How to Meal Prep!

How to Meal Prep!

hi it’s beth from beth leah nutrition
dot com today I did one of my favorite things in the world that’s been a huge game-changer for my help am leaving way
anything to and that and milk wrapping I love
feel crappy because it makes my week wary free I
don’t hot certainly have to think about what I’m
going to eat now it’s a a China time not having to cook or go out
to eat for every meal and just fundamental energy not to
mention it really don’t they have a lot of money there spectrum and Mail trapping you can
just cut the basic essential like whole grains and some veggies or
you can just pick one meal for the whole week dinner or you know lunch or breakfast
you don’t have to everything at one something different
will work for every different person and every different
schedule and preferences and all that type to other people get intimidated by
email crap because they think that they have to cook every single me out and like I said that
is not true it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend hours
cooking in the kitchen if you don’t want to a can really be as simple as cutting and
chopping your vegetable and just planning a little bit more for
the week I usually fall in between because I
could and go out a few times throughout the week that i cud mostly Monday through Friday and then on
the weekend eat their leftovers I go out with my
friends and stuff like that it’s all about experimenting in finding
what works best for you this is just what i do. and I hope you
can pick up on them some techniques and tips as I go through
and show you an idea the first thing that I do is right down the field but I want
throughout the week and then i right now what I’m going to have to you by free each me all throughout the week so
I have breakfast lunch dinner and snack now apparently I always have a big
batches through a allied the week which is not a little boring allied as: stir fry with times the veggie and a cauliflower and sweet potato mash budget
are often and I’ll about a whole grains like Eli are brown
right roseanne free of course first me the and I always
have a china quick raw fruits and veggies that I can
get I’m on the go and I can’t hear anything
at where and what thing really I didn’t write
down on a chart let me know I’m having so the recipe and white kitchen appliances I need what
containers I’ll need and way ingredient on the street recipe Wayne Brady entirety have in my kitchen
and then what ingredients I need to get and ingredients than any to get at 4:30
I bring to the store but a healthy to have
this chart all organized and laid out for me this is how I plan
for my mail I write down all the different meal that I wanna have in the portion
sizes so personally I like their have for greens are sturdy ap fourth to
happen have for me 2.5 to 4 ounces weighed out and for like not sin on the matter and that I just write down
that I need to make sure I don’t eat too much skin tend to do that and then for Monday 32 Sunday rate down each meal and I eat five meals a day mommy on
serve breakfast lunch dinner and snack and snack so you can see an rate down
one-and-a-half and then personal and the weekend
they’re just eat leftovers that makes it easier and then this is where the real magic
and I think this really help me I write down each meal
that i’m gonna have narrow it down what containers I need in
this is well me a lie a.m. I read on the
ingredients that any for each recipe and then I write down
what are you have for example in this may be a Mac you
want to it where you have a min tequila and my
pantry so i jus CrossRef can I hear I do that
down a list and this is a list that I’m bring to the grand jury in it just makes
things so much more organized for the I have to you
guess about what ingredients you have and news
and not to forget its many ingredient in it them and then also
I would definitely recommend that you get a scale to weigh out here me if you eat me because I think we tend to
eat too much me usually in my opinion and it’s just
so cheap it’s like ten dollars and it makes life a lot easier it’s
really easy to work let’s take a look at how I we’ll have in the kitchen i text them media and a can my process
and when I go through it would go look at first thing for I
always stay with chicken breast this is so easy and just put three chicken
breast in the crockpot cover it with water in that it for 3 I learnt you know always staff me
about doing that this is my and stuff pacts a love it so much save me so much time into
wellies you can tell I is it every single week sometimes three times
a week but here again we’re gonna start with a
pressure cookers basically just use pressure to cook said they’re just a
little I N was gonna arc up up after all the eggs I N I just that the
pressure cooker for 10 min in make sure it field EN go on to the next thing and now I’m
making my keep the week I always have them take the heat this
week it lentil stew just delicious and has lot that protein
and I’m also making ground turkey for
meister fide throughout the week in like putting up
with evening in here LED next thing I’m gonna do take the end up
there’s a lot of new safety features on the montana pressure cookers that’s
really say take the lid off in their all done then I write it up and I put
key mind this is my favorite way to make you
wanna night that 47 okay so now I have added to can the
tomatoes to mental in happy detect human now the thing this is my favorite thing in the world cup of moms gonna from Asian bill in this
together you don’t have a clue but really getting there it is all blended together and I
just put it and containing units ready for the week and now are
keen while done this is the best way to making live
Trade a lotta other method and I was messed up I love
making it this way perfect left key I’m just washing of the
feet became the and putting them in the pressure cooker
and sending it to 17 min while its limited data and their
I am see up nutritional yeast he planned in
olive oil my mentality happy in then I’m just
putting it in the oven for 10 minutes while another I cut up like hell for the week in here
is that Campbell so delicious and I just
put some golden berries on top now and coming up from SD I love hepburn personal check that I am and in here I’m a fresh peppers and fresh cut tomatoes in fresh paint Russell sprout which I
delicious phenomena put the car hire in the and the pot for 12
minutes well that name and gnashing my stupid
that I just took our together with cinnamon live there all
ready for the week now I’m going back to my call far the
last thing the pot them all together and put it in the
containing now I’m just finishing up by shredding the chicken in we’re all
done lookin already having a meal prep meal it is it really the best feeling in the
world when you’re trying to get fit and stay healthy and you have Albany delicious yummy meal that I just kept
for the whole week and it’s a great way to keep on track me
up happening is definitely a learned skill and it can be a difficult person
not gonna lie I remember when I first started it was a
semi disaster and it was and I gave up after
that and I should have kept going and I should have started flowers so wherever you are in your meal
capture any butter at the beginning are at and it
really is a great thing I usually male have landed a week but
sometimes to depending on what’s going on and coming 10 I go to the grocery store eventually you’ll have to buy much at
the grocery store the beginning you may have to buy more by asking you stereotyping more okay
happy well you will have many up the essential that
you have to buy cattle are to be in your kitchen like
defector different spices different flowers
difference of it even different containers that I really get
is here every single time you do it i block out a few hours and usually
listen to a podcast orson musee are sometimes they have a
friend or an that maybe want to help me a little
there it’s actually kinda relaxing want to get into the habit of it ended actually time that I look forward
to now whereas a few painted piece just thought about it I
have you picked up on sent it in check your email prepping and
your kitchen you can visit my website for hunter free tools like meal prep
guide that walk you through the whole process
to let me know way your favorite feed Arctica I love to
hear and read him FBI you may have thank you so
much and I well you later

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