I Ate For $1 A Day (Full Week)

I Ate For $1 A Day (Full Week)

I want to see if it’s possible to eat healthy for one dollar a day for a full week I’ve shared my plans to do this with a few people and I always get the reaction Why so here’s a very quick explanation and I’ll go more in depth a little bit later on in this video There are a few reasons one. I’m very inspired by the resourcefulness of Mexicans and their creativity with such limited resources – it’s a common stoic practice to experiment with less and to remind yourself how little you really needed to be happy in life and 3 I’ve noticed a little bit of lifestyle creep. I seem to be spending more money every single month and that’s a kind of alarming idea because The way I see things I’m not happier now than I was say six months ago and yet I’m spending more money So what’s going on here? What does that say? I’ve seen a few videos that have a similar concept but what I always see is people going for freebies and trying to eat for free and For me that completely defeats the purpose like I am not accepting any freebies And I want to see what seven dollars can do So yeah this morning I went with my seven dollars to see what I could find. Let’s do this thing Easy easy. I just did the Calculation for how much seven dollars equals in pesos and today as of me recording this. It’s 133 pesos and 51 cents. So that’s what I have to work with this week. Well, here’s the deal I usually shop and do like all my groceries at a local soup Adama It’s like a local supermarket chain that exists here But I think that there are better prices in this other market where I see locals kind of go to shop So that is where I’m gonna attempt to make these purchases The spot I decided to hit up. There’s known as Mercado Medellín. It’s pretty cool, they’ve got pretty much everything you’ve need there and the atmosphere is really quite unique To give myself a fighting chance of really making this happen and like being successful with this if this is even possible I’m allowing myself to use the $7.00. However, I want now I don’t recommend you do this. This might be a very stupid idea We’re just gonna have to see but my idea really is not to starve myself and to make this this whole like torturous experience I want to see what I can do with limited resources When it comes but a terminal for the competency the best So the rules are have seven dollars to work with for all food and drink this week With the exception of water potable water actually does cost money here in Mexico But like I said, I’m gonna make that my one exception but beyond that Anything that costs any money is going to have to count against my seven dollar budget So that includes even things like gum coffee juice anything I’m also not allowing myself to use anything that I previously owned including salt oil Or anything else that I might need to cook I spent weeks thinking this over and trying to plan things out But I ultimately realized for this to happen. I just have to go for it and figure things out as I go I’ve tried chatting with the locals to get better deals All right, I just snagged and a whole kilo of Oats for 22 pesos feeling good of the winner right there. Personally find that I’m more creative when I impose limitations on myself. I Was particularly targeting staple foods stuff that I know that the government subsidizes stuff That is very cheap. But like look, we’re not gonna have ramen Okay, ramen is not gonna be a part of this that is in my opinion Not a super healthy thing to consume especially like the instant ramen that you can buy in supermarkets. Oh no, no to that Okay I’m not gonna lie that went better than I was expecting What remains after my grocery shopping this morning is 49 pesos and one cent Which is about two and a half dollars So we got to see kind of how things go But that’s sort of like my emergency fund in case things get real. My original idea was to ration everything out So I have the same exact thing to eat each day, but I think my current plan now is just to eat conservatively and See how things go Oh my God, what am I doing? All right, I Am really hungry I had oatmeal a few hours ago now it is 4 o’clock 4:15, and so what I thought I’d do is prepare the beans in the rice that I bought Got to be clever here if I buy eggs or anything else for that matter That requires Any kind