I Tried Following A Troom Troom Cooking Tutorial

I Tried Following A Troom Troom Cooking Tutorial

what did we do wrong we forget to put
something in it this makes me a little nervous it’s not the big reveal is this your
first gingerbread man this is my first gingerbread man and hopefully my last hi
Jarvis I’m YouTube it’s the holidays and the holidays are when you’re supposed to
reflect on the past year and spend quality time with your loved ones and
the people who are most important to you in life like family and friends but I
thought who better to spend a little chunk of our holiday cheer with then
trim trim a ridiculous DIY channel with life hacks as weird as they are useless
redhead finds an amazing candy here it is it’s my reward for a shopping shrimp
shrimp is well-known across YouTube for its clickbait thumbnails its nameless
characters like blondie and blue-eyed girl this is the blue-eyed girl and for
the mystery of who actually runs the channel oh and it’s obsessive desire to
stay topical but I wouldn’t know anything about that I last talked about
trim trim in a video so lovingly titled trim trim is the worst channel on
YouTube and since then there have been some developments I mean trim trim is
still making some weird like recently they started posting a bunch of these
unicorn hack videos whatever the fuck that means miss Gonzalez brings unicorn
to school from what I can tell this isn’t even as genre it’s just something
that trim trim made up but more importantly box profile trim trim and
some other channels recently and discovered that trim trim isn’t operated
like a traditional company because of course it’s not according to them it’s
the result of the collective mind which I’m going to leave my computer for a
while I’ll take my mouse with me you never know who wanders around here I
mean it makes sense also they interviewed me for this article as I’m
assuming a thought leader in hating trimmed room and before I build that
reputation for myself I feel like I haven’t given trim trim a fair shake so
today we’re putting trim trim to the test so this weekend I went
to trim trims YouTube channels because apparently about something I do now and
this was the first video that I saw it’s called a DIY giant vs. miniature
Christmas candy now a trim trim is famous for their clickbait thumbnails
but this one is especially ridiculous because it’s just the gingerbread man
from Shrek except he’s gigantic and just chilling with red head while
she paints on the rest of his mouth but obviously this is clickbait droom droom
because do you really expect me to believe that you got to hang out with
one of the most famous gingerbread men of our time also is the couch really the
right place to be applying glaze now I’m gonna click this video alright and I
really hope I really hope that they bring the gingerbread man of hers wreck
to life in a giant form and and in Isis mouth on the couch
that sounds inappropriate but I’ve watched too many trims from videos I
know the vistas clickbait and and if it is I’m gonna try to do it anyway a giant gingerbread man yeah okay maybe
we’re getting a little loose with the word giant but I’ll bite no pun intended
redhead finds a box with a cookie inside but she’s not
don’t eat that found the box with one cookie inside it’s something a trap
redhead quietly finishes the entire cookie on her own Emma doesn’t even get
a tiny piece but Emma knows where to find an entire gingerbread colony I
think it’s time Nash five ounces of butter with the same amount of sugar no
this seems like an actual recipe how hard could it be
grocery outlet where groceries can get out their feelings you know honestly I’m
impressed at how well stocked Grocery Outlet is at affordable prices where
else are you gonna get some beef rub for only $2.99 elsewhere it’s it’s $9.99 so
so get your beef beef ribs here all right so we need five ounces of butter
and I have 16 ounces of butter here which is more than that
I assume this is at least five ounces of sugar you know what we probably actually
had sugar at my apartment we did but I can find it it’s brown sugar
maybe the sugars in this all right okay why is this in her kitchen
oh they’re measuring cups okay I’m not as upset I believe they’re using white
sugar in the recipe but I can only find a brown sugar in my kitchen am i ruining
the recipe let me know in the comments down below the recipe at the beginning
was fairly easy to follow but we spent a lot of time doing measurements oh yeah
her cup eight so eight ounces in a cup how many why is my brand like this
what’s happening okay so I’m just gonna use these
Russian Russian nesting dolls I had a bit of trouble getting the brown sugar
out of the bag I promise I’m like a perfectly functioning human having a lot
of trouble here one hey this is a hat right yeah we’re not going to ask any
questions great according to my fifth-grade fractions
there were third grade whenever you learn fractions that is five ounces of
sugar I have no questions so far everything has been easy to follow up
I’m just bad at cooking it’s not your fault
till now we mash these together this seems like so much sugar it smells very
sweet and melted in a microwave we’ve gotta melt this in a microwave is
this microwave safe no it’s made of metal it never says I’m like nervous I
switch bowls cook dust until it’s melted I don’t know how long it takes to melt
so we’ll see if it starts this spark or something oh this is pretty multi it
smells so buttery pour in five ounces of honey I had a lot of trouble getting the
honey out of the bottle who’s gonna take a while
