How to make 2 liters of juice of 1 orange!

How to make 2 liters of juice of 1 orange!

Hi guys! You might not believe me but you can turn one orange into 2 liters of orange juice that will by no means be worse than store-bought juice. We need one good orange, 2 liters of boiled water, 9 tablespoons of sugar and a half of a lemon. First of all you need to rinse your orange thoroughly under a warm tap. Then put your orange in a freezer for at least 2 hours. When the orange has frozen you need to cut it carefully into small pieces. By doing that you will speed up its defrost and get your orange ready for the next step. Defrosting took me approximately 20 minutes. best juicer under $100 Than make sure to use a meat grinder plate with the smallest holes. Then load the tray and turn the machine on. If you don’t have a small hole meat grinder plate, then you will have to repeat the process twice. Pour in some water in order to get rid of any excess fibre and not to waste them too. You will end up having such a substance. You need to pour it into a small pot and pour in a litres less than 2 liters of water. Cook the substance over a low fire until it becomes too hot for you to dip your finger into the substance, constantly stirring the substance. Let it cool down and in 10 minutes and pour it through a sieve. Squeeze the vestiges with a tablespoon. Then add the sugar to the juice and squeeze your half of a lemon into the juice. In case if you like sour juice, you can squeeze into more lemon juice. Once you’ve done it, stir the juice well and let it cool down completely. Now you just need to pour your juice into a jar and enjoy drinking your juice. Some may that it is actually not a 100% orange juice and there is a lot of water in it. Yes, it is true. Yet store-bought juice contains a lot of chemical compounds and is claimed to be juice too. How much more than can we call our homemade juice a real juice. It is natural, cheap and much more tasty. If you liked the video, make sure to share it with your friends. Let them try to make this juice too.


  1. the orange it self is not 100% orange it has a lot of water to get 100% orange "juice" dry the orange till theres no water in the orange then blend it

  2. You can do it with 2 oranges and it becomes even more tastier a lot cheaper and a lot better than the chemical ones you buy in markets and the cat rocks !

  3. this is just orange juice from concentrate, which also loses the vast majority of nutrients while being processed and could be totally just classified as a sugary soft drink

  4. That's not juice, that's by definition a nectar.
    Fruit juice is only called so if it's 100% pure juice, if it's diluted and contain additives (which here is lemon juice and sugar) it's no longer juice.

  5. I have tried it when i take a sip it feels awesome but after a sec it hits bitter on mu tongue. Is anyone tried it too?

  6. Can I just put my orange in a food processor?
    Or if not at least can I cut my orange in bits first before freezing it? I don’t have enough strength to cut a whole frozen orange 🙁

  7. It's interesting that 2 litres of water, the water in the orange (because it's not just the juice) and some lemon juice turns into 2 litres of drinking orange juice

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