I tried Trifecta meal prep service for one week.. my thoughts

I tried Trifecta meal prep service for one week.. my thoughts

What’s up YouTube Kevin Reese here, so I want to show you off something today Just getting moved back in here into the house getting everything put together still do some cleaning up after getting new floors But look what I got here y’all this just came in to mail eat like a train that’s right back to now let me go ahead and tell y’all I Wasn’t planning on really doing this You know, it’s hard to meal prep. I’m just testing this out This probably is not gonna be my complete thing Just in all their no as far as like nutrition goes and I’ll tell y’all why I tried it This is the Paleo diet and I just did like chef’s choice so they can give me like whatever they want So when I open it up first thing I see here this $100 wine voucher and I have it covered because there’s a code in there I don’t want y’all to see the codes So I’m gonna set this to the side you go ahead and open the rest of it. You see here It’s inspected by a durian in There and this is cool I spent half the for my size pack you get some free ice packs whipped out of the deal Let’s just see what we got. So the trifecta this was mushroom gravy sweet potato mash with salmon I’ll let y’all see that In this it comes in this package. Just past the baggage It’s got the nutrition facts on the back. This one is you see what kind of meat it says. This is fish Here’s your nutrition facts on the back of this so Pretty cool little container cryovac And you see it gets back in sealed here But I’ll slice some fish and and you know, the thing is they have a gourmet ship that like prepares these meals So they’re all supposed to be like militias. This one is candied walnut yams with steak So and we’ll see how much it is – because it doesn’t you know, I need a pretty good bit and this doesn’t look like a whole lot of food, but we’re gonna I’m gonna take these y’all 15 Model T. So we have Spiced cranberry sauce veggies with chicken thigh. Alright guys, and so if you’re doing this, like I said, I mean you have you’re gonna Amass a good bit of ice packs. So keep that in mind. You may start giving them away for free for your friends I wish I hadn’t have bought some ice packs. Um, but like I said, I’m only doing this for one week, so One week this set I did seven days and I did dinner only so you can imagine if you did more than that the amount of shipments that you Would have but I just did one week just to test it out and I’m gonna see how that process goes I emailed them cuz I said, you know I really just wanted to do kind of a week and I skipped my shipment dates You can skip your shipment date, so I skip mine and I just kind of see you know I just wanted to test it out. But uh, you see we got a good bit ice packs here does balsamic rainbow carrots with rockfish you guys Savory herb zucchini with salmon right pine nut. Pesto cauliflower with chicken wing Let’s not we have pumpkin curry sweet potatoes with chicken thigh I’m just gonna take my pic here. See what I want We’ll open it up and I’m gonna go ahead put the rest in the fridge Alright y’all so I just grabbed one right off the top So I was gonna go ahead sit down what kind of open it up and see what it looks like This wrap looks like you can just pull Kind of like this This is what it looks like You got all your stuff in there it doesn’t look very appetizing but I’m gonna kind of heat it up and stir it up real quick. See what we’re working with All right. So this is after nuking it for a minute. I Think it might need a little bit more than that, but I’m just kind of mixing some of this stuff up here You see they throw the meat right on top here with everything else and it’s like I still got some some fat on it That’s chicken thigh. They said they sent Heat it for another minute, all right, so that’s 2 minutes. I think we’re working with something now y’all Kind of see here, so got a little chicken Let’s see Tastes like chicken mmm It’s pretty bland they don’t put any seasoning really on it No salt no pepper anything Pretty bland y’all Hmm Interesting Okay, alright y’all so now I’m going to talk about why I think it’s may not be the best deal to do it So for one one week with dinner only it’s a hundred and eight dollars per week And I did the math on that y’all and you’re talking for $400 You know a month just for one meal a day and that’s you know They say they have the plans starting to what 80 something bucks or something like that or you’re pretty cheap, you know they’re gonna say that they’re gonna sell that to you, but that’s actually what you’re getting and For me, like I said, I got it just to try it. I don’t think I’m gonna stick with it Like I said, I’m trying to get out of get out of it now so they don’t bill me anymore But anyway, that’s just kind of my thoughts on it y’all Foods, you know not really seasonally things pretty bland, you know and it may be good for some people who are really really busy and who can really afford that month after month and that’s something the worse for them But I mean, I know families that’s been you know, $400 a month to feed a whole family. This is one meal I went the cheapest easiest thing I could do. I did one meal That’s it. One meal a day 108 dollars a week I Don’t think it’s really worth it. That’s just my thoughts on trifecta but you know may work for some people but it’s not just gonna be Really financially feasible for me to do that. It may work for you. I’m not saying, you know if it does great But anyway, y’all those are my thoughts on it I hope you like that unbox I’m Kevin Reese go ahead and hit that subscribe button down there on the right in the Notification bill so you can notified when I post new videos. Thank you all for watching drop a comment below Let me know what you think about trifecta if you’ve tried it or if you’re thinking about trying it as always guys. Thanks for watching like comment subscribe


  1. Ehhh this is waste of $ and honestly does not look that great,….you can do your own weekly meal prep cheaper, put it in containers and bam, food for the whole next week. It's NOT hard to meal prep, once you figure out and take the time to do basic cooking a Paleo diet is even easier to make.

  2. Jeez, dude, why'd you have to chew so loud, and why would you pick the food with a fork and then GRAB IT WITH FINGERS…straight up gross…

  3. You chew like your sucking 2 cocks at once. I could never eat next to you without wanting to punch you in the face. People who chew like they are sucking dicks are super annoying.

  4. Its designed around fitness and healthy eating on the go…seasoning adds calories, fitness guys eat bland stuff all the time..Great video though👍🏿

  5. You just said you got the Paleo diet and then complained about no seasoning…. Do you know what paleo means? You chew like an idiot too. The classic is $50 for 1 meal a week and will be seasoned unlike the paleo. Your review sucks and probably why people down voted you.

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