How To Stop Acid Reflux | How To Treat Acid Reflux (2018)

How To Stop Acid Reflux | How To Treat Acid Reflux (2018)

1 in 10 people get acid reflux almost
every day and if that includes you I’m gonna give you some great tips that
should really help, now let’s begin okay so first let me explain to you acid
reflux and heartburn but bear with me a a couple of seconds because I’ve thought of a really creative way to explain it to you so here’s my masterpiece
obviously it’s not to scale but you have to use your imagination a bit the glass
part is your oesophagus the green balloon is your stomach and the black tape is
your lowest sphincter now the lower sphincter is a muscular valve which lets
food in one way so food and liquid come down into your stomach one way through
this now here’s the fun bit the lower sphincter closes and prevents food from
the stomach and stomach acid from refluxing back into the oesophagus but if it
opens too far or doesn’t close tight enough then this stomach acid can reflux
back up like so, so this is what leads to acid reflux or Gastro-oesophageal
reflux disease otherwise known as GORD for short which is the more chronic
severe version of acid reflux and they both cause that burning sensation in the
chest which everyone calls heartburn so
heartburn is a symptom of acid reflux and GORD and I hope that helps clear
things up and one last thing the other symptoms of acid reflux include an acid
taste in your mouth wind, belching, bloating and possibly a
dry persistent cough now let’s move on to tips so remember the oesophageal
sphincter well there are ways to make this stronger and prevent acid reflux
smoking, drinking alcohol and being overweight all factors that can reduce
the sphincter strength so if any of these apply to you then consider
stopping smoking, reducing or stopping your alcohol intake entirely and getting
to a healthy weight these can help strengthen the oesophageal sphincter and make it close tighter to prevent the acid reflux and it’s symptoms some medication may also make your symptoms worse by either irritating the oesophagus
or relaxing the lower oesophageal sphincter now the most common
culprits are anti-inflammatory painkillers like ibuprofen and aspirin and also
other medication like diazepam, theophylline and calcium channel blockers
like nifedipine and by the way that wasn’t a complete list because we’ll be
here forever instead if you feel like a medication is
causing you symptoms or increasing your symptoms then speak to your pharmacist
they’ll check for you and advise you appropriately so let’s say your acid
reflux symptoms are worse at night when you’re lying down in your bed and that
makes sense because the acid is no longer fighting gravity to make its way
up your oesophagus you’re not lying down and it can easily
make its way up so the solution to this is to elevate the entire upper part of
the body so that doesn’t mean get a big pillow and put it behind your head
because that’s just gonna elevate your head and make no difference so what you
want to do is raise one end of the bed by about 10 to 20 centimeters so either
put something under the top two legs of your bed or under the mattress or even
use a wedge, so the chest and the head are above the waist and the acid isn’t
gonna travel up like I showed you before in addition to this going to bed with an
empty and dry stomach can also really help so in the last three hours of
going to bed make sure you don’t eat anything and in the last two hours of
going to bed make sure you don’t drink anything with foods and drinks the best
advice is to eat smaller more frequent meals peppermint, tomato, chocolate and
caffeine are all suspected of making acid reflux worse now for more
information on this i’ve left a really useful link in the description below to
an acid reflux diet sheet so feel free to check out also if you like to wear
tight clothes around the waist or a belt it’s gonna push up that acid and cause
the acid reflux symptoms and nobody wants that so instead try wear something loose for treatment of acid reflux I’d always
recommend patients to speak to their pharmacist first they can then ask you
specific questions to determine whether they can give you treatment
over-the-counter or to refer you on to your GP and in terms of treatments
there’s loads of options that pharmacist can recommend from antacids, alginates
and acid suppression tablets but this will be determined on an individual
patient basis lastly acid reflux isn’t usually serious
unless you have red flags and that means you need to see a GP urgently for
treatment and investigation now there’s quite a lot of red flags so I’ve left
them in the description below and I would strongly advise everyone to read
them and that’s it you’re now an acid reflux Pro I hope you find my tips
useful and if you know anyone who’d benefit from my video please help
spread the knowledge hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to
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weekly videos I should have been an engineer like this is like some real amazing engineering from Abraham the pharmacist Abraham the engineer no? and non…….. do you know that drug? really good drug gastro….. (Laughter) this is how difficult it is to film in a pharmacy see if only you new the pain I have to go through got Nadia labelling I’ve got Lewis the loudest dispenser literally like if there was an
award for the loudest dispenser I think he’d win it


