I Sacrificed Myself To Save Lives Of 30 People || Best True Stories Animated

I Sacrificed Myself To Save Lives Of 30 People || Best True Stories Animated

Hi, there! My name is Abigail and I am thirteen years
old. Recently my whole life has turned into a complete
mess. I even started thinking that I’d lost my mind
after the horrible thing that happened in my family. But the thing is – I am afraid of my dreams. And I have a reason to be. There was not even a hint of misery in our
family and I lived a completely ordinary life with my beloved mother and father. My mom was a housewife and my dad had recently
gotten a really high-up position at a trading company. It was cool, but he had to go away often on
business trips and my mom and I missed him a lot. But then everything changed for the worse. My father was about to come back from another
city, so I was very excited. I went to bed late that night. I closed my eyes and… I saw something incredible. My father and I were watching a star fall
in the forest. He was telling me about the constellations,
when suddenly the ground started shaking. My dad slipped and fell into the darkness. He called for me and screamed for help, but
I couldn’t breathe or move. Then there was a flash of light and… I was sitting on my bed with my eyes wide
open. It took me a while to realize it was just
a dream, but I couldn’t sleep a wink afterward. I thought I could still hear my father’s voice
calling me. And I couldn’t calm myself down, so I went
to my mom’s bedroom and told her about my nightmare with tears in my eyes. I was terrified, and I felt like we had to
call my dad and check on him. My mom thought that it was a crazy idea to
call him in the middle of the night, but I insisted. And my dad was really surprised to hear a,
‘Hey, are you OK?’ question at three in the morning, but thankfully
he was alright. He came back home safe and sound. My mom and I made a special dinner for him
and we all made jokes about that crazy dream of mine. The next morning my dad took me to school. He winked at me and said: “We will probably
find that forest with the shooting stars one day.” Then he laughed his funny laugh and drove
to work. Little did I know that this was the last time
I would see my father. I was still at school, when my mom called
me. Her voice was trembling. She said that my dad felt really bad at work
and he had been taken to the hospital. My legs just gave out from under me when I
heard that. It was something called a perforated ulcer
and by the time we arrived at the hospital, my father had already died. My mom and I felt absolutely lost and broken
and we both cried our eyes out. My mom has always been pretty skeptical about
anything mystic, but she said: “”Oh, how I wish we knew you had a prophetic dream!”” Of course, this very thought was already torturing
me. Was it a horrible coincidence? I had no more doubts. I saw my dream, I had a chance to prevent
this tragedy, but I failed it! I felt so bad about it that I could not stop
beating myself up over it. I even started thinking that it was my dream
that made it all happen! I started keeping myself awake as long as
possible, because I was afraid I would have another fateful nightmare. I finally drove myself to insomnia and total
depression. My mom tried to do her best to comfort me
and to persuade me that none of it was my fault, but that didn’t help much. She even took me to the doctor. But there were no psychiatrists or sleeping
pills that could help me. My entire school was aware of what had happened
and my classmates were pointing fingers and whispering behind my back. Some of them really believed I had superpowers
or something and even asked me to predict their future, which was no help to my growing
madness. It was all just so ridiculous, but it all
made me deeply convinced in my higher purpose. And believe it or not, destiny gave me another
chance. Summer came and we were about to go on our
annual school camping trip. My mom insisted that I had to go, to clear
my head. And then it happened again. I was lying on the sofa, I closed my eyes
and saw… a yellow school bus. It was driving down the road. Then I realized I was inside that bus. There were all my classmates and friends there,
but they were all sleeping. I was sitting next to my best friend. I started shaking her, but she would not wake
up. Suddenly she opened her eyes and they were
empty and hollow! I looked around and saw what seemed like millions
of those zombie eyes staring at me. I screamed and sprung up on the sofa. It took me a moment to come to my senses. I could not fail now! There were so many lives at stake! I had to warn them all!” ” Luckily we were supposed to have homeroom
after our classes that day. When our teacher brought up the camping topic,
I jumped out of my chair and asked if I could say something. I was all shook up. I was standing in front of the whole class
and I told them that they had to cancel the trip and to not go there under any circumstances. I told them about my dream and warned them
that they were all in danger. And I got the response that I was actually
expecting. Everybody was looking at me as if I were absolutely
crazy. Nobody believed me. Nobody listened to me, but I couldn’t just
let them die out there. I had to figure out a way to stop the trip. On the departure day when everybody was gathering
near the bus, I took a moment, when the driver walked away, and snuck inside. I couldn’t drive, but I randomly started pressing
buttons and finally found the one that shut the doors. Of course, everyone noticed this and saw me
inside the bus. They all started banging on the doors and
windows. But I wouldn’t move. I was sure I was doing the right thing. But I failed again. It turned out that it was not that hard to
open the doors, so as soon as the driver came back, he got inside pretty easily. The teacher was so angry with me. She said that I was not going anywhere as
my punishment. So, I had nothing more to do but just watch
the bus with all those kids drive far away to a certain death. I was in despair. I went home, turned the TV on and sat down,
ready to hear the news about a bad accident on the road or something like that. I stayed like that, watching for bad news
until really late at night and then finally fell asleep. But when I woke up in the morning, there was
still no bad news, and on the day afterward, and on the day they returned, and even a month
later. You can’t imagine how happy and relieved I
felt. I was crying with joy when they all came back
alive. All of my friends are really just trying to
support me now. They say they are grateful for me because
I was so determined to save them, but that I just had to get the idea out of my head
and to get over it.” But that’s easier said than done. I definitely sleep better now, but I still
have those fears and worries because of what happened to my poor dad. Hopefully time will heal it one day. Sometimes I like to imagine that my father
has found that very magic forest with the shooting stars. I will probably meet him there one day. Have you ever had a prophetic dream? How did you react? I would be grateful if you shared your experience
with me. Feel free to share this video with your friends. I will really be waiting!


