How to Gain Weight if You’re Skinny (NUTRITION MYTH!)

How to Gain Weight if You’re Skinny (NUTRITION MYTH!)

Are you a skinny guy that no matter how much
you eat, you just can’t seem to put on muscle? I think I have an idea of what’s going on
because it happened to me. Let me see if I can help you out today. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Going Coach Cavaliere again today because
we want to follow up on an earlier video that I did just a couple of days ago about Hardgainers and the mistakes that I
feel Hardgainers make, because I made them myself, in trying to put on muscle. And those were really dealing with the gym
elements, but people called me out and said, Jeff, you didn’t talk anything about nutrition. How are you gonna’ help us Hardgainers with
nutrition? And you know what? I think that is a great point, and to not
include something on that was a disservice. So let’s do a video on it, but I got to warn
you. This is going to be one of those earmuff videos
because you guys are somewhat a little bit offended if I use curse words
or if I get a little bit, uh, unprofessional, as I say. Guys, I have to tell you. When I do these videos, and they’re sort of
my Jeff Rant Videos, they’re spoken with passion. These are because I’ve lived this. I was a Hardgainer, right. I told you before, I was. I’ve lived this life. I know what it’s like. I know what you guys are suffering with if
you’re here watching this video having the same struggles and problems. So, if I deliver my message with passion,
then I am being a professional because it’s my professional responsibility to do so, and to give you guys the information I feel that
you need. So, if there’s anybody that’s offended, again,
break out the earmuffs. For every one of you, there’s a hundred that
appreciate the passion with which this message will be delivered. So, let’s talk about nutrition. What is it that’s going wrong here, if you’re
a Hardgainer and you just can’t put on muscle? I can tell you right off the bat that you’re
getting bad advice because I heard the same bad advice that you’re probably hearing and
that is, If you want to eat big, if you to get big,
you got to eat big. Right, that’s it. That’s what they say. That is flat out only about a quarter of the
equation because they’re leaving out one big thing, guys, and that is what I preach and
that is, You better have quality first, and then worry
about quantity because if you’re going to sit there and eat a diet full of crap you
know what you’re going to get out of it? Crap. Alright? It’s shit in, shit out. That’s what happens. That’s how it works, alright. And if you want to build an impressive body
you better start focusing on more impressive nutrition. And I can tell you, and I can speak this way
because I’ve been there. I was the worst junk food eater ever. And I’ve covered this in other videos. As a matter of fact, I’ve got a picture here
to show you exactly what I looked like. Alright, so I’m going to vouch for that, too. So, Jeff, what did you look like as a skinny
guy? That’s me. That body right there was powered by 2 1/2
hour workouts. Dunkin Donuts. Entenmann’s. Hostess Cupcakes for lunch. Literally, that was what I ate for lunch. That’s what I got out of it. Nothing, because you can’t expect to put in
crap and get out diamonds. That’s not the way it works. You gotta’ focus on quality nutrition first
and if you’re not going to focus on quality, it doesn’t matter what the quantity is. I’ve got kids that I’ve trained that have
consumed up to 5 and 6 thousand calories a day and guess what? They couldn’t put on muscle because it had
nothing to do with the amount of calories they’re providing themselves. It was garbage. All garbage. Your body can’t do anything with that, nothing
productive. They cut their calories by 20-40 percent. And guess what they did? They gained muscle. And you can do the same thing. You focus on the quantity only after the quality
is in place first. Guys, you can’t bully your body nutritionally. It doesn’t work that way. You can in some degree with your workouts. I always say, Either train hard or train long,
but you can’t do both. You gotta’ train hard. You gotta’ try to bully your body that way. But you cannot bully your body nutritionally. There’s too many intricacies going on nutritionally
that will prevent that. Hormonally. That’s one of the biggest things, that’s one
