1. This was a great hit at home, kids loved it and this is the first time I made it this soft, my little son called this butter! Thanks a lot for this

  2. why the hell would someone want mashed potatoes where you don't have lumps and whatever?
    if that's all you stupid millennials want, just buy instant mashed potatoes from Idahoan.
    Why go to this effort just to have something you can make instantly?

    Real mashed potatoes should have skins, lumps, etc.

    You fucking pansies.

  3. My family has been using a masher to soften the taters and then finish with a mixer. Worked like a charm and have been having smooth lump free mashed potatoes ever since. I don't know what they are talking about in this video because I've yet to taste better mashed potatoes outside of how we cook it. You're doing something severely wrong if using a mixer gives your taters a gummy taste.

  4. I am Irish.
    I have been mashing potatoes for 40 years.
    I was taught by the women who came before me and is probably a method that goes back hundreds of years…..
    The tip about stirring drained potatoes over low heat for a couple of minutes to release extra moisture, stunned me!
    I LOVE watching your videos.
    I am a great self taught chef, but I never tire of doing it better.
    Thank you for all that you bring to my world of food!

  5. Pro tip: when you’re making a chicken or turkey dinner, pour some of the rendered fat into the potatoes. It’ll give them so much flavor.

  6. Trying to clean out the mesh strainer sifting potatoes would drive me crazy, I have never had problems with creamy mash potatoes I just use a hand mixer add cream to the rough draft then after desired consistency salt, accent, black pepper, butter I garnish with chives and some parsley flakes and it's a wrap. Only potatoes that truly benefit from straining are sweet potatoes because you don't want pulp in your pies!

  7. Evaporated milk is better choice and butter I coz that's what our family do but we also add REALLY REALLY fine garlic which we fry in small account of oil for two mins then add in that'd truly the best

  8. This is exactly how I make my mashed potatoes minus the rosemary and garlic. I want to taste, enjoy the flavor of the creamy, buttery, mashed potatoes. I love garlic but not on my mashed potatoes. As far as rosemary, very very little in some dishes but nevar Evah Evah in my mashed potatoes since is a very intense herb which tends to take over any food is paired with. So no garlic or rosemary on my mashed potatoes! Good video, thanks .

  9. I’ve always buy the mashed potato in a package. I am going to make it from real potatoes from now on… I’m sure it tastes way better than the packaged flakes

  10. They’re gonna be some cold potatoes. I question tasty so much sometimes. Come to England and try our mash and see if this video is still valid 👀

  11. Some good tips
    You use unsalted butter because it’s the freshest,not because of less salt. Salt is used as a preservative.

    This announcer’s voice is like a bored millennial Valley Girl DIY’er.

  12. I'll use anything I damn please which is always a hand held beater because I do like a few lumps here and there and I don't overcook the potatoes like you did. It's soft butter and whole milk, with a little salt only, for me. I don't like cream or cream cheese in mine. Why are you trying to kill the flavors of the mashed potatoes with all of those herbs and spices? So you can fix your mashed potatoes your way and I will continue to fix my whipped potatoes my way.

  13. Americans couldn't even be making this video, american mashed potatoes are shit on a plate. These people have never tried swedish mashed potatoes. Poor americans

  14. Lady, thats actually lard and butter with potato flavoring. How do you make mashed potatoes that are actually healthy???

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