How To Open a Coconut | How To Make Coconut Milk | Cooking with Zane – Optimum 9900

How To Open a Coconut | How To Make Coconut Milk | Cooking with Zane – Optimum 9900

Quick guide on how to open a coconut πŸ˜‰ I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts in a
row seriously now I took you to coconut hi
welcome to getting into raw cooking with Zayn today I’m gonna learn quite a lot
about coconut we’re to learn how to open the mature coconut we learn how to open
the baby coconut then learn how to make our own coconut milk so that you can use
it in your Thai style recipes are you ready alright there are two ways that
you can open a young coconut now the reason why you would want to young
coconut is it’s full of delicious and nutritious coconut water and some soft
gelatinous flesh you can use to thicken up some recipes so the first way the way
in case you’re a little bit nervous about using a big knife such as this
cleaver in this take the knife this one that doesn’t have to be too sharp and
you cannot weigh some of the white if you have a look at the top of the
coconut you’ll see that there’s a few little cracks or lines the cracks seem
to be quite hard and tough but the little spaces in between the cracks
that’s where you want to hit with the corner of the knife so we use the corner
of the knife into that spot there here we go and smack the coat up and open it
we do that and then we simply use the corner of the knife to open a little
hole in it all all right the second way top of the coconuts are a little bit
more courageous then and this is my favorite way of opening the coconut is
to just use it for big whacks hopefully and you get straight in there you do use
the sharp edge of your cleaver okay here goes here you go okay so now we’re going
to get into the mature coconut it’s a little bit of more difficult process
than a young coconut when you look at the end of the mature coconut there’s
three little eyes that you’ll see when you feel them one of the eyes will feel
softer than the others so we can use that little eye that’s software to
actually help us get in and release the water so we don’t make a mess you can
use the end of a knife but I don’t want to roll a lot of my good nose so I’ve
just got a great tip that is a really good idea to use a corkscrew to do that
so you find that softer eye and then use the corkscrew to screw in to that softer
eye and make a bit of a hole excellent once we’ve done that there we go we can
use the hole to pull the water out yeah so we just pour out the water from
inside of the mature coconut and pop that aside just a quick note on waiting
for that to happen when you choose a coconut inside the store you want to
actually have a good shake and make sure that you can hear the water inside the
Coco if there’s no water move on to the next coconut and the other thing that
you want to do is check those three little eyes in the bottom of the coconut
if there’s any black or more again move on to the next coconut because that
means that there’s bacteria inside the coconut we don’t want that okay you can
drink the water from a mature coconut but I really don’t like the flavor so
you could have put a straw in there and drink it yourself or you could just tip
it out you can discard it use it for something again it’s not my preference
so I won’t be using that today all right let’s do this there you go we had to get somewhere
inside our mature coconut do I be afraid to give it a good whack now we want to
get flesh out of the coconut so just use your knife let’s group out a bits of
code that once you’ve got the flesh out of the mature coconut if you want to use
it to make coconut milk or to add to a salad or other recipes you want to take
the last of the brown skin off the back so you can simply use a peeler and slide
it over the edge until you remove that layer of brown skin simple as that now you use the white flesh to gray into
your salads to eat good oh do to make coconut move excellent well with your
young coconuts you can just use the coconut water inside you can drink it
new smoothies or add to other recipes with the mature coconut once you’ve
cleared the back you can use it to make coconut milk but if you don’t want to go
through the hassle or opening up your own mature coconut you can also make the
coconut milk using desiccated coconut that you can buy from the supermarket
I’d highly encourage you to buy desiccated coconut that doesn’t have the
preservative to 200 in it it’s much better for your health that too – always
been linked to causing asthma so you want to leave that one out now what I’ve
done already just to get ahead is to put 3 cups of desiccated or shredded coconut
straight into my optimum 9900 blender it’s ready to rock and roll all I need
to do to finish off this recipe is add 4 cups of filtered or bottled water to the
blender as well we have the blender 3 cups of desiccated or shredded coconut
from the supermarket and 4 cups of water remember you could have used that mature
coconut flesh but this is a much easier way than opening your own coconut even
though it’s a fun mission we put the lid on make sure that it’s locked into place
and then you simply turn on the blender once it’s well blended all you need to
do is turn it off check out you can see it looks nice and creamy but there were
plenty of pork inside this part is the easy part we pour the mixture from the
blender strain into one of these this is called a nut milk bag there is a
difference between a sprout bag and a nut milk bag the nut milk bag is a nice
fine weave which means that the pulp stays on the inside and the liquid comes
out so we pop it in a bowl I usually hook it over the lip of this particular
ball and hold it with my hand and then i use the joke and pour it straight down
the side of the bowl just being careful that you don’t let the edges fall in once you’ve got all the liquid inside
the nut milk bag most will start to come through on its own but just in case
squeeze gently all you want to do is turn and squeeze turn and squeeze and
squeeze it’s actually quite fun if you be cranky mm-hmm and all that beautiful
coconut milk will come through okay so you’ll see that all the liquid starts to
come throughout and this is a great job you’ve got kids or a hubby or a partner
that you want to engage in the kitchen you don’t have to do very much but it’s
a little a little job that you can share with somebody else
after a while there won’t be anything coming out and you’ll be left with the
pulp inside of the bag and the milk inside of the bowl now this pulp you can
use to make coconut macaroons or you can actually pop it in a dehydrator you’ll
see that it’s quite fine in a dehydrator and turn it into coconut flour to use
for your other baking in recipes we’re going to put it aside today and we’re
not going in the recipes that we’re making but
there are plenty of things you can do with it so don’t waste it pop it in the
freezer if you’re not going to use it right away what we have a big bowl of
freshly made coconut milk which you can use for lots of different recipes any of
your Indian your Thai you’re getting important to a glass and
have a beautiful drink to clean your nut milk bag all you needed to do was turn
it inside out run it under the tap until it’s nice and clean like this and then I
usually hang mine over the drainer until it’s nice and dry so we’re going to go
and make something different you’ll have to tune in next time to see what we do
with this coconut milk ciao for now you let me dress it julienned ingredients


  1. loved this! im gonna make some coconut milk curry, and the store bought brands have weird crap and added sugar in it

  2. thanking you zane.a great holy fruit called the coconut,the one eyed coconut is the called the goddess head of the revenue,to open the coconut,to deep the fruit in the few time at the water tub,or mark between the fruit by iron cutters blade! to use the coconut cup for holy drinking.the break the whole of the coconut is called its eyes!we Indian ,worshiping the coconut as the god tree!tomorrow will be a coconut tree worshiping day!sister built the holy

  3. If you notice there is a visible line of the matured of coconut is where you smashed with the back of that knife you hold on coconut hand and start hammer around the cocount gently not too much as done on video using the line but as half way as you done it, it will be fall apart perfectly and water will drip into the bowl

  4. I drain the coconut water from the mature coconut and drink it. Then I throw the coconut on to my concrete floor outside wearing safety glasses. It smashes in to small pieces , the inner flesh comes away from the hard shell, so much easier and safer than using knives and choppers. I am too afraid of cutting my hands. I wash all the flesh under running water and eat the brown skin I don't shave it off.

  5. Thanks. I just used a sharp pointed knife on the "soft eye". Just twisted a few times. I saw white and then hit water. So easy.

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