it
to you; I’m sure that made it really clear for you? So glaring actually means staring
in an annoyed fashion. So if you don’t like somebody or if somebody offends you, annoys
you at your work place or mostly this happens a lot at home with mothers, when their little
children just annoy them. All mummy has to do is, she has to glare or probably better
still. That one look and discipline is back in the house. Well, I’ve seen that happen
many, many places. So glaring is a great word to use. Imagine using something like, she
was staring at me in a very annoyed fashion. Wow! That’s really long. You could just
say, she was just glaring at me. And after that i did not dear to misbehave, so the word
glaring very very effective and i quite enjoy the word, coz i enjoy glaring. I’m gonna
move on to the very next one, this one, i think all of us know this, it just has a very
happy sound to it. It’s called ecstatic. Now please remember the spellings a bit confusing.
It’s ecstatic, but it does not have a letter X in it. It is ecstatic. Which means very
joyful. So if you receive a piece of good news like the best news ever, news that you
were really waiting for, for a really very long time in your life and suddenly it comes
to you. Say maybe in the form of an email, in the form of a letter. You now or the door
bell rings and you see someone that you’ve been really wanting to see. Someone you’ve
been missing, you just go ecstatic. Which means you become really joyful. So whenever
we are ecstatic,we could expressions like, Wow! Oh my god really amazing. So don’t
i look ecstatic now? That’s right. So that is the usage of the word ecstatic and in a
sentence it could be used like, when i received my report card and saw my really good grades
or excellent grades i was ecstatic and so was my family. Well, this sentence kind of
gives you the feel that my family didn’t expect too much from me in terms of the report
card, but that’s another topic for another day. But remember that ecstatic means extremely
joyful. In fact if i say very joyful I’m gonna add another very to it and say very,
very joyful. So it’s extremely joyful and you could actually you know use expressions
like, Yeah, Hurray, Wow, Superb. All of these expressions and words can be used to describe
the ecstatic feeling that you’re feeling. I hope you’re feeling ecstatic so far listening
to my lesson and yes the next one, hmmm now this one not so positive. It’s called exasperated.
Quite a long word isn’t it? Exasperated, like i think it also has like irritated feel
to it. So exasperated is annoyed and irritated. So my exasperated expression could be like,
oh! My god. Imagine the comparison between ecstatic and exasperated. Ecstatic would be
like, Oh! My god and exasperated could be like, oh my god. How frustrated is that word
right? It could also mean like annoyed, irritated or frustrated. So rather to use in a sentence
i would use t like you know, while i was driving, i actually took the wrong road and then i
saw that there was a long one kilometre long traffic jam. I found it so exasperating. I
wanted to scream in my car. Ever felt like that? I’m sure you have everyone feels like
that, you know almost on a daily basis. So make sure next time you’re feeling like
that, you use the word exasperated to actually catch the correct tone of your feeling. It
will actually make you feel better, I’m exasperated with you, it feels great, i mean
half your irritation, half your frustration just drains out, because of using the correct
word, which is exasperated. So well those were my four expressions so far. I have four
more very interesting words for you, now these words also describe expressions, that’s
facial expressions of different types. The first one a very naughty one, its grinning.
It means smiling naughtily. If you’ve seen children they are always smiling, almost always
unless you know a really cranky child. Most of their smiles are not straight smiles, like
for example, Hi; this is a very straight smile. Their smiles are kind of naughty, impish,
sly, like they are up to something you know. Like they are up to some sort of mischief.
So you always find children you know grinning like, well i wish i had the innocent face
of a child, but a naughty smile is what I’m trying to explain to you. So grinning means
smiling very naughtily as if you’re up to something or in a sly fashion as if you’re
hiding something, so if you have some trick up your sleeve, you’ll find yourself grinning
and moving on i have the next one, which is very, very common place, its annoyed. Now
this is pure anger, so annoyed actually means having an angry expression on your face. So
i could be like, you know so it’s very close to glaring, but it’s a little more angry
than glaring is, glaring could be like, which is subtle and annoyed could be like, you’d
almost always find yourself breathing really deeply, when you’re annoyed, coz you would
be controlling your anger. Well, that’s annoyed for you plain and simple angry, now
the next one yes, the temperature on the thermometer is just rising, where mercury levels are soaring,
coz fierce is very angry, so if i have to look at you very fiercely, my expression would
be something like, I’m watching you. I hope you’re getting scared sitting there? So
well if you have big eyes use them, to actually put on this expression and you can scare anyone
around you. Want to get your work done from your boyfriend, girls just look at him fiercely
and it’s gonna workout i your favour. Don’t forget fierce which means very angry, so annoyed
and fear are almost similar, it’s just that annoyed is angry, but fierce is very, very
angry. And yes the next one mocking. Now mocking has a very interesting meaning, mocking means
taunting or sarcastic. Which means you’re trying to put down or very subtly disrespect
the person in front of you, so if you want to criticize someone, do it very subtly, you
could say something like, you know, well you look great today. So a person, who hasn’t
seen your face, will actually think, Oh Wow I’m receiving a compliment. How lucky am
i, but moment somebody looks at your face and they spot the mocking expression on your
face, they will know that you actually mean, not good. You actually mean something very
negative towards the person. So you could say something like, you look great today or
Wow it’s great to have you here or it’s wonderful to see you come here on time. You’re
always on time, aren’t you? Now the expression on my face actually betrays the fact that
I’m annoyed and I’m taunting and I’m being sarcastic. So i hope that you’ve got
all the expressions put down. Well, in case you want to continue to learn English with
us, make sure that you subscribe to our channel. This is me Rima saying bye. Take care, I’m
gonna see you very soon with a new lesson.


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