of oil I’ll take the oil that’s in The can here with the beans and save it just in case because I might need it I’m not gonna do all the rice at once because that would be a lot of rice But maybe like half of it so A lot. I think that’s a lot of stuff So this juice is what I was talking about gotta save it that’s gonna be useful Okay, so Here’s the thing. I mean this this really is not that I just found it interesting While I was preparing this thinking about all the different ways that I embellish things Mmm really none that Okay, stay to update things are going a lot better than I was expecting I hope that isn’t misplaced Optimism but yeah, I had oatmeal again this morning and I’m not even close to running out So I am feeling good about that. There’s also an absolute surplus of rice. So those were good purchases however, I finished the can of beans that I bought and Of all the food that I have bought so far this week I think beans are like my favorites. So I might buy another can we’re just gonna have to see how things go probably tonight what I’m gonna have is just rice rice and tortillas one thing that did dawn on me that I didn’t even realize would be a consideration for This challenge was the fact that I can’t have coffee now. I’m not like addicted to coffee I don’t drink it all the time, but it’s really nice especially like as a pick-me-up in the afternoon and I spent a lot of time working in coffee shops when I’m sick of being in my Apartment that’s kind of a bummer. But I mean talk about first world problems, right? So anyway God but one of the side let’s say benefits of all this that I also was not Expecting is the fact that I’m not wasting any energy thinking about what I’m gonna eat It’s already sort of decided for me, you know And I tend to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what it is. I want to eat and where it is I want to go on top of the money that you spend and all those resources Mike Time energy and money that I usually spend on those sorts of things I’m able to save now for other projects and other things that I’m doing right now for this week. At least I Snagged two eggs for two pieces of pop and tried cooking them with my super clever oil from the can of beans technique So This did not quite work perfectly, but It’s alright. Hey better than nothing this could use seasoning So the tip I realized is that if you can’t add salt that’s using burn your food a little bit it tastes better I’m not kidding All right, so, it’s Wednesday my dudes. Yeah day three basically of this experiment and I gotta say Eating oatmeal with absolutely nothing just oatmeal and water It’s not exactly like the most exciting fun breakfast to have I don’t want to use the word nasty but it’s Bland in the extreme and so I’ll second you know Is there any way I could add sugar or flavor of any kind to this? And then I was like, well, what’s fruit for I haven’t even touched the fruit that I bought so far And so I just cut some orange. The citric scent of oranges is now filling my nostrils and This is good. This is a huge boost to morale. I’m gonna eat the oatmeal with the orange I think I do even going to be so adventurous as to add a banana into the mix good why not bananas? I’m sweet man. Look at me Mm-hmm. One thing at a time one meal at a time eating rice with tortillas Which is what I did last night is not super fun So I’m gonna have to take a moment today and get a little bit more creative about that as well I need to get some beans and maybe a maybe a vegetable our show that would be good. Right? Hey, how’s it going? so I’m gonna go back to Matt Galland managing to buy a couple more cans of beans and Maybe a potato the reason being I’m gonna have to stay up until 3:30 a.m Tonight for a project that I’m working on and I know I’m gonna get hungry so I might as well be prepared. I Think this is an appropriate time to dip into my savings. We’re going all out. I Ultimately bought two cans of beans and a potato for 39 and a half missiles this challenge is More difficult than I thought. I think the thing that’s hitting me right now is that Okay, I’m doing this for like a week, right but there are people That live like this, you know, I’ll give an example. I am now having to sort of ration out my tortillas I’ve got about 16 left. Today is day four And so I have about four left for each day And the