1. i love rice and cheese and this recipe is one hell of an awesome creation by you guys. i honestly write this recipe of yours in my food journal and defintely make one for my family… we all love eating

  2. Thank you for this recipe! I've been experiencing difficulties with eating these days and I am experiencing bloating, nausea and vomiting…Rice honestly is my food best friend right now!

    I don't know if gluten is the issue or if fats (or even certain types of fats..) is an issue or if I'm taking in too much fluids…even maybe certain combinations/certain situations (stress/ anxiety…mental status in general) causes me bloating, nausea or vomiting, but none the less, I will try this recipe whenever I want cheesy food but don't want a pizza or don't want to eat just a slice of cheese alone..I tend to like rice more than bread most of the time anyways! ^^

  3. Building on the idea of making it as crispy as possible, maybe cook the buttered sides before putting the cheese inside and cooking the mayo-slathered sides?

  4. yay thanks for thinking about us sad people who can't eat gluten out there 🙂 And how about "a slice of rice"

  5. We make hamburgers and vegan burgers using rice as the bun and we grill it with soy sauce and butter on the outside of the rice and then add some black sesame seeds on top! It is very filling but very good.

  6. my grandmother would make grilled cheese sandwiches with mayo inside… I never liked them. I am a butter person.

  7. What an amazing idea! I never would have dreamed this up in a million years. Rice and cheese is such a great combo. I think adding a slice of spam would probably be great, too. Thanks for the idea guys!

  8. I will try to make this but I would like to add a little tinned tuna , to make a tuna cheese melt delicious food yumyum

  9. Hmmmm, looks yummy, i want to try it. Maybe a suggestion would be to put a nice slice of ham together with the cheese, to make it more tasty :😋

  10. I have made my own but except of mayo I use tariyaki and added in brocroli. Couldn't get it in that square shape but still good.

  11. If they had fried both sides of the rice bread slices first, the sandwich would have been much sturdier and easier to cut/eat.

  12. This is perfect. I have sensitivity to gluten and this works.Can't wait to make grilled cheese and i would add tomatoes and meat burger

  13. Hi guys😄. I think that sandwich looked so good😋…I will definitely be trying that. Thank you guys🤗🙏.

  14. A little thin ham and some neri inside, some pickled ginger and carrot salad… and its a complete meal.
    Its a winner!

    Thanks guys
    S Carolina

  15. I will definitely try this though with real cheese not that horrible processed cheese. Don't Americans have the real thing? Or is this video made in Japan?

  16. I tried using mayo recently to grill a quesadilla, the way Sinichi does it here – it worked great!
    I liked it much better than the usual butter for grilling.
    These rice sandwiches will be great with a piece of ham or Spam, and cut into quarters for obento boxes.

    Thanks, TabiEats Guys
    South Carolina

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