Ikea Meatballs Recipe (TTOD #11 3.5.13) Swedish? – The Take Out Diet

Ikea Meatballs Recipe (TTOD #11 3.5.13) Swedish? – The Take Out Diet

Hey everybody, welcome to The Take Out Diet. In the
news lately, everyone has been taking about Ikea Meatballs. So why shouldn’t we make those today. And if you want
to hear my thoughts on the whole horse meat thing, stay tuned to the very end of the video. Here we go. We are going to start this recipe by baking
an eggplant. Preheat your oven to 475 degrees. Then peel your eggplant. Slice it and lay it out onto a baking sheet. Sprinkle it with a little salt and pepper
and then put it in the oven. Let it bake for 20 minutes on one side, flip it, bake for 10
minutes on the other side, then take it out because it is done. I am going to add the eggplant to a large bowl,
along with cooked broccoli, black beans, diced onions, olive oil, liquid smoke, and salt and pepper to taste. I am going to mash it up with the potato masher and this is where
I start to lose faith but I just kept mashing and kept mashing and then finally it got to a consistency
where I thought it would make balls. It still needed something else, so I added oatmeal. Mix that in and we are ready to fry our meatballs. Add olive oil to a deep frying pan over high heat.
I am using a cookie scooper to form my balls and place them into the hot oil so that they can fry
up. Once they are golden brown on one side, flip them oven, then remove them from the pan
and continue this process until you have flip them oven, then remove them from the pan
and continue this process until you have made all of your black bean, broccoli, eggplant mixture into meatballs. I am going to add a little olive oil back to my pan, because
most of mine was gone. Maybe I had my heat up too high. But you need just enough to cover the bottom. Add in your flour
and cook that until it starts to brown, and slowly whisk in you vegetable stock. I was using this flipper thing at first, for some
reason, but then I switched to a whisk. After you have smoothly incorporated your vegetable broth, add in
soy creamer to make it creamy, thick and delicious. Once it has all come together, you can
place your meatballs back in your gravy. I didn’t do that because I feared that they would all
come apart. Which, I don’t suggest you do it either. Or, you can spoon your gravy over your meatballs and have as
much gravy or as little gravy as you would like. Now let’s taste it. Disclaimer #1 I really really love broccoli so these were fantastic to me. I think they will be fantastic to you, and because I
add a little salt and pepper at every layer, They came out perfectly seasoned. And it was so much
crunch. And it was so much texture. Because you had the onions, you had the broccoli, you had
the eggplant, you had the beans, you had the oatmeal. It was just good body. It had a good mouth
feel. It was really really delicious. And, the gravy. I first I tasted it by itself, while I was
cooking, and I thought it would be bland, but I added a little salt and pepper. Kept it
simmering and then I dipped in my meatballs and it was perfect for the job. It wasn’t overwhelming. It wasn’t underwhelming. It was just perfect. I really loved this recipe and hopefully you will too.
Thank you so much for watching the show today. If you haven’t subscribed, please subscribe. If you have any
comments, which I am probably going to be afraid to read them today, but still leave it. I will probably
read it. And I will see you guys tomorrow. Bye.


  1. I agree with you: meat is meat is meat. We just justify one source of meat over another through rosé colored glasses! If eating animal flesh is a part of one's diet maybe s/he should investigate why s/he would find it disagreeable to eat horse meat and not cow meat.

  2. Is there anything else I can use instead of liquid smoke? I am really not about that like LOL! I freaking love your style!

  3. I hage been following you for a long time and I love what U do but this time I think U didnt do so well. THAT may be good but it's not a very good substitut for swedish meatballs. I live in Sweden so I know….sorry….love Algots everything Else that U do 🙂

  4. Yum! I'd love to feel that good mouth feel… and 100% agreed on the meat thing. I accidentally ate horse in Europe once and panicked at first, but then I was like, "I eat cows and pigs and chickens– why should I feel guilty about this and not the rest?"

  5. I'm vegan and I'll take the hate. Eating flesh is for zombies. But that's what most of the world does, life evolves around animal cruelty, loving one then eating or wearing the other and many are just fine with that. Insanity. I say go work at the slaughter house for a year, then see how nummy flesh is.
    BTW-I LOVE YOU and your videos!! You will always have my support xxxxxoooo

  6. Me no likey meat, but to each his own, we are here for the awesome recipes, and we LOVE thesweetestvegan Aka the takeoutdiet!

  7. What I dont understand is people who eat bull(beef) or pig(pork) chicken or fish but get in a bunch when they mistakenly eat horse, dog, or cat. LOL animals are animals right? The way this food industry is "meat" eaters may be eating human too. CanibalCarnivores 🙂

  8. I agree with your disclaimer! The false advertisement is most definitely a problem but overall meat is meat-no matter the source. I really enjoyed this video!