of the biggest reasons why crap in produces crap. Because hormonally you’re not-you’re causing
a cascade of issues and problems for yourself that make it that much harder to build muscle. The responses to sugar would be much different
than responses to protein in your body, right. And nutri genomically, I’ve talked about that
before, it even has an impact on gene expression,
and protein synthesis and your body’s ability to build muscle from it’s very constituents. That’s going to be impacted because of the
quality of the stuff that you put in your body. And don’t think that turning to supplements
is going to be your savior. It’s not. It’s not, because I see 2 big problems when
guys do that. Number 1. They overspecialize.They’re looking at testosterone
boosters and, guys, that ain’t your problem. Seriously. Testosterone boosting? A lot of the Hardgainers are young kids. You got more testosterone floating around
in your body. I mean, seriously, you’re not being limited
by your testosterone, you’re being limited by the fact that you can’t keep your mouth
closed when you’re around cupcakes. And you won’t try to eat anything that tastes
good. You stay away from the brown rice because
it’s bland. You stay away from kenwah. You stay away from cous-cous. You stay away from carbohydrates like starchy carbohydrates in the morning like
oatmeal because you prefer to have Lucky Charms. That’s not going to do it. That’s not good. And I throw some of these foods out there,
but I’m not saying those are the only thing you can do. There’s so many good tasting foods out there,
guys. Just start to extend your palates and start
to try different things that you know are healthy. And believe me, you will find foods that you
like. I don’t care who this is. And if you’re not a Hardgainer, you’re just
an overweight guy watching this video, start to expand your palates and start to
try different things and try them in their natural states.They actually taste really
good. You’ll find some that you like. I promise you you’ll find something that you
like, and they don’t have to be bland, not at all. The second thing Hardgainers do is they turn
to Weight Gainer supplements. Guess what the problem is there? It’s all sugar. What do you think all those calories, those
Weight Gainer 6500s and those Weight Gainer 5000s, where do you think all that stuff comes
from? It’s all garbage. It’s all sugar. Sugary carbs. So, if you’re a Hardgainer, you cannot put
on muscle mass, you got to start eating a lot more only when, only when you’ve established the base of quality
first. Once you’ve got that, then by all means, increase
the quantities of foods that you’re eating. If you’re not seeing muscle mass and muscle
gains, increase the quantity of the same foods, the same quality foods that you’re eating just eat bigger portions of them each and
every meal. Start with one meal. If you can tolerate that, then go to your
snacks. And increase the size of those. If you can tolerate that, go to your lunch
and start increasing the size of that. You’ll see, it’s a gradual process, and I
guarantee you, you’re going to start to see some muscle gains. And when you do, just make sure you come back
here and leave me a little Thank You on this because I promise you it will work. I promise you. If you guys are looking for a complete workout
program, a completely sound nutrition system that works, that’s based on eating quality nutrition,
not bland, guys that are on my program will tell you, it tastes good, very good. But quality nutrition? I got it all laid out for you guys step-by-step. You can find it over at ATHLEANX.COM. In the meantime, I love the opportunity I
get to coach you guys. This is why I love doing these videos. This is why I love being in the position that
I am because I feel like I can have an impact and hopefully this video has done that. Alright, guys, in the meantime, like I said
leave your comments below. Let me know what else it is that you struggle
with because your ideas and your requests are what make
it possible for me to do these videos and what feed me the ideas to do them. So make sure you leave one below. And a Thumb’s Up if you felt like it helped
you. And I’ll be back here, guys, in just a couple
days because as I said, 3 videos a week now. I like to keep ’em rolling. See you guys back here soon.