idea of rationing things out so tightly is something kind of foreign to me Like I’ve never had to do that before I don’t think I have an unhealthy relationship with food But it’s something that I just get so much joy I just love eating good food. I just love it. I’m down to one banana left I was feeling really quite demoralized yesterday. I know it’s silly to say that but I cannot imagine living like this I just wanted to kind of assess where things are at I’ve still got oats a fair amount of rice a potato a month to my last banana My last can of beans and 12 40s. I have four left to eat today Plus this toil juicing which I don’t know. This technique is really working to be honest with you. I Just miss you tasty food and drinking coffee and you know little pleasures like that the last couple of days have been a Lot more difficult than the beginning of this week I’m feeling more tired than I usually do and I Have no idea if it has anything to do with the food that I’m eating and it might totally be a nocebo effect I’m totally willing to recognize that part of me is getting a little bit obsessive about rationing things out because I really want This to be successful I want to make it through the week and I also Think I have a little bit of a fear of running out. Like I think I’m taking this a little bit too seriously I’m noticing just how much I rely on it for kind of like daily pleasures There’s no more fruit fruit is gone and I totally recognize that I have not included practically or any honestly vegetables in this entire week and Of course. I’m trying to eat as healthy as I can. But I just I feel like I can’t afford it He doesn’t fit into a dollar a day. I Decided it was time to see what I could get with my last pesos at a mini supermarket I got an onion for eight pesos and convinced them to give me an egg for my last base or and a half even though usually they sell them for two I Know you’re thinking. Why are we in the negative Nathaniel? What is this and believe me? I share your frustration Okay, it was only an editing that I realized that I forgot to take into account the two eggs that I bought on day two I was under the impression that I still had my two half pesos And I thought I did things to perfection. But what we are seeing right now is poor math skills on full display Anyway, I appreciate that you’ve stuck around for this long. Might as well, see how this all ends, right At 7:00 p.m. On Sunday, which means we are almost there. I am so ready for this to be done All the food is gone except for a potato and half an onion And so that’s what I’m preparing right now. It’s just in the oven my plan at this point Honestly is to go to bed very early, so that things can just be done and tomorrow morning I’m gonna eat like a king check out the system that I’ve got here since I don’t have aluminum foil And I feel like buying some would be cheating. I came up with a makeshift solution So the potato is within that makeshift contraption you’ll see that right there So a few weeks have gone by and I’ve gotten the chance to reflect on things Let me just say that I already knew that it brings me a lot of joy in life I just always like to think about where the food comes from and what took place For it to arrive in the plate in front of me I wasn’t originally planning on doing this but thinking about being restricted on what I can eat for a longer period of time Was a really depressing thought I feel very lucky that I always had enough while I was growing up and unfortunately We still live in a world where there are many people including children that do not I have Regularly asked for your support on my patreon. But today I’m going to do something a little bit different I’ve set up a GoFundMe campaign where you can donate money to action against hunger, which is a humanitarian organization That is making a huge effort to fight hunger around the world. I like that They put a focus on helping women and children instead of giving me money I’m going to ask that you send your money over there If you feel that this is an important cause so that we’re not starting from zero I’ve gone ahead and done the first thousand dollars, which is about what I made on patreon last month So thank you to all my patrons. And yeah, I’m gonna be posting updates on my Instagram So thank you for watching this video and I’ll see you soon


