How to Make Marshmallow Cheese and Chocolate Mice | Où se trouve: Juliette & Chocolat

How to Make Marshmallow Cheese and Chocolate Mice | Où se trouve: Juliette & Chocolat

I am Juliette from Juliette et Chocolat and I’m going to teach you how to make marshmallows, but I’m going to much more than that, I’m going to teach you how to make these cute little mice on a cheese, the cheese is actually the marshmallow which is covered in chocolate and then you have cute little chcolate mice. So, this is going to be fun! So we’re going to start with the 600 grams of glucose. I put Pam in there so you can slide it in, because it’s really sticky as you can see. So sugar — I have 800 grams of sugar that I’m going to just add on top. We have 200 grams of water, that we’re going to just add on top here. So the next thing you’re going to need is a thermometer. This is really important, you need it to be at the right temperature otherwise it won’t work. So we’ll turn it on. We’ll put it at high — you can put it at high. Make sure everything in there is wet. We’ll just let it rise to the right temperature. So while this is happening, we’re going to use gelatine. So we have 65 grams of gelatine, this is sheet gelatine that you can probably find at the supermarket otherwise you can also use powdered gelatine. You need to soak it in water so if you’re doing it with powdered gelatine don’t do it with so much water because you don’t want too much water, you just want it to be melted. For the sheet gelatine you can just put it in there and it’s going to hold it’s shape anyways. So we’re going to let that sit. And then, we have 7 grams of natural vanilla extract. You’re going to use a pan. Parchment paper on top. I put Pam underneith so it doesn’t stick because you’re going to see that marshmallow sticks quite a bit. and then you’re going to put corn starch on top. So now we’re going to wait until this goes up to 116° C. — (or 240° F) And it’s only at 27° C right now, so we have quite a bit of time. You can go have coffee, relax. [laughts] Once its around 100° C it’s going to go pretty fast. The beginning it takes a bit of time. Ok, the gelatine soaked. It’s nice and soft. It should feel like Jello in your hands which is really nice. I love the feeling. We’re going to get all the water out, as much as possible, we don’t want too much of it. There we go, we’ll put it in there. This is starting to boil. So you’ll want your tip of your thermometer to not touch the bottom of the pan because it will give you a wrong reading. So you want to make sure it’s in the middle of the syrup. This part you don’t want to do with the kids. You’ll want to keep them away from the hot syrup, so there isn’t any accidents. So we’re just going to make sure, it’s 116° C everywhere. Okay. We’re good. We’ll turn it off. The syrup is going to keep melting the gelatine, so we’re going to pour it slowly. It’s going to seem very liquid, and that’s normal. We just let the mixer do the work. As it starts fluffing up, we’re going to raise the speed of the mixer. But don’t do it right away because it’s extremely hot and you don’t want to burn yourself. You want to make sure the mixer can stand the capacity as well, because it’s going to double in size. It’s going to be about to the top of the mixer. This is a high capacity, so if it’s too much for you — you can do it in a smaller pan, you can half the recipe. While this is spinning, we can go do the chocolate mice. So, the marshmallow is done. It looks beautiful! You can tell the marshmallow is done when it’s stiff peak. So, this is not too stiff, this is just the right consistency. You want to be able to spread, and you have to go pretty fast because, once you pour it, it will become solid pretty fast. So there you go. We’re just going to pour it in there. If you want it to be thicker, you could also use a smaller pan, a higher pan so you could have thicker cheese. It really depends on the size you want of the finished product. So as you can see, it’s really, really sticky. It’s so nice and shiny. You don’t even want to finisht the recipe, you just want to eat like that! So that’s when you want to work with the kids, because they’ll be happy to finish the bowl for you– whatever’s left in the bowl. It’s like real melted cheese! Like real cheese. You want all the bubbles out. So then, we’re going to use the cornstarch. Go generously with the constarch. You want some all over. And this is the most fun part of the recipe. So if you like the jello effect with the gelatin, you’re going to love this. You just put some all over. The excess will fall out once we cut it, so it won’t be a problem. You just pat it, and it feels like a warm pillow. You want to sleep on it! It’s really nice. There! So, I’ll just shake that, get the excess out. So, we’re going to let that rest; ideally, you’d leave it overnight, but usually people don’t wait that long. (Let it rest) maybe 3-4 hours, or in the fridge. You need to let it dry. The drier it is, the easier it will be to cut. So, I’m going to get another pan that’s already ready. There we go! So, we’ll take down the paper. So then, we’re going to cut our little rectangles and I’m going to show you how to make the rest of the cheese. So everywhere where it’s still sticky, you can put cornstarch. That beautiful, white fluffiness! Okay, so we’ll just going to put that everywhere. Be