How To Trailrun [S3 – EP1] – Lunch Run | Salomon

How To Trailrun [S3 – EP1] – Lunch Run | Salomon

– So, to prepare your own distance,
you will have 2 types of training. One during the week,
so before your work and it will be pretty short training
but intensive. And then, during the weekend, it will be your endurance basis, so you will be able to run,
depending on your distance, between 2 to 5 hours.
So, during the week, your training will be mainly before breakfast, it will be the best moment
to work on your body. And you will try to run on the most hilly loop you can find in your city, because in every climb, you’ll try to make
some intensities. And in every downhill, you’ll try to recover. So, the first exercise you can do is to run up the stairs,
but you need to rebound very well on your front foot
and have your knees quite high So, we can do also exactly
the same exercise but with 2 steps to have more strength training
in your legs. But always you rebound
on your front feet. What you can do as well
is to alternate between power hiking and running. Another exercise you can do is to jump the stairs 3 by 3 and always on your front feet. Yes! So, we’ll make an intensity now
in these stairs. You need to run faster
than in a competition, but you need to stay at a comfortable zone. What is really important
is to have a consistent pace, but to don’t stop.
Always to run up and down, not necessarily the same here. You can have
different stairs, different hills, it’s even better, but don’t stop at the top. Hey, good job! – So, how was it?
– Very good. – Hey, Greg, As my job is time-consuming,
is it enough if I do it twice a week? – Well, for you, 50K twice a week is
a little bit, you know, a minimum. For Valeria, twice a week,
it could be enough for 25k. But you..
– You need to push more buddy Hey, come on! Take it easy. Enjoy. Have pleasure. It’s beautiful here. Don’t look at your watch, just run! Go, go, go!


  1. The only change i would make is to say that some days you can alternate the easy hard effort and make the downhills/stairs more challenging and the uphills more of a recovery.

  2. I thought that running in the morning fasted was very good to improve your endurance by improving your body to use your reserve of carbohydrates. But that it was not recommended to do some intensity training as you will put un stress your body as you can't use any of this energy that you normally use at high intensity.

  3. Raise your hand if you are also annoyed to go through these trail run vids hoping for Powder content because they closed down Salomon Freeski TV.

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