  1. You can also come to Venezuela and try to eat with $3,45 a month which is the national law salary, and then we would see if you really can survive, $1 a day is way too easy buddy

  2. You eat better than me on a regular day lol. Today I had 1 Bagel & 2 Hard Boiled Eggs for Breakfast. A small bowl of rice and ground beef for lunch and meat snack for dinner.

  3. Lemon and lime are so under-utilized by folks in terms of stretching out flavor. Lemon for your mornings, hot lemon tea using the skin. Lemon juice for your oats.
    Fresh lime cut into 7 pieces will last you all week. Spread over rice, beans, (bought raw not canned would last longer) and tortillas. Add those onions and lime juice to the eggs instead of the potato or on any of the non breakfast dish and you're kickin.
    SOURCE: Have been very poor.

  4. Really should buy lentils, rice, beans a big sack of potatoes or any other dry cheap food that could be stored for the long term.

  5. This is not bad at all,just add timing at your daily life since work or study don't allow you to enjoy your food and rest correctly….
    The answee is not make Food cheaper or buy cheaper food…becouse quality food and quantity is no problem…the problem is the econonic situation of the family/person/couple/etc.

  6. at least u actually like, challenged yourself!! other people, like you mentioned at the beginning, try to get freebies or use stuff they already have and like… that doesn’t count…

  7. i think doing this over time would be easier. could grow, plan, prep, harvest, create… trying to do it as a one off is much harder i think. i mean, you could sun dry salt water…

  8. come to my college dorm, we got about 30 packs of instant ramen, 20 packs of mac and cheese (family sized), a whole cabinet of cereals, crisps and just snacks in general

  9. If you have to buy in small quantities, this is relatively difficult, however, at least in America there are super viable bulk options where you can buy rice, oats, eggs, fresh and frozen vegetables, olive oil (or whatever you want to cook with), and spices for well below the price per pound you find at most supermarkets. I eat 3000-4500 calories a day of healthy, palatable food for about $25 a week. It's well above $7 a week, but if you're willing to eat 1000 calories a day with little variation, $7/week is very doable.

  10. I'm glad that you did this. Honestly, I ran into this on and off on my life but this last year hit me hard. I started with a food allergy and now I have a whole list. Right now, I can't eat any produce from a grocery store and for the stuff we grow safely at my house, I can't eat most of it. Flour, milk, meat, fruit, salt, chamomile. That's just about it besides my "splurge items" of chocolate, ice cream (which I use as vanilla and strawberry in cooking), and pop of 3 flavors. I can never eat out. I can never eat anything from someone else's kitchen as I have to distill my water and rinse every dish in it. Honestly though, I'm better for it. I have learned to do a lot of things differently and I still am. But I feel like I'm also slowly going back to my roots as when I go hiking, edible wild plants tend to be safe foods for me. So one day at a time! We got this.

  11. I mean, you could retire comfortably in Mexico City with $1,000 a month. So… $30 a day includes literally everything. I don't know. Having a food budget for $1/day in Mexico City is like having a food budget of $3/day in Los Angeles.
    When you take that into consideration, it's not exactly considered scarce. I've lived on that kind of budget before, and you tend to get used to it or find creative ways to get the macro-nutrients you need in you.

  12. all i had left was 5 pEEsos dude why do you say it like that pulling a spongebob when they had to seperatly record when he said enchiladas

  13. I survived a year and a half on a dollar a week. Bought pack of ramen, rationed out a bag a day. No water or electricity either. Dry top ramen keeps you feeling full but you will feel depressed and weak.

  14. Could just make poached eggs with water instead of in a pan if you are missing the oil. Really shouldn't have limited yourself to not have salt or some quantity of oil as those are things that would last multiple weeks and would increase what you are able to make and how.

  15. I can feed my self for a month with $5 id buy milk, flour, and vitamins id boil them down to little energy balls to sustain me put some effort if you're gonna challenge yourself.

  16. I would have tried a little foraging, maybe find a pepper, a lime, or whatever I could see on a tree or bush without stealing.

  17. the error here is that you are not buying in bulk, if you did this for say 2 weeks you can diversify and add the salt and pepper and diversify your food, because the rice would last you longer. If you bought flour you could buy make your own bread or even a flat bread like bannock. Short term these never work out well because you have such a limited budget you cannot diversify your meals well.

  18. Here's a typical shopping trip to Aldi in Portugal. It's in euros and is more than your budget, but my point is that you don't have to eat stupid if you shop smart:

    dry black beans 1 kilo .89

    rice 1 kilo .85

    oats 1 kilo .59

    chorizo (200 g) .99

    boiled ham (200 g) .99

    carrots 1 kilo .79

    onions 500 g .50

    oil, 1 ltr. 1.19

    sugar 1 kilo .65

    apple juice 1 ltr. .65

    sliced bread 500 g .90

    milk 1 ltr. .79



  19. Ok so i live in jordan and i have a real financial crisis this month, because i live alone i used to buy fast-food i thought about making my food at home but i was not excited about doing this but after you’re video i will try to do something like this

  20. Alternative title

    "Guy who can't cook and doesn't understand that small amounts of spices and oil go a very long way"

    But no seriously, I get what you're saying with "I'll include oil and salt in my rules" but you have to remember, if you buy a bunch of oil, salt and spices they last a long time and you would use the equivalent of a few cents a day.