generous with the cornstarch. We’re going to cut in half. It cuts really nicely. It’s really sticky! Okay, so we’ll put constarch here. You see, this one didn’t set quite enough, but it’s okay. It can still dry. There you go. So now, I have to do my marks again. So the way we do it, you want to go from one– from here to the side, and that’ll make… There you go. And then, you want to do this here. There you go. So here, you get a cheese. So, you would keep on going, going from one mark to the other. You might want to cut it as well, so it looks more like a cheese and not like a marshmallow. There you go. So, we got one here. We’ll take the excess out. We got another one here. Cornstarch on both sides. Make sure there’s some everywhere. This one looks better than the first one. It needs to look home made, too. They’re all, all different! There you go. So, both sides, and then shake the excess off. So now, we’re going to do the cheese effect! So, you take one, and with something round — I’m using this, but you can use whatever’s round: a round spoon, a melon-baller can work as well… You can do as many as you like, actually. It really doesn’t matter. We’ll do one in the front, and then we’ll turn it around. It’s really sticky. It’s easier when it’s dried a little more. So, try to be patient! Not like me. So, here we have one here, so I’ll do one at the opposite. There you go. And here we have one on the top, so I’ll do one at the bottom. There you have it! We got a little piece of cheese! This is chocolate. It’s coloured to look a little bit yellow. You could just use white chocolate that’s coloured. So, you’re going to dip it as much as possible, so you don’t get your fingers dirty. Ouf! [laughs] It’s a little too…not dried enough! [laughs] But it’s fine! It’ll look kind of wonky, but the one I did before was dried enough. So, you should wait! So, we’ll put that in.We’ll do it half covered. Make sure you cover everywhere. Cover it here… There you go. And then, shake the excess off. What we’re going to do is shake it to hide that first mark we had at the beginning. We’ll put it there. You want to shake, like this, and make sure that the chocolate is running down on the sides. So it looks…ah, there you go. The bubble popped. If this happens, fine. Just put a little bit on top. This one is going to dry, but I have one that’s already made. There you go. This is what it looks like once you’ve done it all. We can start working on our little mice! Our chocolate eggs are done. You need two hollow eggs. So what you want to do is stick them together. You need a hot surface. I’m not going to do it right now, but you would heat it on a hot surface and then stick them together. You want it to be flat at the bottom, so you just heat the bottom so it’s flat enough that it will just stay. Okay, so, I made some in advance. We need three per cheese, you can add more if you like. So you need to maker a little paper cone like this. There’s white chcolate with strawberry in there. Or you can just buy chocolate that is pink, you can find that easily. So now we’re going to be doing the little ears. You need little Crispearls, those are strawberry Crispearls. Right there, right there. So you don’t need too much chocolate, and then, you just stick the Crispearls on. So the trick with those cones is you just want to press at the back. And this finger is just to help you guide. Do the little nose. And do the little nose… and the last one here. There you go! So you have your three little noses, and now for the three little tails. You can so a reverse S… or a squiggle. Let’s go crazy. There you go! That’s a male. [laughs] Okay! So we’re done with that so we need chocolate for the eyes. This guy has spiky eyes. [laughs] Yeah, I don’t know why it wants to have spiky eyes. There you go. Well I don’t know why it does that but it’s fine. And then we’re going to stick them on the cheese. So we’ll put a bit of chocolate there, just to stick it! The idea is your cheese shouldn’t move once it’s done. We’re going to put a little bit of chocolate on the bottom of each of my mice. You wait, press on it and make sure… that it sticks. Perfect! And there you have it! Spiky eyed mice! So this is how you do your marshmallow cheese with the little mice. I highly recommend do this in your home, but if you don’t want to have all this mess in your kitchen you can also get them at Juliette et Chocolat, which is my chocolate stores. I have a couple of them in Montreal. You can’t buy them online unfortunately, but we do have an online boutique. It’s If you do make them, I recommend packaging them nicely because it makes it all the more sweet to give your friends and family. I hope you enjoyed, and I hope I can see you in one of my stores!


  1. Well, honestly, I supposed to see the female chef insstruct me to do the cheese marshmallows which is the mix between cheese and sugar ( marshmallows) and she finally instructed me to make the marshmallows and then made-up it to look like the cheese 😶 yay i'm good

  2. This could be a lot better, it doesn't look like cheese anymore with the chocolate cover and the mice have no effort into making them, the whole thing looks pretty crummy . sorry

  3. Great concept! The execution could’ve been just a little better but it’s still good, it reminds me of gruyere cheese 🧀

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