How to overcome Gastritis. By Dr.Kamal

How to overcome Gastritis. By Dr.Kamal

GASTRITIS. Many people call it Gastric. Whenever we have stomach-ache, we 1st think of Gastritis. If we ate a lot the previous day, a lot of spicy or oily or chilly-added food, our 1st thought is Gastritis. If we follow a few rules, then we can easily protect ourselves from Gastritis. 1st Rule : Stay away from spicy, oily and chilly-added foods, or, take as less of these as you can. When you take these, there is more secretion of the digestive acids in our stomach. So our acid levels increase and cause Gastritis, leading to pain, nausea or vomiting. Hence avoid these items, or take less of these as possible. The 2nd point is Do not take water in-between the solid food that you take. What happens is that as soon we take solid food, there is release of saliva and digestive juices in our stomach in order to digest this food. Whenever we take water, these acids or juices become dilute. You know anything that becomes dilute become weaker. Dilute acids lose their power to digest food. So the food is not completely digested leading to appearance of all symptoms of gastritis. 3rd point. Take plenty of water every day Do not take huge amounts at once, take sips regularly. Take it with you, take a bit, then work, then again take a bit and so on. If we take water regularly, then our digestive system functions well and you all know that Water is Life of LIFE. We should never ignore water. Although often ignored, we should exercise regularly. Regular exercise leads to better metabolism and body functions. Faster metabolism also means better digestion. That way our digestion and all other body functions will improve. An active lifestyle is anyday better than a sedentary lifestyle. If you work in an office then walk a bit in-between your work inside your office. Those who have the time go to gym or workout in your home (as I have shown in my previous videos). Keep exercising, have a better metabolism and live a good life. Nowadays a new system of diet called intermittent fasting is going around where we fast for some hours. in this diet if we keep on drinking water regularly then we won’t feel hungry. Follow these rules and you will see your gastritis has reduced to a great extent and if the youngsters follow these then they will not have this ailment for a long time. If you like my video then subscribe to my Youtube channel. If you do not like it then go to the Comments section and point out my flaw so that I can correct myself. Lastly, one more thing, if you think you cannot do something, you cannot live without chillies, remember


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