Indian CRUISE SHIP Food Tour (M.V. Kavaratti, Lakshadweep) #RockEats

Indian CRUISE SHIP Food Tour (M.V. Kavaratti, Lakshadweep) #RockEats

When I do food videos here in India, I always take you guys somewhere unique in somewhere special. And oh my God, look at where we are today. I am taking you to eat on a cruise ship in the middle of the Indian Ocean. And we’re docked just outside Minicoy Island, which is in Lakshadweep about 400 kilometers off the coast of Kerala. This is India’s smallest Union territory. So let’s eat breakfast and start with that, then we’ll go to Minicoy and we’ll try their food. We’ll have lunch there and we’ll come back and we’ll eat dinner here on the ship. This is my room. It is a bunk bed that I’m sharing with with another guy on the ship here and I’ll take you guys on a full ship tour in another video, but let’s start with breakfast. Breakfast on this Indian cruise ship is absolutely pathetic. It sucks. So for breakfast. We usually have ourself Indian breakfast. We’ll have idli, uttapam and then there will always be, these really bad chutneys, like they are so so watery the chutneys here. They’re not those kind of thick chutney as you get in Indian restaurants on the mainland. They are the super watery. They’re more like a soup. So it’s not actually nice to eat idli and uttapam with these terrible, terrible chutneys. Then you always have bread, jam, eggs and tea and and juice as well. Cornflakes and milk is available too, but it’s just bad again. And yeah, the food on this cruise ship for breakfast is just terrible. Dinner and lunch so much better. So we’re starting off with the worst right now and actually something very interesting happened at breakfast the other day. So on this cruise ship vegetarians and meat eaters are separated into two sides of the room and one of the meat eaters took his food across to the vegetarian side to sit with his friend. And this Jain guy, he stood up and starts yelling at this guy. For you know breaking the boundary coming in to the vegetarian side and you know the purifying it that’s the right word. You know some of these vegetarians are extremely pedantic about, about meat-eaters not eating and near them. It could have done it a lot nicer though, right? He could have just walked up behind the guys there . Please sir, could you not eat here with with the vegetarians. Would you go back over there, you know getting for whatever his reasons are for his religion, you know. But in under that he caused a big fuss in front of everybody. Poor other guys are specifically his friends, right. So anyway, that’s what it’s like here on the ship. Anyway, let’s get out to Minicoy Island now and let’s eat some Lakshadweep food. We’ve reached this incredible beach here at Minicoy. This is the most beautiful lagoon that I have ever seen in my life. And I’ve been to Fiji and been to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, into some pretty tropical places. But this is the largest lagoon in Lakshadweep and it’s like waist level the entire way around. This Lagoon basically goes for nearly the entire living kilometer straight to this island. It’s just a perfect place for swimming. We just ate lunch. It was much, much better than breakfast. So we had, chicken curry. Chicken curry is exactly like any other Indian chicken curry. It’s actually the same. We had tuna fish and there’s something I haven’t had much here in India. And it was, they had to go out and buy a 20 kg tuna bluefin tuna just to feed everybody here and they just fried it with masala, with spice. It’s pretty typical in India. They don’t enjoy the flavor of the fish itself. They cover it in spices, which I find a bit of a shame because I just love the natural flavor of fish, maybe or some lemon. Next up we had chole and oh my god. If there’s chole there I am freaking super happy. So chole, rice eat that with rody It was good, wasn’t quite you know Punjabi chole, but it was just a just a chole masala. Good enough then on the vegetarian side. They had few more things. They had like a mixed veg curry. They had a kind of like a cabbage kind of stew as well. But yeah, if you’re here in Lakshadweep you should be eating the meat right? They caught that tuna locally. They grew the chickens locally and it’s cool like a jungly chicken leg. It comes from somebody’s literally somebody’s house here and it just tastes different to the chicken we get which are raised on the mainland under quite bad conditions. The chickens here are more free-range. They’re more juicy and they just taste so much better in a curry. There’s finally some sweet, was kheer. Tiny little bit of sweet and you don’t get try here for free. You got to pay 10 rupees, a cup. I don’t know why that is they should just keep it on tap. This is India. We need tea. That was lunch, that was good. It wasn’t Lakshadweep cuisine I would say. It’s more to keep their cruise ship passengers happy. So it’s basically just North Indian cuisine. Let’s go back to the ship now. I’m gonna go for the island actually. But we’ll go back to the ship and let’s see what they serve up for dinner. And of course, I’ll take you on a trip around this island and everywhere in Lakshadweep in other videos. So go and check out that playlist. Now the dinners over it’s pitch black here on the seven seas. You can see so dinner is that 8 p.m. Breakfast is 7 p.m. And lunch is around 1 o’clock. And in dinner we had potato, lady finger, we had matar paneer. We had chicken curry, like a satay chicken curry. We had fruit. There was a sweet corn soup and roti, and honestly, it was so bad. They have to make every single dish bland as hell for everybody on board. So everybody can eat it. So most people end up hating the food or not enjoying it because there’s no chili in it, there’s barely any onion, if there is any onion and they keep the spices to a bare minimum. So, there’s no flavour in any of those curries. Potato, lady finger, the matar paneer or the chicken curry. It was all, it tastes like you’re just eating these things with a kind of a watered-down curry sauce. It’s really, really bad. And you know, the problem is you have so many people to keep happy and a lot of religions here. They don’t allow people to eat things like chili or onions. So they keep these things out of the food and yeah, it just destroys it. On land the food was much, much better. So even on the non-veg side and the veg side they’re making these dietary constraints on the food for absolutely everybody and they won’t even put salt in some of the dishes you have to add in soak yourself. Like I ate lentil there was absolutely no salt in it at all. Maybe this was missing salt. Anyway That’s what cruise ship food is like it. That’s what food is here like on any kind of group travel where everybody’s eating. The same, the same food it kind of sucks. 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  1. I face the same thing mostly that food offered by service providers is not good and you are stuck there with no other options left.I agree with Karl, if we want to fully enjoy the trip ,some best food ๐Ÿฅ˜ should be served to us.

