How To Dress First Date

How To Dress First Date

How To Dress First Date. A good first date should bring about a butterfly
revolution in the stomach. It’s the perfect time to make a good first
impression. Remember that it is not a question of being
false, but of making sure that your image reflects what you really are. These tips will not only prevent you from
being intimidating or insipid but will give you the confidence to break the ice and make
you look how sexy and friendly you are. 1. Tight fitting clothes. Your body is beautiful, so you have to take
advantage. Look for clothes that highlight your curves. Highlighting your waist will make you look
super feminine and always favors your figure. A great strategy is to look for lengthening
your legs, so your body will look taller and more stylish. 2. Without showing too much. Highlighting your body does not mean that
you have to wear super-short skirts, deep necklines or super-tight clothing. Very good part of flirting comes from leaving
things to the imagination. Your body is not the key to being sexy, rather
it is your attitude. 3. Natural makeup. If you ask men, they tend to be more attracted
to more natural looks. The natural thing is not to wear a drop of
makeup, but men do not talk about it either. Inside the makeup, there is a style of makeup
that tries to look like a face without makeup but eliminating imperfections. Therefore, your makeup should highlight what
your face already has for itself. That is to say, to create a smooth, soft skin,
without too much brightness, blushing, with abundant lashes and soft and rosy lips. So you should opt for more natural colors. Although you experiment with your eye shadows,
try not to look too recharged. Unfortunately, red is perceived as a very
intense color for lips so that lipstick will have to wait for the third or fourth date. 4. Red clothing. Red is a super sensual colour but should be
used with a measure not to intimidate. In addition, there is a perfect shade of red
for each skin type. It is only a matter of combining it with measure
in garments that really favor your body. As well 5. Wavy hair, not tied-up or straight. It is psychologically proven that wavy hair
is associated more with femininity than straight styles. By this, I do not mean that girls with smooth
hair are doomed to be single forever. If you have very straight hair, look for a
cut that favors your features and frames your face with a little volume or fringes. What is not attractive is having your hair
flayed and lifeless or excessively ironed. If your hairstyle is too restricted you may
seem too strict or intimidating. To look friendly it is better a relaxed hairstyle,
but not scruffy. 6. Your best smile. Of course, the most important weapon is your
smile. A good smile will always make you look friendly,
as well as help you relax and take away the nervousness. Take advantage of the fact that the smiles
are super attractive and contagious. Strive to keep your smile when you feel that
your nerves are winning and to inspire confidence in your date. Please tell us your opinions in the comments
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  1. I don't get these, I don't wear lipstick. I wear chapstick. It says wear tight fitting then don't. I won't be wearing tight fitting clothes. Super feminine? No. I very much doubt it. not wearing make-up but eliminating imperfections? Also you are supposed to be natural, not a false image. It doesn't make sense. Smiling isn't going to make the nerves go away.

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