– Mm, mm mm mm. (“Law and Order” music) ♪ Even better than I
was the last time baby ♪ ♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ We back ♪ ♪ I’m good ♪ – Wassup, you know what? I need some chapstick. There. Okay, so lemme put on
some lip gloss real quick and get this video started. Wassup family? If you wanna join my family you just gotta click
Subscribe, it’s that easy. So today I will be
eating only yellow foods and I’m super excited about it because yellow is my favorite color. Let me know below if yellow
is your favorite color. I have this spiritual deep
connection with the color yellow. The color yellow makes me happy, and it just represents a
whole lot of other things like hope, joy, cheerful, life, all that. Okay. Gotta spray this face. (clicking) Y’all, already know what time it is? It’s time for breakfast. (door clicking) I do need to get a light. I need to get a light in my fridge, You ain’t gotta call me out,
you ain’t gotta do that. Let’s see here, mm, so the
only thing that I see in here is some eggs, once you whip these things, they’re yellow, so we’re having eggs, which is perfect because
I need my protein. (laid-back music) (clinking) Gonna throw some butter up in this pan, and thank you Lord, thank
God butter is yellow, wow. This butter right here is going
to save my whole entire day. Like I promise you, this
is gonna do it for me. (sizzling) Mmm. Eggs. Oh hold on, ’cause if I
got some cheese in here, some yellow cheese. (rustling) (sighing) – [Woman] Oh my god, you
got a different, oh my god. – Heck, hell. (rustling) – [Men] Damn! – I’m a little bummed that I didn’t have no yellow cheese. I like cheese on my
eggs, who else, who else? (slamming) Dear lord, please bless this food and let it be nourishment to my body, Lord put some, put some
imaginary cheese upon this, please lord, let it taste like
there’s cheese on these eggs, in Jesus’ name, amen. (light relaxing music) Okay, so, I didn’t consider what to drink. Um, Starbucks has lemonade,
let’s go to Starbucks. Ugh. Hurry up. This light is so long. I wanna cheese danish from Starbucks, but is that yellow? I mean it got a yellow tint to it. – [Starbucks Worker] Thank
you for choosing Starbucks, what can I get started for you? – Can I have your grande lemonade? – [Starbucks Worker] Absolutely. – Do y’all have any like
mango syrup or flavoring? I’m trying to make like a mango lemonade. – [Starbucks Worker] Ah, do you wanna go with the mango dragon fruit
Refresher with lemonade? – Sure. – [Starbucks Worker]
I’ll repeat that again. So we’re gonna do a mango
dragon fruit Refresher with lemonade, we’re doing
that grande, you said? – Yes. – [Starbucks Worker]
Fantastic, and that comes with, like, little berries in it, but you could take those
out, if you wanna do it with just, like, the
flavoring and the lemonade? – Yeah, take the berries out, please. – [Starbucks Worker] Gotcha,
let me add that all up. All right, wonderful,
what else for you today, anything for lunch? – Um, no thanks, that’ll be all. – [Starbucks Worker] Comes to $4.54. – Thank you. – [Starbucks Worker] Thank you. (sighing) (sniffing) It definitely smell like weed outside. Somebody hitting the blunt. Lemme hit that. I mean it could be a plant, but I know the smell,
trust me, I’m familiar. (beeping) I like your pink hair. – [Starbucks Worker] Thank
you, I like your shirt. – Thank you. – [Starbucks Worker] Did
you wanna receipt today? – Um, no thanks. – [Starbucks Worker] Yeah, sure, like with our lemonades
we have these Refreshers, and it’s mango dragon fruit, strawberry acai, and
the very berry hibiscus. – Mhmm. – [Starbucks Worker] And
you can take the berries out so you don’t have all that extra stuff and it’s just like a flavored lemonade. – Okay. – [Starbucks Worker] I think
at one point we had like just a mango syrup, maybe
they’ll bring it back, but I don’t know any more. – Mm, hopefully.
– Hopefully. – Thank you.
