I React To Googling Reviewbrah

I React To Googling Reviewbrah

Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching I’m your host TheReportOfTheWeek well a Pleasant whatever time it might be for you when you’re watching this that’s the intro of the day Or perhaps intro of the early morning, but I’m actually filming this You know I tell you Sometimes and I don’t really do this very much anymore. I used to do it a couple years ago It would be a constant source of both entertainment and worry at the same time. So I’ve kind of just you know, you let it go and sometimes you get a kick out of it anyway But sometimes what I used to do and I decided to check this out today and sure enough It’s still still the same as it ever was Sometimes I’ll go ahead and I’ll kind of you know, google The name my youtube channel You know how sometimes you search up the report of the week or a review bra? and I just look at some of the really weird stuff that pops up and Sure enough. It’s still going. For instance. Let’s check out the good old images of Google Google Images, I guess as we all call it nowadays Breaking out the good old laptop today Let’s see what we got. Yep Same as it ever was Let’s see what we got. First thing that I see is this glorious picture of me there This one was taken in 2013. It’s a it’s probably one of the most well known pictures of me This is the time when I actually did decide to get the one coat because I always say You know shop a little on the bigger side because you’ll grow into it. So sure enough I went there I you know, I bought a couple sizes up and I guess I hadn’t thrown into that outfit fully at the time you know, I’m still kind of like in a I Guess in a metamorphosis so to speak so that’s just one of the the unfortunate semi rare pictures of me You know just still kind of kind of growing into that that code but thankfully the good news. Is it fits now? This good one it’s like up here five times. I guess. I guess people can’t get enough of this one That picture there I mean It looks like a really cool action shot right like this is the day where I finally had that energy drink looks like it was some sort of monster beverage and This is just the day that it finally just just broke my soul That I will lost all hope and everything and that was it You know like that that that is esta a cry of anguish and despair Now when I first saw the house sitting there I remember I was sitting I was looking at that picture and I was thinking to myself wait a minute What what did I do in that video that even that he even warranted such an expression because I I didn’t even know myself Oh sure enough. I was looking and I rechecked it and I realized that was just uh I was just making a weird face and someone happened to catch the thumbnail and you know snip it out and make it as something else but oh, well, we’ll just pretend that it was a Career-ending moment right there caught on film as they’d like to say Do we have any other good stuff? This this one I’ve been I’ve been seeing pictures like this, so there’s someone that photoshopped pictures of me and You know kind of puts puts makeup on me That’s too good. I I don’t understand why I Have no idea just that’s what happens and that’s just the way it goes There’s a picture of me while I was kind of growing into the suits that’s when I be at the gym all the time hitting up the benchpress and You know doing what I gotta do There’s there’s another picture, I mean this one was actually when I was a little newborn baby was just really grown into the clothing But again, it’s good to just be proactive, you know start young work your way up better safe than sorry that’s the approach that I like to take in to things and You know, that’s what that’s what’s been working out anyway, and that’s just you know, it’s it’s an evolutionary picture That’s all that I have to say to you there But otherwise, you know you search through and you see all sorts of crazy stuff. You see some stuff. You see some funny stuff yeah, you see some hateful and offensive stuff, too, but Then you forget about that stuff, you know You put it you put it aside and you try your best not to let it get to ya, you know That’s the most important thing to do Let’s see if there’s any other things that are coming up here. What do we what do we have? What do we have? Let’s see. What see what see. Oh What’s this when your teacher Thinks you’re studying but you actually film in your next food review That’s mommy look on that idiot there Look at him He’s got he’s got the suit on he’s got The notebook back as if as if the teachers not gonna seem to he’s filming a covert food review. I got the meme. Yeah, good stuff right there Let’s see. What else we got No, there’s a selfie how old are you question? Idk, between ten and forty five what send a pic? And well, that’s the result If I were to give a guess though on that one, I would say it’s more between Maybe eleven and forty four forty five is kind of pushing it but if Tomato tomahto right? That’s us that’s us my opinion. Just by the way, the little pail falls in that picture, but you know, it’s 45 he’s 45 So be it I guess What else do we have here? Let’s see Thanks for watching I was your host the report of the week and Then it all just disintegrates What a fascinating world. We live in ladies and gentlemen Sometimes what I’ll do is I’ll search up the Twitter too sometimes you know, I have a Twitter account now that it for about a year and I don’t really Tweet too much out, you know, sometimes a tweet some stupid picture and promote a video on it of the radio Broadcaster, you know if there’s anything else that’s on my mind Sometimes I’ll I’ll be a serial tweeter if they say and I just go all laugh, but usually that doesn’t happen But sometimes and I don’t see the Twitter is a little more on the quiet side than I would have thought But sometimes I’ll check. You know, sometimes I see what people have to say Yeah, sometimes again, you’ll see some pretty crazy stuff here this one From urban dictionary I guess Reviewbrah, I Guess they have a definition The based god of food reviews someone who wears suits every day browses shortwave radio stations and logs them writes letters to said stations on a typewriter and still uses the 2006 Windows Vista PC Actually that definition is incorrect. Someone’s got a you got to make a petition or something to fix it because it is no longer a 2006 Windows Vista PC I actually had an upgrade and now I’ve moved on to the laptop It’s a great computer works out wonderfully, but we did have to retire the Vista machine, but it was a very good computer, you know anyway, what is what is here’s a God among men and he is based as F and then I suppose they have a dialogue between two individuals one who goes by the name Spencer the other who goes by the name Andrew Spencer begins Hey, did you see the new video from review brah? Andrew replies nah, man, but I did see the new Joey review Spencer in Little stars, so this money star here and there’s one star here Teleports behind you I don’t know if it means if he’s teleporting behind you the reader or Andrew I don’t know. I guess he’s teleporting behind you. So I guess as you’re watching this, I guess I guess that Spencer is behind you now. Just trying to decipher this anyway, he’s behind you and he continues um the Andrew I suppose then turns around and says, I’m sorry Senpai I finally see the error of my ways Spencer I suppose in a forgiving tone replies And he’s you know, he’s patting you on the shoulder. It’s okay review brah always forgives DD su d su Well, there you have it that’s the official Urban Dictionary definition Of what I am I suppose So if you ever if you ever sit there and you’re kind of watching these videos and you’re wondering, you know What what what is this? Well now, you know, and I hope that was an accurate articulate definition that really answered all of your questions and Maybe even a few more questions and you really wanted answer, but I hope it I hope it took care of everything for you And then This one popped up after it. I I always get review brought his most Unfortunate moments when I pause his videos No, that’s that looks good. That’s a good view of my bottom. Teeth right there. That’s not an unfortunate mean. That’s great That’s a that’s a rare picture actually most of the time you can’t even see my teeth So no, you got a good one. Got a good one. You should be giving yourself a pat on the back right there That’s all that I have for you. I was this dude I wanted to make a miscellaneous video today because I’ve just gone through so many Food reviews and I was trying this out. I was trying that Pete’s out I was trying to the demented chicken strips out from Sonic. I was trying out the incredible Donut fries from Dunkin Donuts, and I thought well I want to do something Maybe I just want to do a video who I react to something Exciting getting so many requests to do this. I mean, I’ve been getting so many people that have just been emailing me commenting saying when you’re gonna do another react video and a Lot of people, you know, they’ve they’ve been really funny. They’ve been kind of sending me different pictures and stuff, you know memes whatever Tell me to react to them pieces of fan art and it’s just a lot of fun but if you want to help contribute, you know, you can shoot me an email at a [email protected] and You know, you never know your help is always always welcome if you’d like to do so That’s all that I have for you. This is just a little miscellaneous video that I wanted to do Hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll be seeing you in a couple days with another video. Thank you. Take care I’m your host TheReportOfTheWeek.