    Spring greens are cheap, lentils are cheap

    Also, learn to make tortillas

  21. My kitchen soon be like:
    Can u please pass the bean juice and the Ireland 1845-1849. We also need to get this still bland in the extreme flavored qith pure potassium.
    I really appreciate ur videos there very inspiring and give me a lot to look forward to.

  22. You can do this but even a third world person would need varying in this food. But a third world is a harsh reality. Its all rice and eggs basically every single day. A typical farmer or peasant has a lot more then like potatoes and vegetables and if they have a farm to have some resources from. But if you have more options, just try to think of your spendings (I am not the best at it, but I have betetr days than others). I am not third world, I am second or first world but with a low income… and I need my vitamins and such cos I tried the ramen thing before (solely because I cant eat many foods without feeling full too easily or getting sick of it, literally) and after getting sick for three weeks, I was left kinda severely underweight for months upon months . Now, I work out and eat more, willingly but also because my body needs more. I always ate too less, always the same and still do at times… I tell myself: I may be on the poor end of my country, I cant sacrifice everything all the time. If I have some money, and get the freedom of choice, I go for more than what this man ate in a week. For my health, for the joy of eating still and wanting to eat and to not become underweight again. I try to minimize my leftovers however, since I go to the store by day and not by week or month, and I gotta say, its difficult to keep track, but its either that, or drop a lot of food, let it rot and my money would be wasted just the same.

  23. It would be interesting if you repeated this experiment but thought about long-term nutrition. Anyone who is used to a well-funded diet can coast by for a week with bad nutrition but what if you had to do this for years?
    Where is your vitamin C coming from? Are you consuming all necessary amino acids? Are you getting all of the necessary B vitamins?
    Mexican people invented a very important source of B vitamins from their staple crops with nixtamalization, and if you sprout beans you can get some vitamin C.
    If you want to challenge yourself to be even more clever, try to get complete nutrition on a budget so you wouldn't suffer long-term ailments.
    P.S. that tiredness you were feeling late in the week might be because you weren't getting your B vitamins.
    If you tried to live on this diet for a long time you would probably start to feel like hell every day. A big boost would just have been to eat some hominy. It would help. After that, some bean sprouts would help keep you from getting sick. That and sometimes eating citrus or cabbage.

    You did well in the scenario of someone who is having a temporary hardship and needs to limp to their next paycheck, but if you really want to learn something try eating like someone who is always on the knife-edge of hunger.

  24. For $1.52 usd you could have bought a 1 pound bag of pintos which is about 13 servings. I could probably eat well with just $3 more per week. That way I could have coffee or tea , salt and eggs.

  25. No matter the video / topic, there's always numerous experts (lol) in the comments section. But realistically, they are just judgemental pricks.

  26. due to attribute the success of your channel to this weird tone you can admit that asks "you think this would absolutely suck dont cha"? it's a really potent formula, congrats on finding so much success and exposing so many intriguing ideas that would never had any light shined on them elsewise.

  27. are we not gonna talk about the fact he spent money on a hair cut? i mean, he was worried about buying foil which isnt consumable.

  28. I love this experiment, thank you. As a side note you'd probably have better luck just going with eggs. Then you can get fat adapted and fasting would be much, much easier after a few days.

  29. That is not eating healthy dude. You're eating mostly simple carbs (basically sugar). Where's the vegetables for all those vitamins and minerals? Tortillas, rice, beans, will give you some of what you need but… you just gotta have veggies if you wanna call it healthy.. No way around it. There are many lines of thought about what constitutes healthy eating, but not having too much sugar and including a decent amount of veggies is universal. Props to you for trying this (I couldn't have done it), but you may need to rethink the premise.

  30. Bruh make a huge pot of sopa de frijoles and the rice. You set for the week xD get a couple eggs and tortillas you got eggs beans and tortillas for breakfast

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