I fed cats on the coast road. Part 2

I fed cats on the coast road. Part 2

Come on. Mealtime. A friend of yours just bit me. If you bite too, I won’t come back here again. I am kidding. I can’t live without you. All cats come here. **Can you give me cat food too? **I want to give it to the cats over my street. Handsome cat. Can you come here? You’re a very athletic cat. Why are you hitting me? The cats here must be eating fish **This cat is my cat. Always in my arms. Let’s not discriminate. All the cats are ours. Cats are very timid because there is traffic here. *The kitten had a needle in his mouth. I took the needle out of his mouth. Fishing rod? **So this cat is a little coward. Because it hurt so bad. **I took 20 minutes to get the needle out of the cat’s mouth. She cried a lot. Thank you so much for saving the cat from the needle. You should come too There are kittens by the rocks. I have to give them wet food. Artist Cats I’il feed the kittens and come back. Don’t fight. My love. You are so Beautiful You’re so sweet Are you hungry? I brought you wet food. Come. Black cute kittens. I see one over there I entrust the camera to you. I’il open wet food for you. You should eat wet food without making any noise. Don’t let big cats see it. We put cream on this kitten’s eyes. **Little yellow kitten crippled. Which? **We feed this cat with care What’s with this cat? **He has a discomfort in his waist. I’il be mad at you. I left it there for you. You’re still eating kittens’ food. This place is getting too crowded. **There are four black kittens. All black cats. All of you, come here. If a cat comes in here other than black, I’il beat him up. Can you go there? To eat. Or you’il be hungry. You don’t eat dry food when you see wet food. **This cat was very sick. I cured him. I fed her every day. She was a very weak cat. Thank you so much. I shoot videos of these cats and upload them to youtube. To show the living conditions of cats. All of these cats need to be neutered. I work for it. These cats always give birth. Most of these kittens die on this road. We can only solve hunger problems. We can’t save them from a traffic hazard. Rhodes wind? When the wind of Rhodes blows, it leads the kittens to the sea. We’re short of water. I am fishing. They’re drinking the sea water from the bucket. I brought water. Did you catch a fish? **We caught a few fish. We gave them to cats. I was driving to Istanbul by car. I stopped when I saw the cats. I wanted to feed the cats. Cute black cats. Did you eat? She loves you so much for giving that cat fish. God bless you. Playing time. There are people who torture these cats. They beat cats, they hit cats. **I feed the dogs in Gebze. The dogs in that area are very hungry. I take dog food and water to that area every weekend. God bless you. Come here Are there kittens there? I have to get those kittens to wet food. I hope the wet food isn’t over. Are they running? They can’t come because they’re afraid of these cats. Why do not you come? My love. OK. Don’t run away, please. I’m coming for your own good. Can you see the beauty of the cat? Come my love. I left it here These kittens are very cowards. I’il leave the cat food here. I’il leave the camera here too. I’il show you the beauty of this cat in the next video.

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