  1. i love how he just cracks jokes every few seconds and pauses for half a second with a blank look the continues talking

  2. I wish he was my neighbor, and on weekend mornings we could shoot the breeze while getting the mail. So much character

  3. It's like he forgives me for laughing every nanosecond second whilst continuing to provide the undeserving peasant (me) with world class reviews

    And he is also probably an alien

  4. you can tell by the look on his face that he really likes the way he looks in the makeup pictures, could you blame him?

  5. i dont know if he did it on purpose, but he kept repeating "same as it ever was" which is also repeated in a song by a man famous for wearing oversized suits.

  6. Those demented chicken wings must of passed through him quickly, he ripped out a massive fart at the end there before he rushed off to the toilet bowl

  7. The reason he didn't get the Infinite War reference must be becuase he got snapped in actual real life and never got to see the movie

  8. Brah! I just subed zeroed to ur channel because of the way u handle all the tuff critics 🤣keep on keeping on ✊🏽

  9. You are not out there doing drugs or selling them, you are not out there taking women for granted, getting laid or playing with them or destroying them. You are literally not doing anything bad or wrong. I see nothing wrong about you. Keep your head up and continue being you. I support your channel. You are a great kid and I have respect for you, you carry yourself well. Haters gonna hate. You are yourself and you are unique, people hate that.

  10. I must say, I find TROTW unique and entertaining. Whilst I am slightly disgusted watching him actually eat in a live setting (nothing against Running on Empty Brahh (ROEB? ROEBrah?)…I feel that way if I am zoomed in and focused watching anyone eat (or anything, especially mommy hamsters who have decided to mimic your channel, substituting their young for fast food fare). Your best videos are the ones reviewing the you that you play on Youtube. Keep up the good work. Smileyface Smileyface Box Box Box Smiley face with the tears coming out on the sides Elle, oh Elle

  11. I think that his suit is like a shell of a crustacean, he is born with it and he's slowly growing into it. also look at the hands, he clearly descends from some kind of crab.

  12. i love the 1940's style clothes you wear. i wear them a lot and do my hair all curled up, i love everything about around those times except the wars and some small things like how women didn't have too many rights, but they were growing.

  13. Everytime I see you, you make me feel like taking a shower to be as fresh as you 🤣🤣🤣
    Cheers from Mexico bro 🇲🇽❤️ I like your videos

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