i only ate THE SIMPSONS FOODS for 24 hours!!!

i only ate THE SIMPSONS FOODS for 24 hours!!!

It is morning time right now, and I’m about to have breakfast and for the next 24 hours I’m only gonna be eating foods that are available on The Simpsons world so if you’ve ever watched the cartoon You probably know that this is gonna be super crazy and also probably very unhealthy this is gonna. Be trashy this is gonna Be messy, and if you’re looking for actual talent. I will link Lisak OSHA’s youtube channel down below for breakfast I’m actually making two different things so right here on this side. I’ve got ingredients to make a grilled Crayon sandwich and it’s literally a cheese toastie with crayons in it. Don’t worry. This is not gonna Be that crazy. We’re not actually gonna be eating crayons, but I found a really good way to try to make it as accurate as Possible without dying even though I wouldn’t mind too much. I’d arrive in hell like yes It’s been a while and on this side right here. We’re gonna attempt to make Krusty Oh, so Chrissy, OS is like cross to the clouds parody of Cheerios I’m actually gonna start with the cheese toastie, and then we’ll do the cereal in laughs And then we’re gonna try them both together What could I potentially use this kind of similar to crayons? But it’s edible and it’s not gonna make me Poo a rainbow candy melts so if you’ve never heard of candy melts before I think this is like an American thing I ordered it like ages ago for a video, and I’m so glad I finally get to use it He says you can make candy bonbons caramello sugar titan dual sumenep Great, I’ve always wanted to make those things. He’s gonna open up the bread these bread slices are freaking massive I actually googled how to make a really good cheese toastie And he said that the secret for a really good cheese toastie is Crayons no just kidding. They say if you put mayonnaise in the cheese toastie It’s gonna make it super crispy and also super flavorful I think it’s kind of weird to cook Mayo, but I’m done for this Pinterest is shirt I could’ve used that much. I think they said just a little bit So now I’m gonna add the cheese and this is just some cheese that I got for a video Now I’m going to attempt to mix up the candy melts and make kind of like a rainbow with them And Last but not least we’re gonna add some blues You can just strategically place them on top of this, but now leave it to me to go the hard way always So I’m going to start by putting some of the blue ones. Honestly these little things kind of look like nipples Rainbow nipples why do I keep on getting video ideas? I actually can’t believe this is my workout This looks like you could actually be delicious, so I’m gonna close up our crayon sandwich I’m gonna put this in the oven now for maybe 10 minutes in the grill option, and hopefully when it comes out It’s gonna be all gooey and rainbow and delicious on the package of crusty OHS It says that includes flesh-eating bacteria, and it’s literally covered in warms, and it looks just so freakin gross And to the Cheerios I thought we could add some gummy worms except and full amount in this package On the actual package there’s a freaking warm. Why would you put it there? If you don’t sell it? This is like putting Lissa Koshi in the thumbnail and then you click in it to me These rings kind of look like worms, so I’m just gonna break them apart and Then I found this Cadbury curly whirly squirrel ace when your company is run by a three year old I think they’re like chocolate worms with like caramel on the inside. They smell incredible Right good, so we’re gonna put some of the chocolate worms oops. It’s really crispy. Just didn’t get a lot of color That Ansem are though This is actually making me say, I’m gonna mix it up It kind of looks like refried beans actually no it doesn’t I am so sorry mexican people It’s so weird, but I promise you This is like better than some cheese sauces that I’ve had in my life. I’m gonna say don’t let the looks fool you You know what just don’t don’t eat that you’re probably not gonna like it. I’m trash now I was supposed to get coconut milk, but I got oat milk instead just when you thought I couldn’t get any whiter The chocolate in cereal actually pretty good the problem is those weird gum is the very colorful ones? They made the milk taste like toxic waste it tastes freakin radioactive in here Why can’t I just have normal Cheerios for breakfast I’m actually going to try to scoop this cereal on top and to eat just the bread and the milk And hopefully I’m not gonna be too hungry, and I’ll see you guys at lunch This is bad guys because it’s not even 11:00 in the morning right now And I’m already having lunch because I didn’t eat any of the breakfast I actually couldn’t do it So I just drank a lot of the milk, so I’m starving right now But at least I think the lunch is gonna be slightly better And I just want to say that lunch looks very like this Simpsons authentic if you’ve ever watched the cartoon You know this is something that you actually see on the cartoon. Okay, right here This is supposed to be mama Celeste is sausage pizza, which is I think one of the pizza brands on The Simpsons? And I think they have it all the time. It’s like I think he might be like a frozen pizza brand and right here We’ve got Krusty O’s Spaghetti replacement, which is supposed to be SpaghettiOs? I think so I actually got spaghetti rings and sausages and tomato sauce personally I don’t drink alcohol, so I didn’t want to drink alcohol for this video But I really wanted to try the Duff Beer so I went and I tried to look for some non-alcoholic beer And I actually couldn’t find any the only thing I could find at my local shop there was actually alcohol Free was this, which is I think cider with strawberry and lime flavor? I’ve never had cider in my life before as well so mmm. This is probably gonna be interesting I don’t drink it in my personal life because I actually struggle anxiety and personally for me It makes it so much worse so honestly just keeping it super real with you guys even though I will do the craziest stuff for your entertainment. This is where I draw the line in one of my previous videos I had something they come from a can. I think it was meatballs, and they actually weren’t too bad, so I am kind of excited Krusty the Klown got nothing on this cuz this looks like a pretty damn parody of SpaghettiOs I’m gonna put this in the microwave for like 30 seconds just so that it’s not as Disgusting I actually don’t have a bottle opener at home, so this is me Improvising my mom would do this so quickly that’s the difference between men and women doing Everyday life tasks, maybe I can use a can opener for this. Oh my god. I Am a genius, I can’t believe this actually works. Oh wait there