How To Lose Stubborn Fat – Workouts For Older Men

How To Lose Stubborn Fat – Workouts For Older Men

So, you’re a little bit older now and
you’re doing everything possible to build the ultimate physique. You’re
working hard in the gym, you’re watching what you eat, and you just can’t lose
body fat! You’ve done everything possible and maybe it’s because you’re a little
bit older . . . or that’s what you may be thinking. You’re doing everything you can
and you just can’t lose that body fat. Well, in this video, I’m going to talk
about that. Is it possible for you to lose body fat at this age? And, have you
done everything humanly possible to actually lose that body fat? I’m going to
talk about that and a whole lot more in this video. Hi! I’m Skip La Cour and I am the world’s
leading MANformation expert. I help men get the most out of their workouts and
eating habits to build the ultimate physique. I help older men who have busy,
productive lives make sense out of all the fitness information so they can
conserve their willpower, focus, energy, and time and get the most out of their
efforts while keeping their busy, productive life intact. So, you’re a
little bit older now and you’re working hard in the gym. You’re watching what you
eat. You’re dedicating this time of your life to earn a great body. The
challenge is is that you’re working hard, you are doing much better than your
friends and your family, your co-workers. Men your age, they’re not even putting in
the effort that you’re putting in. And, you appreciate the results that you’re
getting. The challenge is you’re not getting the results that you expect for
all of the effort. You’re following all the information from the fitness experts
and you’re putting in the effort it’s just that . . . “Ugh! How can I get more out of it?” You
think you should be getting more out of it. This is especially true when it comes
to losing a body fat. I talk to a lot of men who are a little bit older and
they just can’t lose that body fat. They’re working hard in the gym. They’re
doing their cardio. They’re watching their diet. They believe that they should
be getting leaner. Sometimes, they’re thinking “Is it because I’m a little bit
older that I can’t lose this body fat?” Well, I’ve helped out a lot of men who
are just like you, if this sounds like you, and I can tell you this: The number
one challenge is that you’re eating too much food. Now, I know that at this stage
you’re probably looking lean. Your habits are much better than the men around you
and that adds to the frustration. Why aren’t you getting leaner? When it comes
down to it, it’s going to be calories ingested versus calories burned. How many
calories you’re taking in versus how many calories you’re burning. And it
really doesn’t matter how much more food you used to be able to eat when you were
younger. Or, how much you pay attention to your diet compared to
the other men. It’s always going be you versus you. And, I know what you’re
thinking. “Skip, you don’t understand. I looked on
the internet. I got my maintenance level. I stay at or below it. I’m working hard
with the weights. I’m doing my cardio. I’m doing everything right I just can’t lose
this body fat! Is it my testosterone levels? Is it that because I’m older I
just can’t lose that body fat?” Well, it really doesn’t matter how much you were
able to eat in the past or how much you were able to just melt off the body fat
once you focused on it in the past. When it comes down to it, it’s you versus you and
you right now. In this moment. At this age. I’m telling you this, I’ve helped out a lot of
men. When they calculate their calories, even their maintenance level, those
calculations are just estimates. How you add up all of your calories throughout
the day. If you’re not losing that body fat, one of two things are happening.
You’re not adding up your calories correctly. You’re eating a lot more food
than you think that you’re adding up with your calories. Sometimes, we eat good,
clean food that are the basics, right? We make our sacrifices and eat the bland
foods that are good for us. It’s just that we eat too much of that good, clean food and
the calories stack up. So, you just may be eating too many calories for your
maintenance level. Now, let’s talk about that maintenance level. “No, Skip!
You’re wrong. I checked it out and for my age and my
weight this is what the maintenance level is. And, I am staying at or below
it. I’m adding up my calories correctly. We have to remember that guide; that
calculation was just an estimate on your age and your weight. That maintenance
level, it obviously does not apply to you. It’s just an estimate on how efficiently
you’re burning calories. I’m going to burn the calories, no matter what a
calculation says, differently than a man my same height and my same age and even
that activity level. So, those are just estimates and they must be estimating that you can eat more calories and that being your maintenance level. The
bottom line when it comes to it, is calories ingest it versus calories burned.
I don’t know what you’ve heard about certain diets, or nutrient timing, or
fasted cardio . . . those type of things. They have benefits but probably not as much
as you might think. When it comes down to it, it’s the amount of calories that you
take in versus the calories you burn. And, if you think you are at your maintenance
level. If you think you are at a deficit. You’re wrong. It’s just not what you
think it is by the calculations. That deficit, it doesn’t apply to you. Again,
just remember that. I want to give you the certainty and confidence move
forward and you have to understand this. Now, I’ll tell you. Here are some things
that men who are a little bit older who are dedicated to their fitness and they
have busy productive, lives . . . these are some of the challenges that get in way.
Number one is that they fear that they’re losing muscle. And you hear that
on the internet all the time is that “You’ve got to be careful. All your hard-earned muscle . . . you’re going to lose it if you just don’t diet in this precise manner.”
And so every time they’re starting to lose some body fat and they’re getting a
little bit smaller, they’re assuming that they’re losing their hard-earned muscle.
And so they back off their diet. They eat a little bit more. They cut down on
the cardio. You may not have all that muscle that you think you have and if
you continue to eat more calorie,s even if it’s under your maintenance level,
you’re gonna get in the way of the fat loss process. Here’s the other thing
that’s a mental challenge that gets in the way of a lot of older men with busy,
productive lives is that they all feel as though they should be losing body fat
a lot faster because of all the effort that they are putting in. So, if you feel
that you should be losing body fat a lot more quickly than you are, you’re not
alone. It’s a very common challenge, a way of thinking that we all have. So, those
two things seem to get in the way of us doing
whatever it takes to move more and eat less. To create that calorie deficit;
to lose the body fat; is that we’re afraid to lose our hard-earned muscle
and every time we get a little smaller we think it’s the muscle that we’re
losing and not fat and so we back off. And we really feel all our efforts
should be helping us lose body fat a little bit more quickly than we are
actually losing it. So, those things get in the way. I hope that is helpful and
when you’re a little bit older and you just can’t seem to lose the body fat
that you want. If you found this information helpful, then like this video.
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  1. Wow Skip, it’s like you’re reading my mind. I’ve gone through all the thought processes you talk about in this very informative video. Thanks for all the common sense info and wisdom. Thanks for posting, Peace, Daniel.