can I shake it get up close this one shake it it’s pathetic actually what do
you look getting honey out of should I even use the nose I feel if this makes
you want to unsubscribe how does anybody work with honey
how do bears deal with this I think you put that in that grave and loosen it up
I’m smart then I would totally understand it’s obvious why I don’t have
a cooking show because I don’t want to make everyone else jealous okay yeah now
it’s way better now I feel like I’m like melting this this poor bear like
draining him of his lifeblood what a sad sight yeah family see that it looks
Oh soon so delicious and fun and good like pure butter so to me it smells like
honey and butter honey butter that’s the thing it seems like I’ve never sat in
the kitchen the people add two eggs and mix it now we’ve got two great
medium grade double-a eggs I sound like batteries I don’t know what
that means really diem medium grade eggs that’s reasonable I guess they are great
double-a so that’s nice only Honor Roll eggs for me no shell
spit money in the shells like way harder shells and I was anticipating but it
made it also just be that like starting to like feel very molasses II like very
thick add what teaspoon of cinnamon wow that smells strong I mean we haven’t
added the ginger yet but it’s starting to smell very festive it’s probably just
all the sugar now obviously the recipe calls for
cinnamon so I just I don’t know how many of these we need this is enough for a
gingerbread man and one teaspoon of ground ginger we also need ground ginger
I couldn’t find the ginger so I turned the whole grocery store upside down
ground ginger I feel so accomplished now he had a teaspoon of ginger because
it’s not a gingerbread man without mmm man this is like a drug I feel like I’m
in Breaking Bad right now I am the one who knocks
gradually add 25 ounces of flour and knead the dough all-purpose you can use
a spar for anything as presented by the Pillsbury Doughboy himself ah nice and
gradual okay starting to form Wow this is needs science as the dill got thicker
my wrist started hurting so I decided to go in with my hands cuz that’s something
I’ve seen on TV we helped me pull back my sleeves kneading the dough with my
hands was really fun and caused me to make an important discovery it’s like
play-doh like I guess that’s why they call it play-doh because it’s like dough
I’m 26 years old so the instructions said to like stencil
out a gingerbread man on two piece of construction paper and then and then
like roll out the dough with a rolling pin but I did not have construction
paper nor a rolling pin so I just free handed it and then used a water bottle
as my rolling pin which was surprisingly effective we’ve got a pretty pretty flat
dough I’m pretty excited about this now we’ve got a free hand our gingerbread
man I’m just gonna go for it and go for it I did all right so it’s not perfect
but for free hinge it’s not bad right I think then we cut him out after freeing
our gingerbread man from his dough a confinement it was time to put him in
the other anybody in there I’m coming in we have a lot of leftover dough I wonder
what we should do with this doesn’t use it for foreshadowing and bake it for 20
minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit welcome back you’re just in time we’re
about to put the gingerbread man into the oven that’s been preheated to 300
degrees for 20 minutes here we go don’t try this at home I thought we were
putting the wax paper in you can’t put wax paper in the oven so now only wait
20 minutes for the glaze mix 10 ounces of powdered sugar juice of half of a
lemon and a little water okay Glee’s now it’s time to
upon our man okay when we took the gingerbread out of the oven I think our
first reaction was confusion I don’t know what color he’s supposed to be
it’s literally lighter than the dough this is done it’s unclear I don’t that
does not look them to me it just tastes a go that’s because it was definitely a
little bit lighter than I expected also he has a bit of a boil you might want to
go to the dermatologist and get that one checked out
should we put back in the oven before we put it back in the oven
I thought flipping it might help was hard what did we do wrong overall I
think we followed the recipe fine and we made something that resembled
gingerbread it just tasted horrible participant add food colorings I think
now we need like food coloring right what does coloring food colorings color
for all of them one two three we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a
Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas and please taste better
eventually we gave up and finally took the gingerbread out of the oven it’s
just so soft did we forget to put something in it
I mean we forgot to put I don’t know gingerbread good things just kind of
smell burnt this is so bad I think I could eat more cinnamon cinnamon I
didn’t imagine what single thing would make this taste trash want to eat
applesauce when they put in honey it kind of looked like applesauce so I’m
just gonna grab applesauce just in case this is a much better gingerbread man
harder to read man and decorate the gingerbread man now that you’ve got your
perfect gingerbread yeah it’s time to decorate you’ve already prepared your
icing our guy didn’t turn out so hot but we can still decorate them and make them
look cool so oh god that’s very runny now we’re gonna
give him a bowtie we’ve got a bowtie now so that’s cool we’re gonna give him a
smile and then I and then another I perfect so he’s basically perfect but he
needs one last touch a murder weapon you tell us like plank from Ed Edd and Eddy