was a specific job for that That’s kind of good it tastes like liquid yogurt That’s exactly what it tastes like which is so weird I probably prefer regular soda instead just because I don’t know just because I think it’s less sweet than this is very very sweet But not bad. I’m actually not too hungry, so I’m only gonna get one slice Perfect I don’t know why I never get sausage on pizza because it’s actually delicious. I love the recommendation Homer Simpson. This is great I’m gonna try to get some sausage and also some SpaghettiOs. I Like it it’s good If this is the kind of stuff that I eat every day for the rest of my life, this is good Beauty gurus would be shocked if they saw me eating this spaghetti. Oh more like spaghetti. Oh, you’re pretty damn good I am easily gonna finish this because I actually really like it and I’ll see you guys for afternoon snack And for an afternoon snack, I couldn’t start this part of the video without talking to you about true love because my next guest Introduced me to the meaning of true love Krispy Kreme Beyonce said if you like it you gotta put a ring on it So I’m putting a ring on it before someone comes and takes them of course for afternoon snack We’re making the classic pink ice donuts. They’re Homer Simpson gloves. I think it’s his favorite food So the only made sense so we include that at some point in the video, and now I’m gonna use my main girl Betty Crocker People say this very loosely, but you are actually my queen I’m gonna add the pink food coloring And I’m gonna add quite a lot of it because I don’t know why I added so much. This is gonna turn out black I’m gonna use Trump steaks to mix it up Huh 911 the love of my life is bleeding and now also using a chopstick I’m gonna attempt to frost them This is not gonna be pretty just so you know even when you know you know good at something You should still give it your best That’s why I’m still making YouTube videos after six years of People just hating me got a little dirty and also we got too real for a second. Now, this is the fun part because oh this is gonna make a mess in my house I I know I’m biased but these are the most beautiful Donuts. I have seen in my whole life I Really enjoyed the donut this has been great afternoon snack definitely my favorite part in the video That’s it for now, and I’ll see you guys for dinner You guys are not ready for dinner because I don’t think I’m ready myself because we’re about to make Krusty the Clown’s ‘The Clogger Burger’ if you go to Krusty the Clown’s Restaurant And you try to actually order this burger the clogger the catchphrase of it is if you can find the greasiest sandwich You’re in Mexico. The clogger is a greasy fat dripping burger available to buy at the Krusty Burger It is most likely a parody of the Baconator served at Wendy’s Wendy’s is shook. They went there. I think in America They have this Simpsons theme park, and I actually managed to find the menu for it And they serve the clogger burger there from Krusty Krab, and I just replicated all the ingredients in here And we’re actually going to make it the only ingredient that it’s not like available publicly is the Special sauce burger which is like the main thing for the burger But I did my research and apparently the secret sauce which is the first thing we’re going to be making is ketchup mustard Mayo and vinegar and cayenne pepper. For the sauce, I’m gonna start with some ketchup And then kind of similar amounts of mustard. You’re doing great sweetie. Come on then of course my BAE some mayo Me after this video though that’s the sounds I’m gonna be making and Then some cayenne pepper not too much cuz oh well so I’m gonna add some vinegar I Can’t believe this bone is not separated yet. What kind of free time they think I’ve got if you type firstworldproblems on Google There’s a picture of me complaining about bread not being pre-sliced. I’m gonna coat that really well Because this is a copy of the Baconator by Wendy’s I reckon we should start with bacon and now I’m gonna put the first burger that I actually cooked in the oven before I Started filming and right on top of the burger. I’m gonna put some of the cheese now I’m gonna put my least favorite part. Which is lettuce just so that we can trick people into thinking about where he something healthy I Think it’s time to add our Double burger that looks like the biggest burger. I have ever seen in my whole life I actually think we could use a little bit more sauce and To finish it all off. We’re gonna top it with a bun as a scientist usually comes with this waffle fries I think that’s what we call them in UK I think they call something different in the US, but they’re like waffle style fries So I’m gonna put a lot of these around the burger. I actually made these myself From frozen but still cooking Gordon Ramsay is still quaking one day I’m gonna open up the door and Gordon Ramsay is gonna. Be at the door and is gonna say this is an intervention It’s time to stop go back to making morning routines. This is amazing I I am freaking out. This is like when it Shawn Mendes fan-account meets Shawn Mendes but except it’s me meeting a burger that I made. That says a lot about me oh My god If I try this interesting I think this sauce was so difficult to make like I think this is actually some Gordon Ramsay level sauce But it was so easy to make I don’t even know how we’re supposed to eat this look how big this actually is It’s little it’s bigger than my face my mouth is so small that I’m gonna have to bite just from underneath This is so incredibly difficult to eat though I Think we did an incredible job here like honestly. I’m patting myself on the back Because we did well I love this even though I didn’t love every single food in this video and today was actually kind of difficult I think this burger was definitely the best part so far So I’m very happy about that Leave a comment down below and let me know what other ideas you guys got for the 24 hours series because I really want to Make something weird and different next time so definitely let me know the suggestions and also if you guys enjoyed this video Please don’t forget to give it a like only if you enjoyed it leave me suggestions for more 24 hours pages in the comment section down below and also please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and switch the Notifications on I think by the time you watch this video we’re gonna be at 500,000 subscribers which is insane and surreal I feel like everyone could collectively decide that they hate me and Unsubscribe altogether like that if that would happen to anybody it would happen to me. I love you guys I really hope you enjoyed this video, and I’ll see you the next time bye. Bye


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