1. I used a bowl and when the milk started over flowing I just opened the microwave until it went down and then I started it again. This worked for me.

  2. I heard that there are allot of people with a hard macaroni and a microwave full with milk. Well i know why. He did it wrong. I Will show you step by step how to make it work.
    Step 1. Add macaroni into a mug
    Step 2. Add water
    Step 3. Microwave
    Step 4. Add milk step by step small spoons!!! If you dont do that you Will burn youre hands.
    Step 5. Microwave
    Step 6. Add cheese
    Step 6. Microwave
    And tadaaa here you have your Mac and cheese in a mug! Thank me later😊

  3. 80% of comments-perfect if you like a puck of hard macaroni, a microwave full of milk and some milky cheese water
    19% of comments- do it this way…
    1% of comments-great recipe

  4. This recipie I tried twice both times the mug was covered with rubber spill savers and both times it flooded my microwave with milk!

  5. i read through the comments a bit and made my own few adjustments, this is what worked for me:
    1/3 cup of water, 1/2 cup macaroni
    put it in the microwave but stir every minute instead of two, then add about 2 tbs of milk and microwave again for 1-2 minutes, then add the cheese and some pepper 🙂

  6. So actually it work, but i had to open the microwave a few times to stur the macaroni and i had to wait longer the Just 2min.. But hey, it workd!

  7. 1) who eats macaroni which has only been cooked for TWO MINUTES its probably going to be really hard + undercooked
    2) dont microwave milk !! thats a disaster waiting to be unfolded
    3) it takes faster to boil normally
    5) certain types of cheese wont work on this recipe

    idk but this is a lil unrealistic? but if anyone has a successful variation of this id like to know ! broke student thingz HAHA

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