  1. my throut hurts so much rn AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OUCH HHHHHHHHH its better then 2 nins ago but HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSS aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. It hurts so bad I’m crying. I’m trying to look for something to it go away. It hurts so baddd. UGH I HATE THIS 😩😩😭😭😭😖😭😫😩🙁😫😭

  3. Hello Abraham,
    Right now I'm having some breathing issues, mainly inside while I'm breathing as I feel winded. I feel forced to take deep breaths every 5 – 10 minutes for every time I'm breathing, and I've been burping little constantly but I'm not sure if I'm burping up the air from inside when I feel winded. Could this be an issue of acid reflux? I feel like I've had it all week this week so I need to know. Thanks

  4. Have had this problem for a little over a year now had over the counter medications, have had off the shelf tried working out more tried a different diet, nothkng seems to have worked and everyday I wake up in pain and it is the cause of so many other problems in my life and idk what to do

  5. My uncle had very serious problem termed as Chronic gastritis. He used Ayurvedic
    remedies of Planet Ayurveda and got very effective results. So, to get rid of
    these problems use " Digestion Support, Vara Churna or Amalaki Rasayan"
    by "Planet Ayurveda". These remedies are really very beneficial.

  6. So idk what I have I have a lump in my throat they say caused by anxiety but my bress bone hurts/kinda burns but not alot but kinda and someone said I should drink milk

  7. Everytime i eat i feel like there is something blocking my food from entering the stomach…is this acid reflux? Its been 1 week already and im crying in pain everytime i eat something

  8. What also can cause freq acid reflex is caffeine, i went to a gastrologist before and he told me that because I drink a lot of caffeine (soda, coffee, ect) it can relax the lower esophageal sphincter and loosen the seal.

  9. Right before I attempted utilizing this heartburn remedy “Dοcuzu Rαkα” (Gοοgle it), I`m once a sufferer of heartburn, acid reflux and pain in the chest too. But they`re all vanished. Furthermore, I cured my consistent fatigue and also skin rashes due to it. It feels like I am returning to my healthy self again, I am becoming healthy.. .

  10. To all the people who are experiencing heart burn I want to say you can overcome it by changing your diet. Like I did. I feel normal now. Hope you can also

  11. BUT ………… when you eat by say 8pm, and you suddenly have acid and food killing your throat by maybe 2am {IE several hours after you eat} ………. it`s HORRIBLE and it doesn`t happened every night {IE it`s sporadic} ……. and it happens less often when I eat yogurt before bed…… and it`s worse when I take magnesium to help me fall asleep.

  12. I have gerd for 2 years now. I have been to so many GP. There’s one GP who put me in medications for months after finding out I have gerd, gastritis, duodenits, indigestion. Also I was positive with H-pylori. After taking antibiotic and antacids, I felt better for awhile. But the feeling always comes back. After 2 months of medication and probiotic capsule, I was tested for H-pylori and it went negative. Burping is something that never goes away. My doctor thought I was having anxiety after I told him I am always having palpitations. Until I discovered the benefits of diet. This was after nearly 2 years of suffering. A naturopath advised me to remove fried food and spices from my diet. I started eating bland food. No spices. Fish, pork, chicken, whatever is in my food list for that day, cooking has to in soup base. Boiled. I season it with salt only, no pepper, no spices. I always add one onion, chopped and lemongrass to at least have a different taste. I have been in this diet for 2 months now and my stomach never acts weird except for my anxiety that does not go away until I started taking a pill to battle it. I do a few sit and up exercise on a daily basis and hands up and down. This helps me to sweat enough to call it a cardio gerd friendly exercise. I am feeling better so far. With medications, proper diet and exercise, you can have a life even if you have gerd/reflux/anxiety.

