How To Get Rid Of TEETH CAVITY At Home – Dental Cavity Removal

Hello and welcome. In this video we are going
to show you home remedies for cavities. Cavities are usually caused by tooth decay
and tooth decay can effect both your outer as well as inner layer of your tooth. In this home remedy we need to take a pinch
of powdered cloves, add about a quarter tea spoon of sesame oil. Now dip a cotton ball
in this mixture, place it in the effected tooth for 5-10 minutes. In this home remedy w need to take a tea spoon
of salt, dissolve that in a glass of warm water. Swish a mouthful of this in the effected
area. Do this thrice a day until the symptoms subside. In this home remedy we need to take a table
spoon of sesame oil and swish it around in your mouth for about 20 minutes. Make sure
you dont swallow it or gargle any of it but just swish it around for 20 minutes and then
splash it out. After you have splashed it out rinse your mouth with warm water, if you
can, rinse it with salt warm water because it has anti microbial agents. Do this on an
empty stomach and then brush your teeth after that. Hope this video was useful Dont forget to
hit like and subscribe to our channel. Stay healthy and thank you for watching.

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