it’s so heavy holy crap really maybe those are problem it was in that
moment that I realized we we probably didn’t need the dough for long enough
because it was super dense it’s a good baby
how does it support the neck it feels like cardboard tastes like something
you’d build a house out of all right let’s uh reproduce the son nail at that
point we finished the tutorial so it was time to take our gingerbread man to the
couch and try to recreate this house looks very menacing just sitting there
when I rub the knife against it it sounds like I hit some concrete does
that not sound like something I could sharpen mistake he’s made of metal they
said that you would be born but you proved him wrong and business
professional but it truly does feel like like a corkboard oh god his full head is
broken don’t report this to Child Protective Services it’s like something
you’re not supposed to eat try it this is my friend Andy by the way who’s been
behind the camera the whole time it did not get better at school there’s a solid
three my buddy superb ah so after following
trim trims to toriel we did technically end up with something that could legally
be qualified as gingerbread but the sides of our gingerbread man was nowhere
near the size of the thumbnails so we improvised so to make a bigger
gingerbread man the one we had we knew we would have to build it in parts
because our pans were only so big and we started with the head using the leftover
dough from our first batch hey not bad and then for the other limbs we actually
made a whole new batch of gingerbread and changed some ingredients around to
try to make it taste better we made the head of our gingerbread man
with the old formula and we put it in the oven for too long so he has a very
dark head you have a very dark head and very light arms but don’t judge them for
that second batch of dough ended up being way stickier than the first so I
needed help getting it off of my hands we also tried chilling the dough because
we heard that helpless it didn’t also we knew we had to bake our gingerbread man
in parts but we really didn’t consider the fact that at some point our
gingerbread man would need to be in one piece and that presented a problem
because then we had to stick all those parts together what you doing i frying
gummy bears I think that we can use gummy bears as a cement for the arms and
a head of our giant gingerbread man I think bears have had a hard time this
video like I had to squeeze a bear for all the tiny Mandie and heat him up
until he died and then now I’m heating up bears again take this and place it
directly upon arm and then I’m gonna press real hard we’re gonna hope that it
binds it enough to hold on to the arms so that it stands out and with all that
way there are a few complications we are broke well we waited for our
gummybear cement to set we put the finishing touches on our gingerbread man
and got ready for the big reveal okay I think it’s time for the big
reveal I’ve got to carefully carry this to the couch so that we could recreate
this damn trim trim thumbnail so do you know the muffin man our end result was
mixed my friend Spencer described it as a badly burned beach dolphin and when my
new roommate sighed she screamed so yeah mixed I’m proud of my son
so it stood up on the couch just fine but the heat from the lights that we
were using causes the ice ogre melting I’ve ruined him so then I just gave up
and went full serial killer now it’s a horror movie
you’ve heard of Elf on a shelf but have you heard of gingerbread man on a
murdering spree then came time for the final taste test wow it is better but
not by much then I coerced anity to try it this makes me a little nervous
what part saying so close you have to look at him if you break eye contact
you’ll strike he looks hungry how’s it it’s hard wood tastes like
cardboard with a hint of cinnamon in retrospect it makes perfect sense to me
that the recipe doesn’t taste good because turns room probably doesn’t
expect anyone to ever try anything in their videos I’m gonna move away from
this thing now it’s coming after you so trim trim led us astray I mean is anyone
surprised he might be a monster but he’s our little monster overall terms recipe
was very bad or I’m a very bad cook which is true but I just I just can’t
imagine then it was my fault I mean maybe let me know in the comments
if you know where I went wrong we look at other gingerbread recipes
there were several ingredients that we’re missing from trim trims like like
a molasses mistakes everyone makes when making gingerbread let’s find out the
first thing is using the kind of molasses there was not me and
there has to be whatsoever I think what we came out with was a very structurally
sound gingerbread with little thought to its taste
overall I’m glad I did this I don’t really think I’m being too hard on
unturned trim I think they I think they know what they’re doing but it was it
was pretty fun to follow along so I’ll give him that like the entertainment
value is there I just wish that we made something that we could eat if you’re
wondering why I didn’t have legs it because I didn’t want him to run away
from my love thanks to Vanessa mochi follow me on
Instagram I have no idea if I’m saying that right if you want me to measure
your name follow me on instagram or twitter at jarvis I was originally
planning to do a different video this week on seven second riddles but I got
carried away with this idea so I hope you enjoyed it that one will be coming
next week anyway see ya also buy my merch if everything ok bye


