How to Treat Ulcers | Stomach Problems

How to Treat Ulcers | Stomach Problems

The way we treat ulcers is basically by neutralizing
the acid in our stomach, and we do that with either antacids, which is a very weak form
of medication to help neutralize the acid. The next strongest would be an H2 blocker,
such as Pepcid or Zantac or Axid, and that again helps neutralize the acid to help heal. Then the stronger acid blocking medications,
which are the proton pump inhibitors, such as the Prilosecs, the Prevacids, all of those
basically shut the acid production off in our stomach, and thereby reduce the acid so
you have no acid in your stomach, and that allows the stomach to heal itself and heal
that ulcer. Basically, the other thing is to really understand
where the ulcer came from. So, if it’s related to an infection or if
it’s related to medications, such as our joint pain medication like Motrins or Advil or Aleve,
then we need to get those medications out of our system, so stop taking the joint pain
medicine, and that will help to prevent any further ulcers, and also to help that ulcer. If it is infected with the Helicobacter pylori,
which is an infection in the stomach, then if you treat that with antibiotics, that’s
going to help to heal the ulcer as well.


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