  9. I completely agree with you on the horse meat issue, and I'm a horse person! An animal is an animal to me, no matter the species they are all beings and are able to feel.

  10. Eating meat and animal by-products is a personal choice. I choose not to and don't force my view on anyone else. My entire family eats meat and I love them just the same. To each his/her own!

  11. LMAO XD you're so awesome for being so daring and bold by making this video! Ha ha another reason why being vegan is great 🙂

  12. This is a great alternative to the heavier meatballs out there. I love doing something similar, but roasting my eggplant whole, wrapping it in plastic while hot, and just squeezing out the meat like toothpaste from a tube. Works like a charm.

  13. Im vegan and dont eat any animals at all, i agree that "meat is meat is meat" . I do agree that the labels should say whats inside also. If we eat whole foods we know what we are eating! Dont buy possessed foods, make your own.

  14. You are a genius! I was just trying to think up a recipe for healthier meatballs. I never even though of using eggplant, I will have to try this ASAP.

  15. Sorry if I made it seem like I was going to do an exact replica, but I just make food that I want to eat. I post it to YouTube because sometimes people or interested. Sometimes they are not, which makes me not want to post. But for now, it seems to be desired. Thanks for watching.

  16. You really need to learn how to CHEW on camera (& possibly off as well)… It is not becoming to say the least… Or maybe that is by design?!?!?! lol I still love you and your channel though.. <3 <3 {hugs} :o}

  17. You are so cute and outgoing and your recipes always look so yummy! I'm not big on oil or frying so I'm wondering if these would turn out just as good baked?? I bet they would! I also salt my eggplant before I bake to get some of the liquid out, have you ever tried that? Keep up your awesome creative genius work!

  18. If I were to bake these, I would put them in a mini-muffin tin and pray. I did salt them, but for some reason I didn't think it was important to say. I guess it was, but I did put it in the recipe.

  19. Tip for life: Learn how to communicate. Telling people "what they need to do" is not the best way to get your message across. I have tried the show without the chewing and people wanted it back. I have tried the show with the chewing and people (though seldom) complain. So I just do what I like and hope for the best. Everything in the video is by design, because I write, film, and edit myself. I am know exactly what is edited in and whats is edited out. lol I still love you <3 <3 {hugs} :o}

  20. OMG I would love too. But I don't really know anything about cheese curds and the last time I made poutine, I swear every Canadian said I did it wrong, so we will see.

  21. My choice of words or wording might be a bit flawed, but I appreciate the response. I wish you much success. thx for the tip, lol.

  22. Well I think you chew just fine…and I agree with your disclaimer statement at the end 😉 but then again that's why I'm subscribed

  23. I'm not vegan but I'm going to try this recipe! I LOVE veggies n if it means I have 1 day away from meat then yaay:-D I love ur recipes.

  24. Amazing! 🙂 I will definitely make this. My inlaws make Ikea meatballs every Christmas eve, and this is what I'll be having instead. 🙂

  25. I agree! I once asked my dad if he would be disgusted if he found out his meat stew was made with dog meat. He said yes. That shows how set people are in their ideas or customs. Meat is meat no matter from what animal. Those balls look fab!

  26. Vital Wheat Gluten makes a nice chixn wing or drum. you can use cinnamon sticks, skewers for mock bone.. 2 c vital gluten, 2 T Nutritional Yeast, 2 T Onion pwd and Garlic pwd, 2 T Braggs Liquid Amino or Soy Sauce mixed in 1 1/2 cup water. Combine all dry ingredients and whisk. Pour in liquid and stir to form a ball of dough. Knead a few times. Let rest 5m. Tear or snip off wing size. Bake on foil for 30min, then boil in broth for 30 min covered (no peeking). remove from broth and toss in sauce.

  27. May have to make a few adjustments to make it work. Let me know if it works. and add 1/2 cup peanut butter to the liquid and stir it well then add liquid to dry mix.

  28. Agreed. I've tried other vegan meatball recipes, and they're definitely "heavy". I end up sharing them with my family (parents are vegetarian, sisters aren't). THESE meatballs though– totally doable and eatable all by myself, lol…

  29. You CAN be friends with her! Just follow her here (if you don't already) and her TheSweetestVegan YouTube, as well as her Twitter page. She answers as many people as she can. I've talked with her a few times on different accounts. She's OBVIOUSLY super-friendly, as you can see. 🙂

  30. I know that in Jewish cultues (& Seventh-Day Adventism, for that matter), there are certain meats that are considered "cleaner" than others, and they base that off of what those animals eat. So for THEM, there's "clean meat" & "unclean meat". That being said, the way the food industry treats animals & processes them, I would consider it ALL unclean unless I was raising the animals to eat myself. I'm vegan though, so I don't need to worry about this at ALL.