  1. Have you ever had a prophetic dream? How did you react? We would be grateful if you shared your experience with us. Feel free to share this video with your friends. I will really be waiting!

  2. I was going to slip i drimd that my BFF did so the morning i was going to min BFF hose end mi BFF's mom was ded on the flor wit ol open hed. Min BFF was on the mom end just doing some theng en min BFF lucc at me end she was holdin a guns i was so skerd i ran to min hose ent call 911 en told the hole story. It's ok if you ar like this is not true. *this is fekk put pe kerful wat you drym

  3. Title does fit the story at all. Title: “I was afraid I was having prophetic dreams.” Or the old title “ I dreamed a tragedy and it came true.” If she really sacrificed herself to save 30 people then why would she be alive to tell the story?

  4. When me and my friend get dreams before going somewhere we don't go. I trust God and his angels and we could die at any moment it won't hurt you to just believe.

  5. I always dream one thing and that is Harry Potter fighting Lord Voldemort,The battle of Hogwarts and many more scences from Harry Potter this is what i have been dreaming for 14 years straight

  6. When I was about a child I watched actually happend so I did my own story and JKJKNK JK LOL 😝 DO THE PEOPLE THAT WORK HERE WILL THINK PPL WILL ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS LOL IDIOT NOOB GET NOOBED

  7. I had a dream and it came true my friend I had a dream about his mom and she passed away and it came true I was so sad I felt terrible the having dream like that

  8. When I was in kindergarten I had a dream about first grade I could not see the teacher or hear her. I could see the room though. I get to first grade and the room is the same as in the dream.

  9. My grandpa had a dream that he died and he told it to us and five days later he actually died😭😭 but he’s the most beautiful star in the sky⭐️

  10. I’ve had 27 prosthetic dreams not that interesting though mostly just what will happen on regular days I did stop myself from getting a broken arm doe

  11. I have no idea but i know some of you guys dream about the future and and when you wake up you say its all a dream just ignore it then it happend we all have that sis its actually a common thing

  12. Damn i had a dream that i was after in after school program but every thing was so covered in vines and plant you couldnt even see the sky just a bit we were just doing random stuff till the staff got a call from the walkie talkie that said guys this is a active shooter drill GET IN NOW so we all got in a line fast and got in i dunno how the guy got in as we hid in corner we heard the door being knocked but the door failed and fell down we all ran out the emergency door then the shooter followed us then the crafts staff got shot then 5 or 9 kids got shot then……. me ⊙^⊙

  13. This is just coincidence and there is really no real proof that she did anything. I’m not tying to be a cunt but this is the only thing that was in my head the entire time

  14. Haven't watched the video yet but the thumb nail "I sacrificed myself for 30 people" then how on freaking Earth are you telling this story??????

  15. i had a dream where my parents’s bedroom became a backyard with a t-rex in it and everyone was hiding in the backyard while i was hiding in the trash.

  16. My dream life my grandpa always weird and he had iPads that would be a good son and he was black not he was like a very tone color and I woke up as soon as I touched him and then I fell right asleep I don’t know that I was apologizing or not but is your heart share this video with your friends please

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