How To LOSE WEIGHT In Daily Eating

How To LOSE WEIGHT In Daily Eating

[Music] 00:05
hey guys and welcome back to my channel 00:08
today’s video is showing you what I ate 00:09
today this video has been highly 00:11
requested ever since my weight loss 00:12
journey video I’m showing you guys how I 00:15
maintain in my 20 kilo weight loss to 00:20
start off my day I of course have to 00:22
have a coffee I jump in this cafe 00:24
vanilla latte sachet with very hot water 00:27
because I love my coffee very hot this 00:29
always changes us every morning 00:31
sometimes I just like to have the 00:32
Nescafe blend but then sometimes I like 00:35
the sweetness of the vanilla as in the 00:37
sachets so I always switch it up I 00:42
always have my morning coffee whilst 00:44
getting ready for either university or 00:46
work and then once I am ready that is 00:48
when I have my breakfast my breakfast 00:54
always changes up I sometimes like to 00:56
have smoothies sometimes like to have 00:58
fruit salad but today I decided to have 01:00
my cucumber tomato and build egg mini 01:03
salad so all I do is just chop up my 01:06
cucumber and little circles and then I 01:09
chop up my tomato in mini slices and 01:11
then with the egg I’ve already pre 01:14
boiled it just makes it so much easier 01:16
when you’re in a rush in the morning and 01:18
it just saves you about 20 minutes from 01:20
boiling fresh eggs and then I also chop 01:23
up the eggs I love this as my breakfast 01:26
because it just keeps me full for so 01:27
long and it’s such a satisfying 01:30
breakfast it’s something that just 01:33
tastes good but also keeps you going 01:35
throughout your morning so then I 01:40
arranged it on a plate and make a look 01:42
pretty even though it’s probably going 01:43
to get demolished in the 0.2 seconds but 01:47
to garnish and to make it taste even yum 01:49
yum I add some black pepper cracked 01:52
black pepper I love my pepper you come 01:54
to realize that in this video and I also 01:57
add chili flakes chili flakes just keeps 01:59
my metabolism going and it just adds a 02:02
bit of kick and a bit of spice so I love 02:04
having this for breakfast for lunch I 02:09
had a tuna salad now usually with my 02:11
lunch it’s always out 02:13
or university because I’m always doing 02:16
something with my life so I decided to 02:19
show you how I would pack a tuna salad 02:20
so I just got lettuce leaves and chopped 02:23
them up really finely so I don’t get big 02:26
chunks in my salad I then put the salad 02:32
leaves in a disposable container which 02:34
makes it so much easier especially when 02:36
you’re dealing with oil from the tuna 02:38
and then the tuna I use is actually the 02:41
Don West tuna in olive oil I sometimes 02:44
get the one in with chili and then the 02:46
one with lemon and herb but today I 02:48
decided just to go with the original and 02:50
then I added this on top of the lettuce 02:52
leaves I then seasoned the cells with of 02:57
course a black pepper and chili flakes 02:59
as well I then that like to take a wedge 03:02
of either lemon or lime and put that in 03:05
my container so I can sprinkle it on my 03:07
salad when I eat it fresh and then they 03:10
have a nice easy packed lunch 03:17
for Dina I just had leftover chicken 03:20
that was from the night before all I do 03:22
is for my chicken and I marinate it with 03:24
salt pepper chili flakes and Oregon Oh I 03:27
usually have it with veggies or make a 03:28
salad but today I just felt like having 03:30
it with hot sauce and that was basically 03:33
my dinner I didn’t feel like having any 03:34
veggies or salad I just had just plain 03:36
chicken with sauce when I feel like a 03:39
snack or want to nibble on something 03:41
this is what I have I usually have a 03:44
banana and then Tuesdays this banana is 03:47
a massive by the way yeah so I usually 03:50
have business next and throughout the 03:51
day I have a water of course this water 03:54
is infused with orange it just adds 03:56
taste to the water instead of it being 03:57
bland so yeah that completed this video. Thanks for your watching. Be Healthy and be loving. Get daily tips for living a happy life. Please subcribe to stay with us on Daily Health

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