  2. Why do take such sarkari ships? What else do you expect from a public sector undertaking? The staff get salaries if they work, and more if they don't work. Take a private cruise like Jalesh and see the difference. It is better to take a flight to Andaman and visit the islands by a smaller ship. It is a much better experience

  3. Jain guy yelling and creating a scene just goes to show fanatics exist in all religions. Karl Marx was right "Religion is the Opium of the Masses".

  4. Karl let us no how much you paid for this cruise I bet no more than 150 dollars. You get what you pay for that cruise ship is a mess ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. 2:23 .. In these situations, Indians forget being nice! Because being nice in India is somehow thought of as being weak and the person feels himself/herself being not powerful/rich and scary enough! So, our people don't believe in being nice when they are offended. They need to show the power of how much they are offended. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Mr Karl India is very diversed and people have less understanding so please be careful when you talk about veg and non veg. Stop and exposing scams in India as there is no law you can buy power out of money and more over you will risk your life. Be careful walking on highway because there may truck coming on the opposite side without number plate. Don't make bad people angry. I understand you have better intention but it is not the west.

  7. Love this channel for frank honest opinions… . visit edges of earth channel too.. Amazing content and its amazing when these channels show authentic Indian content…

  8. "pedandic", that's a very diplomatic way to describe a neurological disorder! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Interesting video, Karl.
    Cruise ships where you have to bring your own spices, in India of all places!

  9. Actually halal meat is served mostly in India which is not juicy ..the chicken is not juicy because it's halal not because it is raised in bad condition.. chicken served in Punjab is very juicy


  11. so now this intruder has an issue with jains and their food, and then it will be some other faith. A seed planted by missionaries among the urban masses.should be kicked out of country by authorities.

  12. This guy should be fed with dogs intestines with blood maybe then he would give a positive review about the food in India. Or perhaps a few
    Dog biscuits would do the job ๐Ÿคฃ

  13. Dude, did you go a cruise meant for diabetics and arteriosclerosis patients? Haha It sounds like a cruise from hell than a pleasure cruise and frankly the food doesnโ€™t look all that appetizing. It looks like food they would serve at a hostel than a cruise ship.

  14. Itโ€™s just as well they let the passengers off the ship daily so that they can something to eat.
    Lovely water, enjoy your voyage.

  15. You said, you travel many country beaches. How much you paid for that journeys?? No matter which country you from mate, can't get BACON AND EGG Breakfast in INDIA. YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS.

  16. If you want and if you can afford, should travel INDIAN MAHARAJA TRAIN. ONLY $1000 to $2000 per day. Can fulfill your all requirements. W

  17. If you want to try different FISH DISHES and some of the best Sweets or Deserts, you should come to West Bengal.
    I haven't seen you visiting Kolkata, the former capital of India. Please do come and enjoy the literary, artistic, and revolutionary heritage of city of joy.
    There is a phrase in Bengali "khadyarasik bangali" means foodie bengalis. You will love our non-veg dishes because we're the most non-veg eating state being hindu.
    A normal Bengali cannot survive without fish. If you want to enjoy a festival, you should visit during Durga puja.

  18. Greetings ! It is appalling to know truly worst experience you had to go through. First of all, apologies on behalf of my country, India. Hopefully,you will revel staying in India on your next trip

  19. You married to an Indian and posting only the bad things about India…. Whaaa… and you are earning through it… Try to show some respect to our Motherland and post some good things as well!

  20. Interesting. Thanks for bring to us a little know part of the world. About the food:Why kill the chickens or the fish when there are so many alternatives? Live and let live.

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