I HAVE FLESH EATING DISEASE?!?! talking about what’s up with my face!

I HAVE FLESH EATING DISEASE?!?! talking about what’s up with my face!

hello my little angels!!!! welcome back to
my channel, my name is Jess, and today I’m gonna be talking about what it’s like to
deal with your skin! I feel like for the most part, everybody has skin and not
everybody has, you know, “””average””” skin! or “societal norm” skin, some people deal with
excess skin some people deal with too little skin!
I personally right now and dealing with my face skin, which is great! I’ve said
the word skin so many times it doesn’t sound like a word anymore. skin skin skin
skin skin skin skin skin. don’t like it. don’t like that at all. all of us at one
point or another have dealt with something to do with our skin, it’s
whether you are flaky or itchy or red or scratchy or bumpy, everybody at some
point either has or is going to deal with some kind of… is it derma logical? or
dermatological? I don’t know! everybody at some point- – a dermatologist? dermatolog?
dur??? dermatologist?? dermatological?? everybody’s gonna have skin issues okay!
at some point or another and currently I’m almost 25 and dealing with massive
breakouts on my face and that’s not to say that as you got older that breakouts
are gonna be less likely cuz it all depends on your hormones and your oils
and I’m not a dermatologist so I’m not gonna pretend like I know a lot about
this! I guess I like I’m very very very fortunate in the sense that I haven’t
had a lot of acne to deal with especially when I was you know when I
was going through puberty I was dealing with a fair bit especially along my
hairline and all my shoulders and my back- um I have a lot of sleep shirts
that are just bleached all on the top because I used to use a benzoyl peroxide
cream when I would go to sleep at night to like,
kind of try and chill out the acne on my shoulders & my back, and I understand
that it’s something that a lot.. a lot.. a lot of people deal with even growing up
and going into your 20s and becoming an adult- it doesn’t necessarily always get better as
you grow older. for me it’s kind of getting worse! I’m a growing, growing
human being and I don’t think my hormones are gonna stop raging at me at
anytime soon. however! this? I I don’t think it’s
hormonal? I know it’s not hormonal! I went to my doctor and I was like please help!
what- what is happening? why? why is my face doing this to me? I’m in pain! I
don’t feel good! said help! doctor takes one look at me and she’s like you’re a
baby! you’ve got baby disease! if this doesn’t
clear up in a week or so come back and i’ll give you some antibiotic. having found out
that it wasn’t any of these things like.. it is you know it’s not cold sores
spreading all over my face.. and it’s not flesh-eating disease essentially, but
I’m just an idiot and I keep picking and picking and picking and picking because
it’s dry and I don’t have dermatillomania or anything like that
but I just like- I’m- it’s awful it’s awful it’s awful it’s awful don’t pick
your skin don’t pick your skin or your scabs don’t pick em cuz they’re gonna
scar know how I got these scars from picking my goddamn scabs don’t do it!
okay! do you understand! are we at an agreement! are we get an agreement here!
okay! thank you! so now some of you are gonna f*cking google “impetigo” and be like oh my god this b*tch has a bacterial infection on her face how did she get
that?? that’s a very good question I would also like to know!! I have a few theories
okay so the first thought is the cat the first thoughts the cat the second
thought is I work in a place that’s dog friendly and while I don’t let dogs lick
my face cuz I’m kind of allergic to them at this point sometimes they jump on me
sometime they get their little tongue and it hits
me I’m not like oh like Shane Dawson like making out with my dog or a dogs in
general but that’s a thought- that’s a thought as to where it could it come
from- but the thing that I want to advocate for- I just I wish we were all a
little less judgey. we grow up being judgmental human beings you you can tell
if you like somebody within the first three seconds of meeting them or not
because we’re constantly judging but- it’s it’s judging character versus
judging things that people can’t help and shit like this is shit that people
can’t help. you can help being an asshole. you can’t help your skin. like okay you
can help your skin to a certain extent but you can really help being an asshole.
and you really can’t help certain things about your physical appearance or
certain things about your health physical mental emotional whatever it
may be there are certain things that just are and I wish that we would all be
a little a little nicer and that’s also to say I wish I was a little less
naive or naive vain basically the same word just opposite Freudian sleep
Freudian sleep???? I need to sleep Freudian slip I wish I was a little less VAIN
because over the past week this is seriously affected my self confidence I
never realized how much of “dont f*ck with me” type woman that I was until this
happened and I don’t want even my closest friends to see me I don’t feel
comfortable sending snapshots to my friends when my face looks like this but
here we are filming a YouTube video because like- guys there’s some shit you
can’t help and I’m so so so tired I spent so long as a kid and as a teenager
being self-conscious mostly my weight but about things that don’t
matter… like things that really don’t matter really bothers me when I get
upset about my appearance because at the end of the day my appearance isn’t what
I want people to remember about me. the type of person that I am is you
know? anyways c’est la vie no not c’est la vie! we can change things
and we can do it and our generation “lazy Millennials” are the ones that can do it
okay anyways um me and my flesh-eating disease are gonna go but I really just
wanted to get the message out there of like oh my god and like it’s it’s it’s a
it’s a lesson for me too but can we stop caring so much about our appearance and
the clothes that we buy and the brands that we wear and how expensive are ten
thousand dollar outfit that still looks like is and start like giving a sh*t about what
the type of person you are and how people perceive you? type thing? not to be
like a f*cking old man yelling at cloud but like I think I gotta go! I’m gonna go!! bye!!!!!


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