  1. The Best Food for gaining Mass and do it by myself since i'm 18 years old, rice, oats, noodles , lowfat quark, potatoes , tuna, chicken breast , chicken steak. Mostly i eat this with vegetables ( for those who have not that much money buy frozen vegetables ).

    6 Meals a day and you can mix it up how you like it. Use some Spices for the taste and for those days you have about 1 or 2 times where you cant eat warm use a weithtgainer which you made by yourself with oats, Milk, water, some bananas. There hundrets of these Weithtgainers on Google.

    p.s. Sorry for my bad English.

  2. Try sterioids testosterone and anadrol bet u gain weight then get u some fat pills u will gain weight lol

  3. You do your work eminently Jeff💪👍
    Have been depended on your videos for months … You're best in your class😉

  4. “I tell you eating big—eating FOOD—is about a quarter a percent…a widdle bit of a percent…a bittle wit of the equation my friends. Eating a banana and nothing else. And that’s how I am where I am today. Truth!”

  5. I was built like asparagus until I started watching Jeff's videos 6 months ago. Thank you Jeff! Now when people ask how I changed so much I send them to this channel.

  6. That wasn’t skinny. I can’t stand when people say I was skinny I know how it is when they’re just normal. Bitch I’m 29 5’9 and weigh 145lbs come talk to me when you can actually relate.

  7. Went from 148 to 155 in two and half week
    Eating oatmeal, peanut butter, nuts, chicken, rice, and all that healthy good stuff
    Jeff's right, first establish the quality and once that that's settle you can eat large quantities of that quality

  8. Here is my little „Thank you“ 😉
    Cold fish, oats, pure smoothis, nuts, low fat quark and harzer cheese was my way. Can eat that stuff every day.

  9. Whey protein mixed with milk and peanut butter, works wonders for hard gainers, plus easy to get down for guys who have trouble eating alot

  10. Jeff: I am about to say that great mistake that people tell you….

    If you wanna eat big….
    omg that is my mistake…

  11. problem for ectomorph is they over conscious on weight lifting and no foundation on nutrition eating.. Increase digestive capacity and calories.. My experience is take most of fats of daily requirements at dinner and take solid foods in meal and seperate it from juice, shakes timing.. We ectomorphs have to increase our digestion capacity and decrease gastric emptying time of food..

  12. Thank you a lot for all your FREE information out here on YouTube, Jeff. Whenever I watched this video of yours and you said "Leave me a liitle thank you on there", I wanted to do it, but I wasn't there yet. But here I am 7 months and 14+kg of lean mass later, thanking you. I am a lot stronger and bigger than I have ever been. I mean people compliment me all the time. I never thought I would achieve all this, but I did. It is just an amazing feeling, really. So, thank you again, Jeff. But most importantly thank God for you. May God bless you!

  13. Oh no jeff. Tried eating healthy. Chicken salads grains eggs. NOPE. My stomatch just fills with low calorie food and I dont want to eat anymore. It can work for newbies but not after training for 2 years

  14. So i'm on my way to get massive muscles right now i have medium muscles , im not that skinny but i'm on my way…

  15. This video is useless check the videos where he keeps saying things that make you lose your gains. By reading this you already lost your gains.

  16. Hey Jeff, does exercises causes acne, and lines on face, if I'm at the age of 20…!! Is it normal ?? …Or I should stop immediately and wait for another 2 years, when I'll get a fat body…!!

  17. Hard gainer life sucks because it’s also big expensive to eat healthy and eat often…90% of healthy food is more expensive than the other crap on the shelves. #thestruggle

  18. I eat rice and beans and salmon like 3x a week? Besides that I eat meat like chicken or ribs and take in protein supplements for the lack of protein I’d take in for the day

    I also drink a lot of water but that’s a different story

    I won’t like I did get bigger, I’ve been weightlifting since June and stopped Sept 1st cuz my membership ran out 😅

    Before that I did calisthenics but weightlifting gives out results quicker imo

    I mainly want my legs to get bigger, I put on boxers and I see twigs, but I can do leg extensions of like 185-200 and bench press 450 (could go higher just never did… yet).

    My legs are strong they just look small, how do I fix?

  19. I'm doing it for the last 2 months due to your other videos and already seeing progress. Big Thanks.

    I'm currently on stage 2 of your Beast X program.

  20. I started working out and eating healthy about 3 month ago and so far I only notice a tiny bit of muscle gain. What am I doing wrong and what should I do?

  21. Just stay away from fkn maccas n shit every day. Eat chicken rice pasta avocado oats eggs bread beef mince milk. U can eat maccas once a week but as jeff said u get out wat u put in …

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