  31. P.S. "Cultues" should say "cultures". -_-

    Also wanted to add that within Seventh-Day Adventism, a lot of them are actually vegetarian for health reasons. So even they have and are still moving away from eating meat (but not the dairy– not yet anyways).

    And in Jewish culture, they can't/don't eat meat & dairy together, so some have been getting vegan products so they can have meat & vegan dairy together or vegan meat & actual dairy together. Quite interesting…

  32. I think you should just delete comments that cross the line. This is a cooking channel, and people can go argue on political and conspiracy theory channels if they are upset. I liked your recipe, by the way 🙂

  33. Hey Sweet V, I wanna first start by saying "I love you recipes period!!!!!" But I'm kinda a health/salt-free nut and something you did made me itch…. Can you guess? No. o.k. I'll tell you how loving I am and crazy too, but you added the (canned black beans) without draining and rinsing them. Girl there so much salt and STUFF in the brine please rinse, that flavor will still be there! love ya

  34. This was a awesome video felt like I was at home in kitchen with you. Love this recipe. Keep up the food work! Enjoyed this tremendously.

  35. I'm going to try this awesome recipe for my hubby. The way you eat the dishes Justine's me want to try them more and appreciate them too. Yummy!

  36. Telling someone to not eat meat, or a vegan to eat meat is the same as telling a smoker they should stop smoking. Don't bother with either people will not change until they are ready.

  37. This is how I see it, there are certain plants you can eat and can't eat, therefor there are certain meats you can eat and others you can't eat

  38. Very creative. I really enjoyed the fact that you used vegetables for texture instead of mock meat. I have one suggestion however; you can sub olive oil– burns faster at higher temperatures, and use coconut oil which is ideal for frying. Just a thought.

    Thank you for the recipe!

  39. actually in the european countries they are. That is why this became an issue because it wasnt disclosed to IKEA as its common practice. BLTWitch you act like they were made here. I have some in my freezer and have been able to bring myself to eat them now.

  40. If you seriously want to burn calories fast, you should do a google search "Lean Body Maximizer". They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  41. You gave me a great idea for spaghetti and "meatballs" without using mock meat! Thanks! BTW I love your channel. You have such a charismatic personality and great delivery. Blessings to you my sister!

  42. You have inspired me to become vegetarian again.
    I'm cutting out meat little by little.
    Love watching you videos!!!

  43. thanks sooo much i love your vids and iam going to make this i made your cupcakes and my baby girl loves them thanks girl !

  44. Hi SweetVegan! This sounds like a delicious recipe! I'd like to ask your opinion – if I processed all the ingredients in the food processor, form the meatballs, then baked them – do you think they would turn out as good as, or as close to what you have? I guess what I'm trying to avoid is the baking of the eggplant first. What do you think?

  45. What an awesome channel!! Your personality leaks through the screen LOL.
    New subbie, im not vegan but Im very interested in vegan recipes so your channel is sooo helpful. Keep up the awesomeness!!

  46. you are an awesome person friendly an polite keep those fantastic vegan videos i want to make the meatballs thank you very very much bey you are awesome 😀

  47. Love the video,keep up the good work siSTAR!! @Dive380 where are you getting your information on Seventh Day Adventist and Jews!!? Just curious because I'm Adventist and my hubby is a Jew. I was raised vegan and most of us are,(and have never had dairy products). However there are those who eat meat,but only clean meats as stated in Leviticus. And yes so Jews eat meat but only kosher(that is prepared a certain way).

  48. hello friend. thanks for the typed comments at the end and I agree 100% about the meat. I do NOT consider myself vegan, though I eat "vegan" most of the time for purely health reasons (dietary science has, in my opinion, proven that consumption of animal proteins does not outweigh the health risks). However, I will sometimes eat meat on "cheat" days, and on one I would not hesitate to eat an unusual animal, because to me there is no moral conundrum. I have personally eaten meats uncommon to the American diet such as duck, elk, bison, deer, octopus, and quail and the only remote concern that I have had was for my own (lack of) health. Thank you for being always nonjudgmental, and your lack of indoctrinating attitude is one of the reasons you're one of my favorite vegan cooks on YouTube.

  49. I liked your recipe and also the comment at the end. IMO There ar far too many people who comment on you tube that are full of hate and try to tear people down.Their comments are usually absurd anyway. I like comfort/soul food whatever you want to call it ao I like your recipes. I just subscribed but I will be trying some of your recipes.

  50. i found your channel last night when trying to find out what i will be cooking all week. I love your energy & your recipes look DELISH! I'll be trying this & the broccoli wings soon. Keep up the good work 🙂

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