– People talk about this, they say it was really good. – Okay. – [Starbucks Worker] Thank
you, have a good day. – You too. Wow, she really like had a
full conversation with me. I like that type of customer service, ’cause I’m the same type of person. When I was working up at Panera Bread, you know what, I should
definitely do a story time on some experiences that I’ve had there. What was I saying? But yeah when I was at Panera Bread, I was always, like, really friendly, just you know, how’s your day going? Or I like your shirt,
or just something nice. No matter if it was a
rainy day, a bad day, whatever it was, I never
took my frustration out on a customer, I never did that, and I don’t expect people
to do it to me, period. Ooh. Ooh. This is good. I know I was so loud just now. Mm. So now it’s actually time for
me to go pick up my brother because he needs to go to the store, and I’m like, hey, I need
to go to the store too, so I’m gonna pick you up,
and we’re gonna go together. Ha, I really wish I had some earrings. All right, let go. Whoa, this car behind me need to back up. You know you too close to
me bruh, y’all see that? You got a red car, you need to calm down, unless, is that the police? – Where the police at? – [Woman] Yeah the police right there. – I don’t know but he better chill out. (camera shuttering) Mm, that’s cute, follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, all that good stuff. How you doing? – [Brother] Hm, I’ve been better. – I don’t know if my
brother wants to be seen but there’s a shoulder. Give him a little. – [Brother] Ah this is not the day. – Oh, okay, he’s not having a good day. Look, don’t rain on my parade,
okay, I’m having a great day. Why aren’t you having a good day? Let me turn this camera off. (relaxing music) I don’t know, this looks
like the ratchet filet. – [Brother] I said it’s a small community. – I don’t know, my brother took me over here to the, to the, to the ‘hood. – [Brother] I take you
to the closest Food Lion. – Okay. Okay, so, we’re in Food Lion, ooh, I don’t know how
I feel about this place but you know, it’s just out of my element. Where did my brother go? He left me. – [Woman] Oh. – Oh, oh, oh, shoot. Oh no. Y’all my brother left me for dead. Dang he just, he know what he want. So, excuse me. It’s a little harder for
me to find what I need. – [Trinity] Um, any yellow chips? You know what, Lays. That’s kind of yellow. But you know what, your
girl’s still trying to, I’m trying to get snatched. Ooh. Tempting. Tempting. (rustling) Oh, perfect. – [Brother] There are six. – [Trinity] Um, I’m trying
to lose weight though, I can’t be, I wish they
just had one thing of them, okay, if I get one,
you gonna get the rest? – [Brother] Sure. Okay, cool, I’mma gonna
take one home and then I’mma just gonna give you the
rest of this ’cause — – [Brother] I like pineapple. – [Trinity] your girl
trying to live her life right, trying to make it
to heaven and I can’t eat these simple processed foods. – Boy if you don’t get — – Y’all look at this. They got Toy Story 4. The movie haven’t even came out yet and they already got an ice cream for it. Sour Patch Kids, man
that’s a little too much. But I’m curious. Should I do a video of me eating
like different ice creams? My brother, my brother,
doesn’t know it yet, but I’m actually gonna be
paying for all of his groceries. I’m not about to let him pay for it. I got him. Big sis got him. Hold on, the keys, is in here. Uh oh. Okay. Where you at keys? Oh, I’m sitting on them. Here they are. (laughing) I probably should’ve told
you that I was paying for it from the beginning, probably would’ve got some more food, huh? (Laughing) – A little more variety of stuff. But I got my essentials. Okay, my bad. (thumping) Ugh. I swear bruh, some of these roads be trying to mess up my car. Hi, can I have a large
fry, made to order, please? – [McDonald’s Worker] Okay. – And that’d be all. – [McDonald’s Worker] Your
total going to be $2.43, at the first window. Thank you. – Thank you. I might have two dollars,
and forty nine cent. Somewhere, up in here. One, two, three. four, five, six, seven, eight. Two dollars. You know what I’ve noticed, y’all? I feel like McDonald’s