  1. While it is good that you did not end up putting the metal bowl in the microwave, it is also not great that you put the honey bear in the microwave as it is not microwave safe plastic— and putting melted plastic into you food is generally not the best idea.

  2. Bruh you was supposed to use flour for baking now all purpose flour 🤦🏾‍♀️ well I guess it was troom troom fault 😂

  3. I think over kneading cookie dough makes it more dense. It’s not the same as bread dough. But this was hilarious to watch

  4. My country making a cake 🇭🇹:

    1: put 2 eggs
    2: try to measure whit your mind 1/2 (no need measuring cups cuz its ain't shit)
    3: a normal cup of milk or water
    4: add sugar (if not sweet enough put sugar until you have diabetes)
    7:no icing on the cake cuz it will be too much sugar
    8:enjoy the tiniest peace in the world (after eat cornflakes cuz that shit good)

  5. 911 what is your problem
    Jarvis my friends head is cracked
    911 okay we will be there right away
    911 wait that is a gingerbread man
    Jarvis yeah who cares help him
    911 sorry we aren’t chefs
    Jarvis no my friend he is dead

  6. someone needs to introduce Jarvis to Ann reardon from How To Cook That so he can learn how to properly make some gingerbread

  7. Maybe the fact that you used brown sugar instead of white has something to do with the taste and texture. I mean I took 2 years of culinary in highschool but what do I know.

  8. the brown sugar made the cookie too dense, its basically like cooking with molasses in sand form. Troom Troom also neglected to mention that you must sacrifice virgin blood to an elder god before any and all baking attempts. Its not uncommon to leave this step out, as its usually considered 'common knowledge'.

  9. Y'all put in the wrong sugar. When making sugar cookies you need white sugar, as it is sweeter than brown sugar. Also you need a whisk to stir things, not a spatula. (Sorry if this sounds hater-ish, I'm just really weird about pastries)

  10. Everyone's saying how dumb it was to use brown sugar instead of white sugar. I'm just here like…. I can't even make pasta

  11. Do you know who cheap items stores manipulate to make a profit?

    22 year old youtubers which make videos that make weird Gingerbread men that are humongous and taste horrible, from a suspicious YouTube life hack channel that is making a profit off clickbait thumbnails.

  12. In. The end you were sitting with the ginger bread man at the window imagine someone walks there and thy like “ is he about to make out with a ginger bread men “

  13. This hurts to watch

    why is he pouring the spices those spoons would fit in the bottles

    It's fine fam I don't have a rolling pin either I usually use like a wine bottle

  14. I feel like other people have mentioned this, but I think Troom Troom was measuring in ounces and you were measuring in fluid ounces, which are different things…
    I doubt the recipe would have worked anyway though.

  15. He’s light because he doesn’t have molasses but you did read that.
    More butter is required (probably more sugar too, not honey) cookie recipes don’t usually melt the butter because that defeats the purpose of the creaming process, too little cinnamon, too little ginger, it’s hard to tell about flour cus and probably the worst instructions they gave you, you don’t need cookies. As soon as they’re mix stop. Mixing too much or needing makes cookies not light and soft.
    I think even the glaze is wrong glazed I’ve made are usually powdered sugar and milk

  16. actually, he technically did use molasses because he used brown sugar instead of the sugar they used in the video. (molasses is what makes brown sugar brown and also why it's so difficult to get it out of the bag.)

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