  13. I'm drinking medicine to heal it but for some reason my stomach hurts and i got slight heartburn and i hate it so much… I remember i had never ending stomach pain for a few days before, it was horrible.

  14. some day back i had severe pain in lower abdomen, it was consistent pain, it haven’t stopped for 1 minute , my family took me to hospital then i got relieved.can acid reflex make sever pain like this???

  15. I’m 17 and just started having symptoms. Been trying to find out what I have for 3 weeks. I’ve been to 4 doctors. Nothing helps. I can’t live like this. Waiting for endoscopy results but I’m almost positive I have gerd

  16. Im just 12 years old i have a stomach pain for two days and it hurts sometimes and it will stop for a minute and will go back again and when i lay down it hurts

  17. Search low stomach acid its why I suffered heart burn for years (30). The valve to stop it does not close unless acid is strong. Betaine HCL. Is the cure. I suplemented for 6 months and it cured me. Stomach acid is made using salt. Other problems low acid couses SIBO.

  18. I have acid reflux it’s annoying 😭😡🥺
    I keep feeling sick and stuff but I know I won’t be sick. Like if u hope I get better (:

  19. You left out the most important point that acid reflux is caused by low stomach acids and making the stomach more acidic prior to eating will help to break down food faster.

  20. Acid reflux let's my mouth dry while coughing n heartburn after coughing I feel like puking everything out which is burning inside ,complete nighmarish

  21. well this is what i do and it works great teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water stir well and chug you will burp like crazy and feel much better like this comment if it helped you

  22. Nothing helps not even NexiumTums or Prilosec . I vomit standing upright doing dishes while sleeping or watchig tv.. it's hell to wake up choking to death gasping for air in very short breaths for 15 minutes.. finally I can breathe but my throat is sore. m always afraid to go back to bed One day if I don't jump out of bed quick enough I know I'm going to choke to death.. this is scary stuff. I haven't taken meds in a couple years bc if you do it makes it worse and it barely worked anyway.

  23. I have acid reflux and I keep burping, my doctor had my blood test and it shows that Im positive of h.pylori. Do you guys aee positive of H.Pylori?

  24. Ok what I do is, I put my toothbrush deep into my mouth then it help me throw up by bringing out all of those acid stock in my chest and then I feel relieved!! It’s really helpful!

  25. Me: currently chewing peppermint bubblegum
    Him: peppermint is also spent to the making of acid reflux worse
    Me: spits the bubblegum immediately

  26. My doctor think that I've acid reflex because we did a camera for my throat because i thought there was something stuck in my throat at first but there was nothing there and she forgot to check underneath the throat. It was okay for only 1 week, The second week it happened again i feel like there's something stuck in there but i can talk or breathe right, i just don't know what the health problems is and i don't even have heartburn.

  27. I wanna be happy with being over weight, but NoOoOoOoOoO GURD and my weak stomach be like, “breath like a dragon”

  28. Not helping. I am 40, never smoking, never taking alcohol, have ideal weight, but got heavy acid reflux for the first time week ago. I was doing keto diet and mild fasting. My doctor said they might be the problem (keto & fasting).
    I am still finding the real cause

  29. Honestly, when people speed through facts on YouTube videos and I'm listening on my phone it stresses me out and makes everything in my stomach worse. I'll just stick to looking online.

  30. Or cure it completely by going on a low sugar liquid diet for about a month (blend all you meals).
    Acid reflux stops within two days, injured esophagus has a chance to heal naturally, your body forgets its regurgitation 'habit', stomach and bowels do not have to work so hard (it gets a 'vacation'), good stomach bacteria start to win again over bad bacteria.
    Tell everyone for years later ( just like me)

  31. I was born with acid reflux and it sucks!! My belching is horrible and I’m going to the GP… wish me luck😫 I have 7 out of 8 red flags😭😭

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