1. The way Q calls EVERYONE and EVERYTHING kills me!
    He is awesome and yes yes yes we love Aria and Merle but can Q get some of that love too?
    He’s always so cheerful and open 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  2. Vegans need to leave the animal foods alone. If you want some eggs get a pet chicken and they lay eggs for free. If you choose to be vegan why try to eat imitated animal food? Cook y’all veggies as it is, and leave the imitation cheese and , fake meat aloneeee.

  3. Merle is basically the only vegan cooking creator I watch. 👏🏽 I hate runny eggs and I love tomatoes. I want to try this but I’m not buying alginate and citric whatever. Merle, please come make this for me. ❤️

  4. Just eat a real egg why go through all the trouble creating an egg if ur vegan eat vegan why go through the trouble creating food that you dont eat.

  5. I'm not vegan but these are pretty damn neat and I'd like to try making them (I love tomatoes so that's the coolest part for me.)

  6. you should trick them next time ( or just in April Fool’s ) where you serve them real meat and not the vegan version 😂😂😂

  7. I'm not vegan, but I'd be happy to use that as a healthy breakfast sauce as opposed to actual hollandaise. I'd skip the geling action I guess if I just used it as a sauce, and that would make it easier to make I'd guess.

  8. Okay when she went to change, did anybody else notice she came back in Aria's sweater?!?!

    No? Just me?


  9. to date, I have found that 100% of the fake meat/cheese stuff that vegans subscribe to just disturb the heck out of me. Cashew cheese, seitan, beyond meat, Yves meat, it all just makes me weep. (well… actually, the Daiya slice cheese is enough like the freaky wrapped slips of "cheese product" that I DO like Daiya "grilled cheese". 99%) This egg yolk does look cute, but it's tomato sauce. Not egg yolk. yargggh, why hassle so much (well, it's youtube views = cash so yeah, there's that)

  10. I know that aquafaba is used as an egg white substitute, can you maybe retry the vegan Egg using this Yolk recipe and an aquafaba white recipe?

  11. I wonder if you can make this with just turmeric and black salt and like silken tofu or chick pea flour or something (almost like the edible water bottle thing)

  12. My inner Asian ancestors were raging when she had to measure 1000 grams of water. IT'S A LITRE OF AQUA FOR CHRIST SAKE!

  13. "in west hollywood… in LA" i can sense us angelenos getting irked by this.. LA IS A CITY AND A COUNTY NOT A STATE !!!!!!!! sorry i just get annoyed too much with outsiders day LA for every part of SoCal -.-

  14. I'm glad I came here to see somone spend half an hour and a dishwasher full of dishes just to make an egg rather then just eat an egg. Fucking vegans XD

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