How to Make Wounds Heal Faster Naturally – Homeopathic Medicine

How to Make Wounds Heal Faster Naturally – Homeopathic Medicine

Two things frequently happen, which are cuts
and scratches. I know this will happen to you too. When you are in the kitchen and doing some
household routines or outside of your house when you are doing some repairs, frequently
scratches and cuts are happens. Most of them are not deep, and most are heal
on their own. But deeper cuts usually cause bleeding, pain,
and redness. Also, they can cause infection. And related symptoms such as pus formation
and swelling. Open wounds are not only painful and messy
but also take time to heal completely. Not to forget, they leave a permanent mark
on your skin. However, there is an excellent natural remedy
to treat it and ensure quick healing and prevent from getting the infection. Calendula has a long history of use and has
been considered as a ‘wound healer.’ Calendula has been used not only by homeopathic
physicians but also by Western medicine and many surgeons. Many surgeons are using Calendula for dressing
to deep wounds like cuts, injuries, stab wounds, and even diabetic ulcers. Calendula is one of the best homeopathic remedies
for bites, stings, and open skin wounds. It has a tremendous ability to heal any wound,
let it be a superficial wound or deep ulcer. Common Indications of Calendula:
Open wound. Deep cut or stab wounds. Insect bites and stings. Wound after tooth extraction. After surgery. Any skin ulcers or Diabetic ulcers. Bleeding from a head or scalp, after injury. How to Use Calendula? Calendula is available in the form of a cream
or ointment and liquid called mother tincture. It can be used internally and externally both. Calendula cream or ointment can be directly
applied to the wound with a sterile dressing. Liquid or mother tincture cannot be directly
used. You need to add 5 to 10 drops of Calendula
tincture in two teaspoons of water. Soak the dressing or gauze pad in the solution
for a few seconds, and then apply it to the wound and cover it with a sterile dressing. Calendula is also beneficial in burn cases. Calendula mother tincture or ointment proves
very effective in healing the burnt area. How Does Calendula Act as a Healing Agent? Calendula has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
action. It mainly acts on the mucous membranes. The antibacterial activity of Calendula helps
to prevent bacterial growth, and thus promotes wound healing. It also has a soothing effect. Hence, it immensely helps in relieving the
sore, inflamed wounds, and produces a cooling effect at the site of injury. Calendula also has antioxidant effects, which
demonstrate the free radical scavenging activity against the radicals, and thus facilitates
wound healing. Calendula also fastens the wound granulation
and subsequent development of skin. Hence, many patients using Calendula feel
less discomfort while dressing deep wounds.

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