1. Thank you Dr Lisa, you saved me from going to the hospital. Had stomach flu for 2 days straight and I didn't know that the remedy for it would be simple salt and sugar mixed with water! Thank you once again!

  2. I'm daisy and I'm 10 years old pls help me I hve the stomach flu pls HELP IT WON'T GO AWAY IV HAD IT FOR 2 MONTHS HELP ME HELP HELP HELP WAAAAAAAAAA IV BEEN CRYING SO LONG

  3. Is it still a stomach flu if you don't have diherea or any intestinal pain because I've been vomiting for over 24 hours now and it sucks but I don't have any other problems aside from you know starving because u can't eat right now but I'm just wondering if it's something else

  4. so I got a stomach bug this morning and currently I'm okay rn
    No vomiting or diarehhha right now. Bouta go to bed but I'm nibbling on some toast hoping for the best

  5. In my opinion, one of the worst parts of the sickness is that it's so CONTAGIOUS. you can literally set your watch to a group of people getting ill if one person throws up.

  6. omg i went home from school and i have the stomach flu and my doctor said it lasts for 2 days 😢😢this is going to be a bad weekand😭😭😭😪😪😪😷😷

  7. Im sick right now anf last time i threw up my body was still trying to throw up but i all the stuff in my stomach but my body was still trying to throw up

  8. I wanna eat a full meal but im scared of throwing up,i feel all kind of knots and digestive weirdness all through my stomach along with fatigue time to time and abdominal pains,it seems more at night,its been a week now and o missed a full week of work and have an anxiety feel

  9. I dont throw up but my stomach feels nervous and sick but im nervous about nothing please help me and tell me what this is please…?

  10. I haven’t thrown up yet I’m just currently starting to get sick I have went to the bathroom once and I started with a small stomach ache like when u stay up late without eating but it has been getting worse I’m still good as in right now but I’m preparing for the worst after seeing all this comments wish me luck I’ll try to give an update if anyone is reading this

  11. If anyone can reply by tomorrow that would be great but does anyone else sometimes feel good for some of the day go to sleep wake up in the middle of the night and it feels bad again 🤔

  12. Every time I drink I vomit and I've been without food for 24hrs. I don't know if I'm hungry or if I'm gonna vomit. Should I eat or should I not? Anyone know?

  13. I feel like I’m having a baby and feeling better oh btw I’m not actually having a baby I just feel like that but no me to young

  14. Ive had vomiting and diarrhea for 4 days. then the vomiting went away when i drank fluids at a moderate pace. it is day 8 now and i still have diarrhea and stomach aches….

  15. My stomach just randomly started hurting in the morning and i have to go to school but j can’t cause when i stand uo my stomach twists and i feel like i wanna puke

  16. Sooo this is great, I work up around 2 am with nausea. Then like a half an hour later I vomited, it continued for a couple of hours. Now I have to stay home from school, and I am sooo hungry and thirsty but I am worried I will throw anything up that I eat and drink. But right now I am slowly sipping on water.

  17. I had this cold from a walk today. Just saying is like really cold in Britain so… then I tried to sleep can’t breath threw my nose and I woke up wanting to throw up but I didn’t * praise the lord* but feeling so stuffy. So now I am lying in my bed looking up how to get rid of it

  18. Me:my throat hurts
    My mom:it's ok (gives meds)
    Me: (first period in school)
    Me:(trys not to throw up)
    Teacher:are you ok??
    Me:yes yes I am oka- (throws up)
    Me:goes to nurse
    Me:(calls parents) and (doesn't answer)
    SUFFER for THE rest OF the DAYYY!!! 😥😓🤤😫😢😭😟😔😵🤒🤕🤧😷😧

  19. I’ve been sick for 10 hours with a virus.and I’ve thrown up about 7 times but I my dog here and she’s comforting meee

  20. I got the flu, but my stomach doesn’t hurt, right before I’m gonna throw up I feel a weird feeling and run to the bathroom, had it’s for about 3 days on the 4th rn. My poop is water..

  21. If you are looking for even a ounce of relief i recommend warmth! Get a heating pad place it on your stomach do not do if you are pregnant if you don’t have a heating pad get a empty water bottle and put the hottest water you can stand in it. Then place it on your stomach. It will ease the cramps.

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  23. Everyone that is sick with this thing. I pray you all are well. I hope that my symptoms are gastritis and not flu bug

  24. I went to bed a 6 cause i felt so bad then I woke up at 9pm and now it's 1am and I haven't got back to sleep

  25. Stop saying stomach flu people! There is no such thing as a stomach flu. Flu means influenza. Influenza is respiratory. It’s a stomach virus.

  26. Vomiting every 10 minutes. Feels like the worst time of my life. Pls help… 😭😭😭 ( wrote this comment on behalf of my son going through this now) he really wanted to share his experience. Pray he gets better cos my heart breaks seeing him in pains.

  27. I cant eat, i cant drink anything, im awake all the night and i go to WC 15 times in 3 hours, i am at the village, so no medication available, what should i do, my stomach hurts so bad😭

  28. I woke up to go to the toilet every 10 minutes for 4 hours during the night. The last time of those four hours I slept on the toilet and woke up with my but so numb that I couldn't even feel my toes

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