  2. So true about everyone thinking they're losing muscle. The body is way more resilient to losing muscle than we think. Unless you're probably not eating any protein.

  3. Hi Skip! Great info! I'd be curious to get your thoughts on the metabolic effects of long-term dieting. Do you believe in refeeds, diet breaks and/or reverse dieting to help prevent fat gain or rebounding post diet?

  4. Hi Skip, glad to see this video is on a topic I'm currently concern about. I have slowly gained weight compared to a few months ago "5-6lbs" more, but I also increased the amount of weight training along with HITT cardio like sprints & 5K runs 3-4 times weekly. Along with the added volume of exercise & came with an increase of appetite, but after every run & sprite session my weight on the scale dropped 2.5-3.5lbs but goes back up to normal the following day again. I like to know is the temporary losses purely just water weight & none is fat? It appears in the mirror I gained muscle mass & my waist & most other measurements remained the same………

  5. What do you do if you want to build muscle and gain weight, but lose fat? I don't really have much muscle. Should I build first then cut?

  6. Great source of information i have been working out but cant loose the belly fat 43 yrs old. I think i may be eating too much i guess. Yes my fear is loosing muscle or not having enough energy at gym if i dont eat enough. You answered my questions, great thanks.

  7. Hi skip , I was at 248 , six months ago , Now I'm at 192, I'm feeling great but I want to lose some tummy fat , I want to see a little ab result , what do you suggest, love your videos ..

  8. I am always concerned about not eating enough food. I don't want to loose muscle but I want to loose bodyfat. Maybe I do eat too much!😒

  9. Thx, that makes a lot more sense. Will try adjusting my mantainence level until I start losing weight at a more regular rate. Good information in this video!

  10. First off thank you for your videos. I’m a 43 5’5.5” 240lb black American that has been in the gym now for a steady 5 yrs, maybe longer. I go 5 times a week. I seem to get stronger but can’t see the muscle. My diet is awful because I work two jobs a day were I get home 11 at night due to divorce. I would like to get to 180lbs. Can you help me please?

  11. Yes I needed this information. I am 55 now at 240 lbs 6'1" after an accident trying get back to 205 just a year ago prior to the accident. Eating 2600 calories broken down each day. Exercising 3-6 times per week. Body aches but I keep on pushing through the aches and pains. A healthcare provider and Air Force veteran constantly on the go. Abdomen and arms are my main area but understand cannot spot train areas. Appreciate you reminding me of calorie deficits. Thanks and God bless.

  12. Calories in v.s. calories out is not necessarily the correct story. All depends how efficient your metabolic rate is. Your body can store calories for future use, and doing cardio/weight training may not tap into those stores easily.
    It's more important to find out how insulin resistant you are.
    You can't always burn more than you take in because of this. Besides, dropping body fat is NOT the same thing as losing 'weight'.

    Doing more cardio to drop fat has been proven to be scientifically a failed method. Low carbs over a period of time is the answer.
    It takes time for your metabolism to adjust. Many people have dropped tons of fat without doing any exercise at all.
    That said, I do cardio daily, and a couple times/week, I do fasted cardio. Great for fat burning.
    There's tons of new science on building muscle out there that is the complete opposite of what we've been told over the years.

    My journey into the keto world has opened up a lot of new ideas. I've even dropped 5 lbs over a weekend and was stronger on the Monday workout than the previous week!
    Don't underestimate the power of being fat adapted. There's tons of new ideas on nutrition these days. it' not an exact science, but the new data is very interesting.

  13. Finally a video channel for older men that want to stay in good shape for their health more than anything else. I subscribed and I will watch your videos

  14. Hi Skip. So, i've watched your video and am surprised but educated in what you say. So, i'm eating too much? I thought, because I don't over eat that I was about right every day but clearly I'm wrong. My question would be, what should I be eating to keep the calorie intake down but feel satisfied after a meal? I must admit to just having breakfast (small bowl of cerial, high fibre) at 6:30am, lunch, a sandwich when I'm at work (not really into taking complex meals in tubs to work) and an apple or banana, and 1 meal in the evening, not large but maybe this could be the culprit. I can't get to the gym every day, no time (unfortunately), maybe start to do some home workouts again? I probably need more guidance. Had to thank you, Skip, for opening my eyes to the problem.

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