has upped their security like tinted windows, smaller windows ’cause there’s a lot of people that have attacked them
through the window. – Police this is out of control! (screaming) Whoa, holy shit! – I will fucking kill you! (tires screeching) (laughing) – [McDonald’s Worker] Need any ketchup? – No thanks. Thank you, you too. Ayy. I got my fries, I got my fries. (chewing) mmm. Mm mmm mm mmm. Mm mmm mm mmm. Mmm. Mm mmm mm mmm. They’re nice and hot. By the way, this is lunch. Not a healthy lunch but I mean it got enough
calories up in here. I didn’t eat them all. I probably should’ve got a medium. I got a yellow apple and I’ve
never tasted a yellow apple before so this is gonna be interesting. Some pineapple chunks. Mango chunks actually. Ooh. I don’t know if I can eat these. If you’ve been on my channel for a minute, you kind of know that I had somewhat of allergic reaction to mangoes. But I don’t know if it
was the skin of the mango, or if I can eat it like this. I might have to risk it all. Yellow rice and who
else grew up with this? ‘Cause I grew up with it. Some macaroni and cheese. Um, I got the one, that
I was familiar with, like I believe I had this at least once. (apple crunching) Apples are kind of dangerous. I feel like it was about
to take my whole teeth out. (apple crunching) Nah, I mean, there’s nothing
special about it to me. This is why I don’t really
like apples so much. Nah. (crashing) Mangoes! Oh my gosh, I don’t know if
I’m supposed to be doing this. Dear Lord, uh, please spare me. Give me mercy Lord. I know I probably shouldn’t be doing this but since you got my back, I’m sure you’re going to
spare me this one time. (suspenseful music) (coughing) (coughing) – [Man] Got ’em, ha. – I’m not gonna eat anymore. I feel like I can have it in smoothies but I don’t wanna risk
it ’cause I don’t know what my body does whenever I eat mangoes. It’s not really when
they’re cut like that. It’s when I’m eating a whole mango and I’m dealing with the
peel and all of that. (beeping) So right now, it is about 7 o’clock and this is kind of
when I need to make sure to eat something, because I
don’t like eating late at night. It’s not healthy. You get it. I’m trying to get snatched. And by the way, I did change my shirt. It happens on a normal day. I switch out of clothes. It’s my life, this is real. So I was going to make,
for real, for real, some yellow rice with
some turmeric chicken. But instead, I’m going to be
making this mac and cheese. Which is really easy. It is microwavable. Reason being, just in case,
y’all kind of wanna be all up in my business. Honestly, something came up. That’s all I’ma say. So this kind of required
me not to really spend so much time in the
kitchen, cooking this meal. I need something fast. Life calls, I gotta go. But hey, I ain’t complaining,
I ain’t complaining about no mac and cheese. Okay. I love mac ‘n cheese. (laughing) This says it’s made a hundred
percent with real cheese. It better be. Cook four minutes on high, stir, recover, cook again for two minutes. Okay, simple. (microwave running) While that’s going, I’m
actually going to make some turmeric glow tea. This turmeric is yellow so, your girl is still
following the rules. (rustling) Here is dinner. It looks good to me. I mean it’s not better
than my mac and cheese. Dear Lord, please bless this food. Ooh I been talking to
the Lord a lot lately. Dear Lord, please bless this food and let it be nourishment to my body in Jesus’ name, pray, Amen. Like I said, this ain’t
better than my mac and cheese but it’s good. It’s good. It’s okay. (light music) That was actually pretty good. So this ends my video,
I hope you guys enjoyed. Thanks for spending the day with me, I really do appreciate
it, like y’all were here from start to finish. Shout out to the J-team for being part of my support system. I love y’all so, so much. If you wanna shout out like thing, you just gotta click Subscribe, turn on the notification bell and let me know below and that’s
it y’all you already know. Make sure to be bold, brave,
and beautiful and I will talk to y’all in my next video. Bye. (upbeat music)


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